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How to choose a suitable noise canceling headphone?

The first is to confirm the style according to the usage scenario:

True wireless Bluetooth type: the most versatile type, which can be adapted to various places such as commuting, music, ANC Headphones ,games, sports, etc. Unrestricted use, quite free

Head-mounted: Suitable for people who have requirements for the quality of games and music, and many people wear them on the commute. And the big headset has an additional passive skill: I’m wearing such a big headset, don’t bother me if it doesn’t matter

Wired type: It can also be used in various occasions. The biggest problem is that it is wired, which is not so convenient. But with the same sound quality, wired will be cheaper.


Types and settings of noise-cancelling headphones  

 What is the difference between ANC, DSP, ENC, and CVC?  

Is Active Noise Cancellation Good for Bluetooth Headphones?

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How to protect your family from thirdhand smoke

1. Families with smokers must pay attention to cleanliness. Cloth is the easiest to absorb toxic substances in cigarettes.alternatives to smoking, Therefore, bed sheets, duvet covers, sofa covers, carpets and even curtains should be washed regularly.


2. If you don’t want your family members to be harmed by thirdhand smoke, friends who smoke should change clothes and take a bath in time after smoking to prevent thirdhand smoke from parasitic on hair, skin and clothes. Chance.


3. The ashtrays at home should also be cleaned in time, and the trash cans should also be cleaned in time. It cannot be ignored because it has only a little bit of ash in it, which prevents problems.


4. If a smoking friend has a baby at home, please do not touch the baby after smoking. They are too fragile and have relatively low immune function. So please wash your hair and shower. Interact with your baby afterwards and don’t let your baby touch your smoking clothes.


5. Less contact with smokers: Smokers have “third-hand smoke” on their clothes, skin and hair. Once in close contact with them, it is bound to cause damage to their health.



Who is second-hand smoke most harmful to?
What can I use instead of cigarettes when I want to smoke?
The difference between electronic cigarettes and cigarettes 

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What are the tips for cleaning silicone straws

In recent years, people’s awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger. When drinking beverages, kitchenaid silicone utensils,people think that the use of plastic straws is a bit wasteful and not environmentally friendly, which also gives silicone straws a certain market. So, what is the cleaning method of silicone straws?


1. Tea deodorization method: Put the tea leaves in a cup, add warm water to the silicone straw, leave it for about 4 hours, and clean it.


2. Orange peel seasoning method: Put fresh orange peel (or lemon slices) in warm water, soak with straw for about 4 hours, and clean.


3. Salt water deodorization method: first clean the straw, then pour the diluted salt water and the straw into the cup, shake well, set aside for 2 hours, and wash.



Silicone products will not harm the health, the environment, and the silicone tube can decompose quickly and naturally without causing any harm to the environment. It is more environmentally friendly. Silicone products can be reused, which really helps the environment.



What are the advantages of silicone tableware

How to deal with the odor of silicone products?

 Can the silicone cup hold hot water?

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How to ensure the anti-counterfeiting content label of e-cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as online cigarettes and digital atomizers, are mainly accustomed to quit smoking and replace tobacco. They have exactly the same physical appearance as a tobacco cigarette, the same taste to your smoke, and even a lot more flavour than a normal tobacco cigarette.check batch code, It can also suck out smoke, preference and think that a tobacco cigarette. Now everyone pays attention to wellness, particularly outdated smokers. After getting older, smoking cigarettes is much more bad for our bodies. The introduction of e cigarettes has effectively alleviated health conditions.

Now let’s look into how to establish the genuineness of e-cigarettes?

1. Initial glance at the company, be it the company of a big business, whether it be guaranteed or otherwise

2. Check out the right after-undefinedincome phone number and factory tackle

3, the warranty telephone, you can consider to dial the telephone

4. Typically, most products will matter an authentic verification code, that may be inspected around the official site

5. Choose the best deal with for buy, normally visit big food markets and internet based leading stores to get

Smoking cigarettes is damaging to health, I really hope everyone is healthful.



Cigarettes and e-cigarettes are simply as damaging

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The reputation quo of CNC machining technologies in Asia

In recent years, China’s CNC machining technologies have produced quickly, and residential CNC lathes can fully meet the needs from the residential marketplace. With high-efficiency side to side transforming centres and turning-milling locations, some merchandise are already capable of meeting certain requirements of some household great-users by way of joints undertakings, modern technology introduction and self-sufficient advancement. Nevertheless, cnc industry, horizontal transforming-milling composite machining locations, side to side turning centres with Y-axis or C-axis, twin-spindle horizontal transforming locations and high-accuracy horizontal turning locations still mainly depend on imports.


The residential top to bottom machining heart is pretty fully developed in modern technology, and its particular practical functionality is next to the international stage. There are lots of producers along with a certain batch, which is recognized by home-based end users. Because of its cost-effective advantages, the constant maintenance assistance cost after the guarantee period is pretty lower, that may basically meet the needs from the domestic market place. The present key is to vigorously boost product quality and trustworthiness, and improve pre-product sales and soon after-income providers.


The overall performance of domestic CNC items unit instruments is roughly equivalent to the global degree. Apart from some higher-accuracy CNC gear finalizing machines (DIN 5~6) and-precision CNC equipment grinders (DIN 2~3), they still must be brought in. Swap imported goods.




CNC machines are classified by motion function

CNC machinery and equipment are classified according to technological use

The standing quo and improvement tendency of CNC machining modern technology

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Do I have to wash my newly bought plush toys?

Many good friends will wonder: Do new luxury toys and games need to be scrubbed? Hongyuan plaything modest table is here to answer your questions,toy manufacturers   responsive! Although the exterior of newly purchased luxury toys and games is completely clean, there will inevitably be chemical residues on the surface during the production line and travel process, as well as various germs and dirt that are not easily detectable by the naked eye. .How to clean thoroughly?


