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The entire setup of the laser engraver takes only 10 minutes. Descriptions including illustrations are exemplary. The screws are even packed together according to individual steps, so assembly is no problem at all, even for the absolute layman. We’ve been enthusiastic so far – with this no-hassle build and good written documentation, some 3D printer makers could learn a lot from it.

After construction was completed, we first looked for an open space in the basement. This should provide enough space and have ventilation options. If you have pets or children in your home, you should also ensure that they cannot access the laser while it is running.

The planks below not only protect the floor or table top, but also serve as a positioning aid. Before carving, we draw a perfectly fitting frame around our subject and burn it into the plank. So we can see exactly where we have to place the actual workpiece.

The main software recommended by the manufacturer is LaserGRBL open source software. This worked, but we found it relatively confusing, cumbersome, and less intuitive. As an alternative, we therefore use a software called Lightburn, also named by the manufacturer. The program costs less than 40 euros, but you can try it for free for 30 days. If you choose a laser engraver, you should also plan for this budget. From our perspective, the investment is worth it.

cheap atomic laser engraving

After launching the software and setting up the connected laser once, Lightburn will display the engraver’s workspace. Now import the desired template, pixel or vector graphics and adjust the size and position. Besides JPEG, TIFF or DXF, the software supports many other formats. We now place a frame around the object and adjust the settings for speed and laser power. As a first step, we just issued the frame and burned it into our base to determine the exact location of the engraving. Then we locate the actual workpiece and output the desired pattern in the second step.

The laser now follows the pattern and burns it into the underlying surface. The laser changes speed and power to show shades of gray. The result is aging zones of different widths, which can be more or less easily distinguished depending on the material. Small fonts take just a few minutes to complete, while larger pieces take longer. In Lightburn you can see how long the whole process takes.

The Atomstack A5 is easy to use and suitable for users with 3D printing experience and those with a basic understanding of the technology. At the beginning of the test, we only cared about the reliability of the goggles and goggles. Since our engraver is on the ground, the included privacy screen alone will do the job well. If the laser were on the table, the angle would be different and the privacy screen would be largely useless. But with the glasses on, we felt fine and were able to watch the laser for a few minutes at work without feeling any negative effects. Even if you don’t look directly at the laser, headaches and burning eyes can be signs of damage. You really have to be careful here! Using such a machine is not without risk. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to do this. It’s safest if you just observe the work process with a camera.

Engraved leather or imitation leather also works well. However, the smoke and smell are really unpleasant. You should work with low power here so as not to burn the material. While the attempt with the smartphone case looked fine, the loose leather deformed violently during the engraving process. To get good results, the material must be stretched onto a piece of wood. Headphone cases made of faux leather are much better sculpted. Here, we limit performance to 35%.

Atomstack p7 m40

If you don’t trust the included glasses, you can also purchase protective glasses for that wavelength separately. In the medium term, we’ll still be tinkering with a box that acts as a privacy screen. This will reduce the risk to pets and family members and allow an efficient extraction device to be installed. Even if the laser only removes a thin layer of the surface, those layers will burn, creating smoke and odors in the process.

a10 pro laser engraver

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The best laser cutters in 2022

Until recently, laser cutters were only found in industrial equipment.


atomstack s20 pro

They are expensive and difficult to operate and maintain.

Times have changed, however, and home laser cutting is affordable and accessible to hobbyists and small businesses.

At affordable prices, you can etch, engrave and cut to create custom gifts and products.

In this guide, I’ve listed the best and most reliable laser cutter options for hobbyists and businesses.

a10 pro laser engraver

High Quality Atomstack A10 Pro

I have evaluated laser cutters based on various performance parameters such as build quality, laser tube power, laser type, material capability, etc., to give you a complete picture of which one to choose.

Cut glass, plastic, and more with the best laser cutters for accuracy and precision.

The best laser cutters were once only used by big business and heavy industry. But these days, they are getting cheaper and are now used by everyone from makers, creators and agencies to DIYers and hobbyists.

p7 m30 laser engraver

Because the best laser cutters allow you to precisely cut materials like leather, wood, glass, and plastic without special skills. So whether you’re looking to engrave calligraphic lettering on jewelry or a logo design on a sign, you’ll find it quick and easy.

That said, laser cutters are still pretty expensive, so you don’t want to waste your cash. Below, you’ll find the best laser cutters you can buy today. We’ll start with the best laser cutters for Americans, but if you’re British, skip straight to the best laser cutters in the UK.

