2K Unveils Elite Player Locker Codes

You win some, you cheap NBA 2K16 mt lose some. Not just an adage about taking the good with the bad, it seems to be the only way to describe the ups and downs of NBA 2K16.

Back in July of 2015 DotEmu announced it would be bringing the classic arcade game Pang Adventures to Android. Well it looks like that game is finally going to get released soon and on multiple platforms outside of Android as well, which includes the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Back in the golden days of arcades Pang Adventures, or Buster Bros as it was called in some countries, was one of the more popular titles to play.

Fireproof Games is gearing up for the release of the third installment into their The Room franchise next week by starting up a public beta for Android gamers to sign up for. In a slightly interesting twist, when signing up for the beta on Android, you’ll have to pay for the game to participate in it should you get selected. When it officially launches next week, you’ll have access to the final version as well.

Sony’s press conference this year at CES 2016 is probably going to focus a lot on the company’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset, the Playstation VR. As for mobile related goodness, there is a possibility we could see a new Android device announced. I’m personally going to say that instead of a new Android device, we will probably hear more about additional second screen technology being developed for Sony’s Android devices.

Revived and revitalized, thanks to his trusty friend Madu, King Phero has only one thing on his mind – to free his people from the clutches of the evil Solark. But first, he must escape the Great Pyramid and dash through the eerie underworld of Hagareem. Facing his darkest hour and countless baddies, King Phero calls upon his loyal friend Madu to light a path to victory.

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