01. Dry cleaning

First, prepare a bag of about 2 kg of coarse salt, which is solar sodium, which you can buy in the market and supermarket. Put the newly bought lush game in a beautiful and clean plastic handbag, set the correct amount of coarse sea salt and then He gagged and started shaking up and down, about 40 times. Continue to take out the dense plush toys, shake the coarse sea salt pollutants on them, you will see the sodium particles turn black, and the luxury gadgets are much cleaner than before. This technology can certainly make luxury toys look new without using a little bit of ordinary water.

It is suitable for all kinds of furry toys such as single hair, law indefinite length, long hair, etc., as long as you have a travel bag that you can carry with you.


Principle: Sea salt itself has both good and bad costs, and the soil may also have positive and negative costs. It trembles and generates electricity, and the opposite sex attracts each other. The salt will suck the soil to the side. Luxury toys and games become completely clean.


02. Washing

A luxurious game that can be cleaned. Add detergent to the drinking basin, rinse with a certain proportion of water, stir the liquid in the basin evenly with a general smooth-bristle brush, mix it with a unique foam, and then remember to scrub the surface of the basin. Luxury toy cleaning Use soft bristles dipped in foam to clean, be careful not to get too much water, remember to brush. After cleaning the top of the luxury toy, wrap the luxury toy with a bathroom towel, then put it in a basin filled with ordinary water for pressure scrubbing, and then dry it with a dry cloth twice or three minutes. You can also use the sun directly In this way, ultraviolet rays can effectively remove some microorganisms and ensure the simple cleaning of toys and games.



How about the development of the toy market?

What do you need to know when working with toy manufacturers

 What problems should be paid attention to when choosing plush toys

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What are the characteristics of TFT screen phones

TFT screen is currently the most commonly used and most common material on mobile phone screens. TFT full-process TFT–ThinFilmTransistor thin film transistor is one of the active matrix type liquid crystal displays AM-LCD. phone display  TFT is equipped with a special light tube on the back of the LCD. , Can actively control each independent pixel on the screen, which can greatly improve the response time.


Since the TFT is an active matrix LCD, the arrangement of the liquid crystal can be memorized and will not return to the original state immediately after the current disappears. TFT also improves the STN flicker (water ripple)-blur phenomenon, effectively improving the ability to play dynamic pictures.


TFT liquid crystal has a semiconductor switch for each pixel, and each pixel can be directly controlled by dot pulses, so each node is relatively independent and can be continuously controlled, which not only improves the response speed of the display screen, but also can be accurately controlled Display color gradation, so the color of TFT liquid crystal is more real. The TFT liquid crystal display is characterized by good brightness, strong layering, and bright colors, but it also has the disadvantage of relatively power consumption.



Tips for cleaning the phone screen 

What are the classifications of mobile phone screens  

The difference between LCD screen and OLED screen  

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How to avoid static electricity on LCD

We all know that the human body is easily affected by fixed power, and high-voltage fixed power of up to tens of volts or several volts is often present..lcd supplier The liquid crystal display should be extremely cautious in operation, construction and use, especially the use of fixed power supplies should be avoided. of. How does LCD display become an ideal choice for anti-static?

1. LCD monitors should not be cleaned with detergents. Because it will generate solid fixed electrical energy. In addition, there is no moisture in the atmosphere, and fixed electricity will be generated. Therefore, the humidity in the workplace should be above RH60%.

2. Do not use your hands to affect the external outlook of the liquid crystal display, the circuit of the circuit meter, and the metal body. When it is necessary to speak to the main, your body and units must be preserved in the same way.

3. Resistive contact needs to involve the ground, workbench, chairs, cabinets, trolleys, and resources to ensure that they are at exactly the same possibility.

4. The electric screwdriver and other resources used for operation need to be well grounded without any loss. It should be noted that the solder metal used for welding must be well grounded and there is absolutely no leakage.



Four common elements affecting the price tag on Liquid crystal displays

Things to pay attention to when cleaning the LCD screen:

How to extend LCD screen life

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How several driving methods are available for Remote control version vehicles?

Radio controlled design automobiles are generally labeled based on the source of energy applied:remote control  hobby

⒈Electric Radio controlled design car

The electrical Remote control version auto, as the title signifies, uses the throttle since the capability to output electrical energy on the motor unit (engine), which in turn propels the automobile.

Electric remote device design automobile (abbreviated as tram) will be the initial option for a lot of novices, simply because it could be charged given that there exists “undefinedelectrical power”, along with the fully billed battery can push the car just to walk, and also the inertia from the tram is tiny, and also the control abilities are in ” “undefinedEntrance-undefineddegree autos” are really easy to master, along with the speed of electric powered autos is incredibly quick: it can easily get to a lot more than 60KM. The speed of electric vehicles is just not slow-moving in any way.

⒉Oil-driven Remote control product car

The gasoline-undefineddriven Remote control product auto is the incarnation of Peng Pai Energy. The gas-undefineddriven automobile utilizes gas exclusively for handheld remote control version automobiles (not gas, obviously, there are also gas-undefinedoperated models in product vehicles, having a proportion of 1:5). Most oils pickup trucks use two-heart stroke air flow-cooled engines, that contain the advantages of quickly velocity and uncomplicated servicing. Also, it is a good solution to decide on to acquire a petrol truck. Now the upkeep of petrol pickup trucks is relatively easy, and the time for petrol pickup truck contests is very long, so it will be preferable to improve driving skills and build up a lot more expertise!



The difference between radio controlled model vehicle and handheld control vehicle?

What will be the attributes of RC version autos

How can you restoration an electric handheld control that won’t shift?

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