A small machine perfect for home projects, this laser engraving machine is 85% assembled, which may sound like an odd brag, but it’s actually quite popular when dealing with laser cutters. Its all-aluminum anodized construction design makes it extremely durable, and it can cut and engrave most small items you’ll want to use, from glasses to purses and picture frames.

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How thin can a laser cutting machine cut?

Laser cutters are designed to cut materials of various thicknesses. In addition to this, you can operate it in a wide range of cutting conditions to efficiently obtain materials of different thicknesses or thicknesses. This device is widely used in one of the fields in the medical field to refine medical tools.

laser engraver wood

With the laser pulse mode, finer features with high tolerances and different dimensions can be obtained. The fine laser can effectively cut thin slices with a width of 20-30 microns. Typically, extreme dimensional control can be achieved by regularly adjusting the laser to +/- 0.001 inches. In medical cutting, the laser can be focused to 0.001 inch diameter. This effectiveness is enhanced because laser cutting does not rely on contacting any material parts.

Furthermore, no mechanical force has to be applied to the material during the cutting process. There is no drag or push effect that could negatively affect the thinness of the material. But understand that when the cutting accuracy is low, the cutting speed will be fast and vice versa.


atomstack s20 pro

How long will the laser engraving machine last?
Most laser engravers on the market have a lifespan of around 30,000 hours, but you can still find quality equipment with over 35,000 hours, which means over 15 years if used properly.

Can you make money with a laser engraver?
Yes. You can use this type of equipment to create personalized product designs, lettering and logos. In a world where everyone is trying to be different, this can be a good thing for businesses that want to create unique items. Customization helps add value to a product so you can use it to generate decent profits. The salary of a laser engraver is quite good and your income is guaranteed due to its wide application in different industries.

Laser Engravers & 3D Printers
It’s important for creatives to get the machine that ultimately meets your needs. So, should you buy a laser engraver or a 3D printer? Both tools are designed to spark creativity and allow users to learn new skills. Therefore, choosing one can be a rather complicated process.

3D printers are used in additive processes because they provide an efficient way to add or use materials to create different items. Using a 3D printer, you will create new things from scratch, such as jewelry, prosthetics, or even parts of buildings!

At the same time, the design of the laser engraver is based on subtraction. To get the new shape and design, some material had to be removed. So, what are the advantages of laser engravers and 3D printers?

Laser engravers are great for angled projects and those that require flat layers. At the same time, the benefit of a 3D printer is that it can be used to create irregular and wholesome 3D objects from scratch.

Laser cutters and 3D printers can be used at different stages of the product creation process. For example, you can use a 3D printer to prototype an affordable product before starting full-scale production. At the same time, you can use a laser cutter in the final stage to perfect the appearance of the product. Note that some people also use 3D printers in the final stages of product development.

Laser cutters are faster when creating prototypes and objects. Rather than using a printer to extract small shapes from wood, let your knife make a few cuts to get the job done. Using a 3D prototype takes time because you first have to generate the shape from its filament, which also incurs additional operating costs for the material.

Filaments must be used to create 3D printed objects, so they may not be effective in creating the desired functionality or aesthetic appeal of the output. But the filament can still be manipulated to change the appearance of the object. With a laser cutter, you can guarantee a wide range of material compatibility, so you can experiment.


atomstack air assist system for laser engraving machine

Although laser cutters are more efficient, they are generally more expensive than 3D printers. So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you should consider a 3D printer, and spending more money on a laser cutter can guarantee your reliability.

Laser Engraver and CNS Router
CNC routers are computer-controlled machines used to cut, drill, and mill materials. Typically, it is similar to a standard milling machine, but you automate it by using a computer to numerically control the toolpath.

Laser engravers and CNCs operate similarly, but the difference is in how the cutting process is usually performed. Laser engravers rely on heat, a high-energy beam focused on a specific part of the material, to efficiently create the desired shape of the product. Traditional CNC, on the other hand, often carves designs out of the product.

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Best Laser Cutters and Engravers for Beginners

From personalizing home gifts to taking your business to the next level, one of the laser cutters and engravers below is sure to meet your customization needs.

We know that navigating the laser cutting and engraving market can be confusing, so we’ve only narrowed down the best laser cutters and engravers to fit any budget, material, and use case you may have.

