Advantages and disadvantages of thermal imaging telescopes

Thermal imagers have also become passive night vision telescopes, which also require batteries. The imaging principle of the thermal imager is to image according to the temperature difference of the target, so it has nothing to do with the light of the target..​night vision binoculars  , This means that the thermal imager can be used day and night.


Thermal imaging cameras are all digital, and the resolution and lens directly affect the viewing distance. Generally, the observation distance of thermal imager is 200-1000 meters.


Advantages and disadvantages of thermal imaging cameras: Thermal imaging cameras have a longer viewing distance than infrared night vision cameras and are not affected by the brightness of the target. But in the daytime, although it can be used, it is definitely not as good as a normal telescope.



​Classification and use of night vision binoculars   

​What are night vision binoculars and what do they do?

​Advantages and disadvantages of infrared night vision telescopes   


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How to choose LED line light power supply?

LED lighting line lights are more energy-saving and power-saving than traditional wall washers, and large-scale long-term application can save objective electricity consumption in cities.​led point light  , And the led engineering line light will not release harmful substances, low carbon and environmental protection, and will not cause damage to the environment.


The external LED lighting power supply adopts a special shell, and the external power supply is separated from the lamp bead heating body. The external lamp beads and the driving heat will not overlap, which reduces the light loss of the lamp beads and obtains a good lighting effect.


The lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy, with unique lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance and easy installation. The surface of the lamp is electrostatically sprayed, which has good heat resistance and weather resistance.


The reflector adopts imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high output of light energy. 3mm thick high-strength tempered glass with high light transmittance and impact resistance. Built-in to ensure that the protection level reaches ip65.



What are the advantages of LED point light sources in lighting?

Why doesn’t the LED wall washer light up?

Classification and function of LED lighting fixtures. 



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How to choose home lighting decoration

Buy on demand Generally speaking, the living room should choose solemn and bright chandeliers or ceiling lamps. If the room is taller, led home light fixtures ,     you can use incandescent lamps or larger circular chandeliers to make the living room look airy


If the room is low, you can use ceiling lamps and floor lamps to make the living room look bright and generous, with a sense of the times. The shape and color of lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the furniture in the living room.


The lighting of the study should be bright and soft, and the table lamp with incandescent light bulb is suitable. The desk lamp of the writing desk should adapt to the nature of work and learning needs, and it is recommended to use a reflector with a reflector.


A small spotlight can be installed in the bookcase, which can not only help distinguish the title of the book, but also keep the temperature and prevent the book from being damp and rotten.



What are the classifications of modern lamps 

What is the significance of the placement of lamps 

The history of white LED light source 


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How to remove streaks from your phone screen

There are two reasons for the streaks on the screen of the mobile phone, one is caused by the problem of the mobile phone system, and the other is caused by the hardware failure of the mobile phone.lcd manufacturers, For problems caused by the mobile phone system, you can use the following solutions:


1. Long press the power button, swipe the screen, restart, and then see if the phone screen is back to normal: 2. Double-click the home button to call up the background operation and clean up all running programs in the background; 3. Open the settings, click “General”, “Restore” and “Delete all content and settings”, then select Delete after upload.


Phone hardware failures are usually caused by phone screen and cable failures. Users are advised to send the phone to a brand customer service repair shop for repair.


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What are the main features of a telephoto camera

A telephoto digital camera refers to a model with a larger optical zoom factor, and the larger the optical zoom factor, the farther the scene can be shot.


Main features: The main features of a telephoto digital camera are actually similar to the principle of a telescope. hunting trail camera,The focal length is changed by the movement of the lens inside the lens. The benefits of telephoto come into play when people shoot distant scenes or when the subject doesn’t want to be disturbed.


In addition, the longer the focal length, the shallower the depth of field, which is the same as the effect of the larger the aperture, the shallower the depth of field. The advantage of a shallow depth of field is to highlight the subject and blur the background. The longer the lens of a digital camera, the more space for the internal lens and photoreceptor to move. large, so the zoom factor is also larger.



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Is smelling second-hand e-cigarettes harmful to people?

Is smelling second-hand e-cigarettes harmful to people? E-cigarette smoke contains nicotine and other harmful substances.


Inhaling second-hand e-cigarettes is often harmful to the human body, but may be less harmful than conventional cigarettes. ​electronic cigarrette company,E-cigarettes are inhaled by turning e-liquids into liquid smoke. While it doesn’t produce smoke particles like cigarettes, it still causes gases containing substances like nicotine to float in the air, causing secondary smoking.


Since electronic cigarettes mainly use the method of atomizing nicotine to form aerosols, the content of harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide is generally less, and the harm is not as great as that of traditional cigarettes.



​E-cigarettes are more harmful than regular cigarettes. 

​Are e-cigarettes addictive? Why get addicted?

​Does smelling secondhand e-cigarettes give you a headache?

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Tips for Choosing the Best Lens for Animal Photography

Determine your photography requirements

Find your points of interest and decide where to take photos. You may need to photograph birds, large animals or small creatures, ​deer camera , the key is to find out what interests you.


Evaluation material

Once you’ve found what you love most about photography, choose your lenses accordingly. For example, if you like to photograph birds, choose a telephoto (fixed focal length lens). Choose a macro lens if you like to photograph butterflies, insects and small animals.


buy lens

After evaluating and trying out the lens, it’s time to buy the lens. Usually, there are no discounts for premium lenses. Also, it’s better to buy a new lens because you’ll be using it for a long time (maybe more than ten years).



​Types of Lenses for Wildlife Photography. 

​Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks.

 ​How to Take Good Animal Art Photos. 

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What are the types of commercial lighting

What are the types of commercial lighting? According to the function, it can be divided into general commercial scene lighting ,commercial lighting company  prominent commodity lighting and decorative lighting.


by location

It is divided into commercial environment interior, display area (window), population area, commodity display area lighting and external environment landscape lighting.


Sort by layout

It can be divided into direct lighting, semi-direct lighting, diffuse lighting, semi-indirect lighting, indirect lighting, etc.



What are the characteristics of commercial lighting

What is the design concept of commercial lighting 

Where are the application scenarios of commercial lighting



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How harmful are e-cigarettes to the human body?

1. Improve the success rate of harmful substances invading the human body. After the harmful components in the e-liquid are vaporized by the electronic cigarette,cbd cartriges,it will become more viscous and more easily attached to the human epithelial cell tissue.


2. Causes damage to the respiratory system. After the harmful gas in the electronic cigarette enters the respiratory system, it is easy to cause different degrees of damage to the respiratory tract, nasal cavity and oral mucosa.


3. Harm to the cardiovascular system. The gas produced by e-cigarettes contains nicotine, which is easy to cause damage to the cardiovascular system after ingestion in the body



Can e-cigarettes help you lose weight?

Can long-term e-cigarette smoking lead to obesity?

Precautions for using e-cigarettes

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Do e-cigarettes have nicotine?

E-cigarettes contain nicotine. The effect of nicotine in e-cigarettes is to increase the throat hit, best electronic cigarette ,provide the feeling of smoking real cigarettes, and a slight euphoria.


But when smoking e-cigarettes, these nicotine will enter the brain, promote the secretion of dopamine in the brain, make the body feel happy, and let the body remember the pleasant mood when smoking e-cigarettes, which leads to addiction.


Long-term smoking of electronic cigarettes or cigarettes will cause great harm to the body, so for health, it is recommended to stay away from cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.



Are e-cigarette oil leaks toxic in the mouth?

Free storage methods for Pods and Pods:

How to maintain electronic cigarettes in use

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