Safely connect DM2282 Stepper Driver with NEMA42 Motor


The following is further work relating to my original experiments in this thread.

For an experiment I am conducting I have purchased a DM2282 Drive and a NEMA 42 motor.
What I want to do is to power and run the motor at a CONSTANT speed, preferably as slow as possible (very low RPM).

I have several resources I’ve checked for the connections and wiring such as:
Driver Manual

and images like the one attached to the post.

Since I am not an engineer and my knowledge of circuits and electronics is almost zero, I am worried that my chances of burning either the motor or the driver are quite high on first trial… :/

In order to avoid this, I would love to understand what I can and cannot do:

1) Can I power the DM2282 with a wall CNC power supply directly? a regular 220-240V that is?
This tutorial powers it with a separate 24V power supply.. I’m wondering if I need to buy that as well or not.

2) Like the picture attached (which I found online), can I attach the system in the following sequence:

Power Supply –> DM2282–> NEMA 42–> Arduino –> USB 5v

or do I need some power control / resistors or a way to prevent things from exploding/burning up? I realize the driver should have most of these mechanisms built-in…

3) I could not really understand from the driver pdf, which are the recommended power settings for this specific driver.
Any help on these issues would be appreciated :)

Thank you and again apologies for the limited knowledge I come with to this issue.

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