Below you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision for you and your business.

cheap atomic laser engraving

But before you start shopping for the best laser-guided cutters and engravers, check out these things to consider when looking for new custom tools.

Buying a laser engraving machine and cutter isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I’m going to make it as easy as possible with this guide. While there are many factors to consider when buying one, I want to highlight the most important factors that differentiate a good laser cutter from the best, so let’s start at the top:

There is no doubt that crystal and pneumatic laser cutting tools have been almost completely forgotten since fiber laser machines entered the market. This new technology produces a more focused, stronger laser beam through an optical fiber, making cutting the heaviest metals a breeze.

Best of all, higher power means faster cutting and engraving, which means the laser doesn’t wear out as much (or often) over the life of the laser.

desktop laser cutter P7 M30

The average life of a laser tube is between 1,200 and 2,000 hours. While that might not seem like much, this is about 12 weeks of continuous operation. You probably won’t be using your laser cutter for your entire working time, or even half of it, so 12 weeks plus 2,000 hours isn’t a bad number after all.

However, what makes the best laser engravers and cutters better and more cost-effective than “regular” laser engravers and cutters is their superior laser life. Some of the better models on this list, especially professional laser engravers, feature advanced laser tubes and boast 10,000 hours of runtime, which basically means you can, if you want, use this machine nonstop machine for a whole year.

Here are the features of some of the best laser cutters as you will be able to reduce your long-term maintenance costs.

Simply put, the larger the surface you have to use, the easier your job will be. High speed and wattage can be important, but you won’t be able to use your laser cutter to its full potential without a large enough work surface – the work surface will give you much-needed flexibility to adjust your flight and prevent potential accidents.

A “large” work area is a surface with dimensions of at least 100 x 100 mm. Obviously, some of the more expensive models I’ve listed offer four times the size, and in my personal experience, they’re some of the best machines I’ve had the pleasure of using.

Not to be confused with voltage (V), wattage (W) affects the absolute power of any machine that runs on electricity. As with any such machine, its strength makes it suitable or unsuitable for certain tasks.

For example, if you’re looking for a laser engraver to use at home for your hobby, you can easily use a weaker model. However, for professional use, I recommend a machine with at least 30 watts of power.

Price-to-value is not cost-effective or subjective. This element is completely objective and encompasses both. There is a big misconception that the bigger the machine, the more expensive it should be.

Buying a laser cutter and engraving machine is different from casual shopping and more like a long-term investment. Not many people can cash in thousands of dollars and switch to a different model if they’re not completely satisfied.

Take a closer look at the list below and you’ll find machines in almost every price range — from the sub-$500 to the sub-$12,000 range end. Please consider your needs and the intended use of the machine before making a final decision.

US Warehouse: atomstack a5 pro laser engraver , atomstack p7 m30 laser engraveratomstack a5 20w laser engraver , atomstack r3

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Atomstack p7 m30 30w review

I’ve always been interested in lasers, particularly the laser engraving machines and when I stumbled upon this item I couldn’t wait. This is a newer model from Atomstack that has some feature improvements over its previous offerings. It features a 30 watt Atomstack P7 M30 laser and rest assured it’s extremely powerful. The assembly is relatively simple, make sure to read and reread the instructions. You’ll want to make sure that you follow it exactly. I was very pleased to find that all the tools you need to assemble this are included which is always a plus. They even included some scrap material to practice with prior to working on your main projects. Overall the assembly took around 30 minutes, and that’s because I was double and triple checking the routing of wires and belts.

laser cutter and engraver P7 M30

Now is the point where the learning curve changes a tad, you’ll need a computer and software to run this device. For windows based products the manufacturer includes a link for free software. There’s also an option if your a Mac computer user. I spent a number of days researching and watching videos, before I performed my very first engraving. Once I was up and running – the controls & software became more comfortable to use. This is one of those items that may take some trial & error, along with time to understand the software. I’m very surprised at how quickly this item finished the project I loaded, however, the amount of detail you select will make a difference in project engraving time. Bear in mind this is engraving with a laser, it can get disperse fumes and ventilation is a must. Probably best to do this in the garage or an area with a ventilation system. Overall this is a very cool piece of technology and I’m impressed at the capability of this engraving system.

This laser engraver is not a simple toy but takes some time and experimenting to figure out the power you need, number of passes, etc to get the effect that you are looking for. But once you get it figured out it does a beautiful job.

