Outdoor led billboards to help your business build greater exposure

outdoor led sign for advertising

Here to help your business build greater exposure.

Using only the finest components, our digital billboards are works of art that will expand your client base immediately.

To ensure your billboard construction project is completed in the most professional and timely manner, Dakco LED is proud to provide comprehensive project management services. The design team at Dakco LED will be able to draft and build your LED billboard display. We start with a simple concept and work with you to realize your final product. From design stages and investor relations to permitting and installation, we are here from start to completion.

Outdoor LED digital billboards are quite possibly the most powerful marketing tool that money can buy.

Known for being excellent around major highways, their top notch visibility during the darkest of nights, and the ability to change messages every day, makes purchasing a billboard the pinnacle of any company’s marketing decisions. No other form of outdoor business advertising is quite as powerful, or has a higher ROI. As eye-catching as advertising LED billboards are, make them a perfect investment for business owners who really, truly want to get their name out to the public.
Boost your business using an outdoor LED sign

LED Signage is your flexible alternative. It’s a worthy investment that allows you to change and make updates to your message, then announce it in real time.

Advancement in technology gives small business owners that chance to level the playing field. In the past years, small business owners do not consider a LED sign as a solution due to because of its high cost and complexity.

With an outdoor led sign, you don’t need to spend time and money for creating, printing, delivery and installation of posters or billboards. This is a great solution as finances and marketing budget of most small businesses are limited.

More small business owners now are considering a LED sign as an effective way to reach target audience, keep regulars entertained, interact with their customers, promote their products or services, and a lot more.

When used effectively, outdoor LED signs will help boost your business growth, sales and client base.

A study made by the Small Business Administration, it proves that “no other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, dollar for dollar, of an LED display.”

A led sign gives you control over the message and graphics. Through this, you can keep your advertising fresh and in real time for new and existing customers. It doesn’t limit your business creativity or potential the way traditional signage does. You can even use it to add a fresh look and energy to your retail outlets, or make waiting customers enjoy their time.

It helps increase your brand exposure in the city or community. For instance, restaurant owners can try different menus to display weekly and compare the sales afterwards. Local coffee shops can experiment with their hot and cold beverages depending on the weather temperature.

LED signs is a cost-effective advertising medium. Your advertising works all day and all year long. It’s a unique way to capture attention and turn your traffic into sales.

Make LED Signage Work for your Small Business

Here are four simple ways to make the most of this investment:

1. Keep the content fresh and current. Give your customers the latest news, updates, specials, offers, information, etc.

2. Timing is everything. Know about your audience. Find out the best time to reach them so you can tailor fit your digital signage message.

3. Give people a reason to care. Bring desire and inspire action. Make sure that your sign fulfils it purpose that makes people pay attention to it.

4. Gather feedback from staff, visitors and passersby. Set a few minutes and ask people what they think about the messages on screen. Make adjustments when needed.

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Award-Winning Led Video Displays from Dakco


What Is Digital Signage?

The proliferation of digital signage in public spaces has reached mass proportions. From LED video walls to LCD to projection, digital displays are used everywhere, including restaurants, airports, stadiums, museums, stores, hotels, on roadsides, and even in schools. From displaying content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information, digital signage can provide way-finding, instructions, marketing information, advertising, and so much more. The only limit to a digital signage network is the imagination.

For businesses, digital signage can be used to provide messages, services, and notices to clients. They can provide ads to customers in the forms of digital posters and moving ads. They can even stream RSS feeds, live TV, and social media. Digital menu boards simplify offering and price changes for restaurants and other service providers. Used outdoors, messaging on digital billboards and smaller displays can also be easily changed, offering maximum flexibility at a very low cost. Further, audience targeting can be redirected based on the time of day, the day of the week and special days throughout the year.

Is Video Wall Affordable?

In years past, video walls were considered a cost-prohibitive extravagance, used typically in large venues such as stadiums, malls and casinos. Today, however, expansion in technology and decreasing costs are resulting in led video wall installations in more and more locations, both indoors and out. Although LCD is currently the more popular choice, LED is gaining ground rapidly as manufacturing prices continue to drop.

