How to avoid static electricity on LCD

We all know that the human body is easily affected by fixed power, and high-voltage fixed power of up to tens of volts or several volts is often present..lcd supplier The liquid crystal display should be extremely cautious in operation, construction and use, especially the use of fixed power supplies should be avoided. of. How does LCD display become an ideal choice for anti-static?

1. LCD monitors should not be cleaned with detergents. Because it will generate solid fixed electrical energy. In addition, there is no moisture in the atmosphere, and fixed electricity will be generated. Therefore, the humidity in the workplace should be above RH60%.

2. Do not use your hands to affect the external outlook of the liquid crystal display, the circuit of the circuit meter, and the metal body. When it is necessary to speak to the main, your body and units must be preserved in the same way.

3. Resistive contact needs to involve the ground, workbench, chairs, cabinets, trolleys, and resources to ensure that they are at exactly the same possibility.

4. The electric screwdriver and other resources used for operation need to be well grounded without any loss. It should be noted that the solder metal used for welding must be well grounded and there is absolutely no leakage.



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