I burned a logo into wood, cut some thin wood into shapes, burned a design into a leather coaster and a logo onto a granite puck. It all worked beautifully once I got the power, height, and number of passes right.

It was very easy to assemble although the instructions and illustrations were not always as clear as they could be. The software downloaded and installed easy enough but I could not get it to work without an error. I tried with a different computer and a different graphics file and it worked great. I had gotten both graphics files off the internet but when I went back and tried again on the first computer with the new graphics file, it worked fine. So, if you download a file and it does not seem to work correctly then it might be the file.

It is also very sensitive to things like a voltage drop. It was working fine and burning a logo when I plugged another device into the same plug and it stopped. I tried this a couple times and it happened each time. If I let it run by itself and did not add any additional load onto the circuit then it finished just fine.

So, a few quirks but take your time and get to understand the software and how it controls the laser and it consistently produces really nice results.

US Warehouse: Atomstack A10 Pro , Atomstack P9 M50 , Atomstack P7 M40

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ATOMSTACK P9 M50 50W Portable Laser Engraver

The P-series is a cantilevered design, which is a great success with the ATOMSTACK P7 M40 - after all, there are still many users who prefer smaller devices. Small devices in the traditional sense usually mean low performance and cheapness. But you may have to break the traditional thinking, this time the P9 M50 is really powerful. Except for the smaller engraving area, the core component laser module is the same as the X7 Pro M50 50W.

P9 M50 laser cutter and engraver

The ATOMSTACK P9 has a modular design that users can install in under 10 minutes. Portability and ease of use are its distinguishing features, and of course, the framed X7 Pro is also easy to set up, usually in just 15 minutes.

I would say that this model is probably the most powerful portable laser engraver on the market today, and the most powerful framed model is undoubtedly the X7 Pro. This is mainly because they are all equipped with the M50 dual laser source module, which couples two 5W laser sources into one 10W light source, and coupled with the compressed spot technology, it can easily cut 20mm wood and 15mm acrylic. In addition, its engraving capabilities on metal surfaces have been enhanced.

I think offline work will become more and more popular in the minds of consumers. Just copy all the files that need to be worked on to the TF card, and then control the engraving task through the touch screen. Of course, the premise is that we also need to install LaserGRBL or Lightburn software on the computer. We first import the image format into the software, and then export the engraving or cutting file, because the engraving machine can only recognize the processed engraving file.

In terms of precision, with an engraving spot of 0.06*0.06mm², the ATOMSTACK P9 M50 allows you to mark on different materials such as metal, ceramic and alumina.

Atomstack Air Assist Kit for Laser Engraving Machine

I am very excited to present the beautifully designed air assist system to all laser engraving enthusiasts, a beautifully designed kit developed by Atomstack that you will love.

We know that having an air assist system is essential when using laser cutting or engraving. Air assist reduces surface temperatures, increases cutting efficiency, prevents material hardening, prevents dust from clogging laser nozzles and protects optics such as focusing lenses.

atomstack air assist system for laser engraving machine

It is for this reason that Atomstack launched their first generation Air Assist system to meet the challenges of a wide range of users. Happily, the Assist system will work with all previous laser engraving models, including the previous A5 series as well as the portable P7 and P9 series.

We see the Atomstack Air Assist system with a 10-30L/min adjustable air pump, two high precision moulded nozzles, goggle lenses and an air duct. The air pump is driven by an external power supply, please select the correct plug size when purchasing.

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ATOMSTACK A5 20W Simplifies Laser Engraving

Lser cutters and engravers keep getting cheaper, which is why I decided to give it a shot. A few days later, I received the Atomstack A5. This is a 20 W laser engraver, not a cutter, although it can cut plywood up to four or five millimeters or so. Also, officially, it’s not suitable for metal, as it seems to be able to engrave aluminum alloys as well.

A5 is a kit of parts that you have to assemble yourself. It’s not very difficult, and all the tools it needs are included in the kit. These six steps will take about 30 minutes in total to complete, and you’ll have a good, sturdy assembly. It’s all solid aluminum with no plastic parts.

Make sure the seat belt is properly tightened. Not too tight, not too loose, you want a smooth glide. The same goes for the guide wheel in step 5. If it’s too tight, you might feel a click when moving the X-axis; if it’s too loose, things might start to wiggle. The laser head also has guide wheels, which may also need adjustment.