An LED video wall is a solitary screen comprised of multiple Direct View LED displays (also known as DV) that work cohesively to display content. Durable and long-lasting, LED screens are very efficient, and thus, very cost-effective to operate. Unlike a standard light bulb, LEDs are illuminated by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material, containing no filament that can burn out or run hot, opening up a wider variety of applications when compared to the hotter-running filament-lit signs of the past. And as LED pixel density continues to shrink, the popularity of LCD over LED shrinks in pace. Further, between the two, only LED can achieve “true black,” providing sharper images and bolder contrast.

Award-Winning Displays from Dakco

With a wide variety of award-winning LED displays, Dakco will help create nearly any size and shape screen. Our display systems are seamless, providing clear and detailed images. We have a large range of creative solutions, available in either indoor, outdoor, or curved configurations that will increase curb appeal, target impulse buyers, or simply attract attention. An LED video wall solution from Ledzep is a convenient, compelling and cost-effective way to reach your viewers dynamically while increasing brand recognition.
Dakco has a large variety of award-winning LED displays. We can create nearly any size or shape screen required. From indoor to outdoor to curved configurations, there’s a perfect product for every installation.

You may have specific goals for your video walls—attracting attention, upselling, increasing curb appeal—and our team of experienced professionals will help you reach that goal. As a full-service LED provider, we collaborate with customers creatively to ensure the best experience.

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Taking care of LED signs and digital billboards

What to do if you need Digital billboard repair?

Dealing with reliable LED signage manufacturers is utterly important for the peace of mind. Good quality digital billboards from quality LED manufacturers like DAKCO will hardly test your nerves. But since machines are prone to errors and faults we can’t completely negate its presence. Get to know something about digital billboard repair basics. Let’s discuss what to do if troubleshooting becomes inevitable.

Power: Power remains the foremost cause of LED signage issues. If optimum power is not reaching your digital billboards or LED signs you may encounter a series of issues. We will be discussing some power failure reasons that affect the operation efficacy of LED signs. Sometimes it’s only the power and voltage that is troubling you and not the repairs. Re-examine power supply if any of these occur:

The sign is operating on a generator

The LED sign appears blank and you fail to communicate and command
Any type of portable power is employed in the LED sign
The sign remains non-functional after the standard procedure of troubleshooting
The LED sign is working on multiple circuits and some of them go blank

Voltage: all electrical devices are tuned to work on specified voltages. Mostly either they operate on 120 or 230 volts with a margin of plus or minus 10%. Get ready for digital billboard repair if you run 120volts designed digital sign on 230 volts and vice versa. The results could be simply shocking. You can identify the voltage drop problem if


LED sign work momentarily and then discontinue working time and again
LED sign or the components fall off at irregular intervals. Sometimes tornados and tsunamis completely uproot the digital billboards
The sign is installed far away from the power source. since voltage need to travel across large distances sufficient voltage drop on reaching the destination
Wires can be instrumental for the working of digital billboard. GOD forbid if small wires are used they can easily damage LED sign because of melting, overheating or voltage drop.

Taking care of LED signs and digital billboards

A brief homework about sign’s parts and their proper functioning can add some more useful years to its life. Keep a close eye on the following to enjoy maximum efficiency of digital billboards


Discoloration and melting of connectors and wires
Rest assure that extension cords fit the commercial requirements. Undersized wires and cords are not encouraged
Voltage drop values between the power source and the LED sign
Loose connections- i.e. the electrical connection of LED circuit becomes weak. It can be caused while servicing or installation. Loose connections can allow excess heat to pile up. Rest assure whether

Signs are working in hot or warm weather only
Signs are flickering time and again
Point where power is measured. Either it is the terminal only or on the sign

Never miss out checking the power source

You may experience faulty LED signs due to power source failure. It could be due to distortion in the power line or issues with the power panel. Pay due importance to

Tripped breakers

The sign may display nothing means no sort of communication at all
How LED billboards are protected from electricity fluctuation

The credit goes to breaker amperage. Breakers are normally employed in electrical circuits as a safeguard against fluctuating power. It does so by interfering flow of electricity both in case of overloading or shortage.

LED signboard are sophisticated devices with a specific rating for current. Therefore choosing the right breaker is essential. Once the current value exceeds the limit of the breaker, it will simply trip.

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