What are the commonly used 3D printing materials?

The rise and development of 3D printing technology is inseparable from the development of 3D printing materials. There are various types of 3D printing technologies, such as SLS, SLA, and FDM. The printing materials of each printing technology are different. SLA usually uses 3D printer resin, and FDM uses 3D printer filament.

For 3D printing, consumables are an important factor in the success of printing. The 3D printing technology itself is not complicated, but the consumables of the 3D printer must be specially treated, and the curing reaction speed of the material is also very demanding. The most popular 3D printer material on the market now are 3D printer filament and 3D printer resin.

Introduction to common 3D printing materials

3D Printer Filament


Filament is an extruded 3D printing material that usually comes in 1.75mm and 2.85mm sizes. At present, the more popular 3D printing filament types include pla+ filament, abs+ filament, etc.

PLA+ Filament

PLA+ is a very commonly used 3D printing materials. PLA can be degraded and is an environmentally friendly material. PLA+ filament is modified from PLA, which is easy to use and has high versatility.

ABS+ Filament

ABS+ is the favorite 3d printer material for consumer 3D printer users, and is often used to print toys, jewelry pendants, etc. ABS+ materials are usually 3D printer filament coils, which are heated and melted through a 3D printing nozzle.

3D Printer Resin

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Hard-Tough Resin

Resin is an important 3D printing materials for SLA light curing molding. Among them, hard resin is a more commonly used 3D printing resin.Since the 3D printer resin has higher molding precision than FDM, it can be used as a biological model or a medical model.

Hard Resin

eSUN hard tough resin is an engineering material,can print rugged and durable parts;Object printed with hard resin can be drilled , which is very suitable for mechanical prototypes.

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