The software LaserGRBL that controls the Atomstack A5 20W is free. There’s also LightBurn, which isn’t free, but has a time-limited, fully-featured free trial. Once you get the hang of your engraving machine, you might want to give it a try.

A5 laser engravers

The installation manual included with the kit does not explain how to use the engraver, nor does the Atomstack website. The LaserGRBL tool, by the way, is an open source tool developed by arkypita, not related to Atomstack, it helps itself, but also doesn’t provide real guidance. Instead of searching YouTube for tutorials, I decided to try and solve the problem myself.

After connecting the A5 to my Windows 10 computer, I noticed that it requires a CH340 USB-to-serial converter driver. However, you don’t have to search for it online, as it’s conveniently included in LaserGRBL’s Tools menu.

There is also an option to upload firmware, which is possible because the Atomstack control hardware is actually a custom Arduino running the popular open source g-code interpreter GRBL. That’s great news for manufacturers and hackers, as there’s nothing proprietary inside the A5.

As a first attempt, I repeated the plywood cutting benchmark shown in the video on the LaserGRBL website. I loaded the example graph in LaserGRBL and hit the play button. After a few minutes, I cut out a circle (along with some plastic sample material) from a small piece of plywood included in the A5 kit.

Engraving an image on a piece of wood is a bit difficult. Engraving is easy to get started, but getting something right takes practice and experimentation. However, after a few bad and burnt sculpts, I managed to get a clean result.

The trick is to consult the materials database built into LaserGRBL. It has a section on the Atomstack A5 20W that recommends setting the laser power to 28% for the wood. Using this value with constant power instead of dynamic power produces beautiful results. Also, it is important to focus the laser by moving the head up and down.

I highly recommend doing all this in a well-ventilated room, or better yet, outside (as I do). Laser engraving works by burning the material, so there are various toxic levels of fumes that you don’t want to breathe in. Also, please wear goggles!

The Atomstack A5 Laser Engraver is a complete kit that includes tools, green goggles, and even some sample materials for practice. Assembling this kit is easy and, if done correctly, results in a sturdy, sturdy tool with smooth sliding X and Y axes and a stable head.

Adjusting the height of the head might be a little more comfortable, but probably not at this price point, and the fan is a bit noisy.

The A5 relies on Arduino and third-party open source software to control it, so by adopting the A5, you’re not stuck in half-baked buggy programs that will never be updated. The software is easy to use and you can start sculpting right away.

atomstack a5 30w

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Atomstack R3 24W Automatic Rotary Roller

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Best Laser Engraver for Beginners

My first laser engraver was a small portable unit that I wanted to see how much I’d like it but did not realize they have inexpensive CNC-like platform and reading other reviews, decided to try this one.

Buying a cheap laser engraver could be a tough task since there are tons of merchants on the market.This Atomstack A5 Pro model is my first recommended engraving machine for beginners.You can engrave with the A5 Pro on wood, paper, bamboo, leather, aluminum oxide and certain plastics.

The setup itself is not difficult at all in my opinion. I would highly suggest setting up the unit on a very flat surface such as a table or in my case I have two stacked MDF with formica on top when I do woodworking and want a very flat surface.

The tricky part is, finding the driver at least for Windows 10. There’s a driver called CH340 that you want to Google and load and install the software called Lightburn.

wood laser engraver a5 pro

Once the software is installed and the driver loaded, you’ll be able to connect the laser to the Lightburn software and start playing around with sample files including shapes and other templates. There’s a lot to cover in terms of how to set this up properly but you’ll want to manually move the unit to 0, 0 position which you can see with the pre-printed ruler on the frame and the body where the laser is being held.

After that, you’ll want to measure the size of the piece that you’re trying to engrave and input that into the project file. The rest is controlling the speed and power simply put and while there are so many features that I have not even tried, it’s working out really well.

Since this is a Atomstack laser engraver, it will produce smoke obviously especially with wood products and do recommend using a high-grade fume extractor or a way to clean air so it does not trigger the smoke detector.

Otherwise, I will use this in an open space such as the garage or outside even or where you can push the air out the window as the deeper and slower the engraving you perform, the more smoke it will obviously produce.

The unit is very quiet other than the high-speed fan running right above the laser to cool the diode but I’m very happy with the performance so far.

Atomstack A10 Pro

Atomstack A5 M50

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