Do I have to wash my newly bought plush toys?

Many good friends will wonder: Do new luxury toys and games need to be scrubbed? Hongyuan plaything modest table is here to answer your questions,toy manufacturers   responsive! Although the exterior of newly purchased luxury toys and games is completely clean, there will inevitably be chemical residues on the surface during the production line and travel process, as well as various germs and dirt that are not easily detectable by the naked eye. .How to clean thoroughly?


01. Dry cleaning

First, prepare a bag of about 2 kg of coarse salt, which is solar sodium, which you can buy in the market and supermarket. Put the newly bought lush game in a beautiful and clean plastic handbag, set the correct amount of coarse sea salt and then He gagged and started shaking up and down, about 40 times. Continue to take out the dense plush toys, shake the coarse sea salt pollutants on them, you will see the sodium particles turn black, and the luxury gadgets are much cleaner than before. This technology can certainly make luxury toys look new without using a little bit of ordinary water.

It is suitable for all kinds of furry toys such as single hair, law indefinite length, long hair, etc., as long as you have a travel bag that you can carry with you.


Principle: Sea salt itself has both good and bad costs, and the soil may also have positive and negative costs. It trembles and generates electricity, and the opposite sex attracts each other. The salt will suck the soil to the side. Luxury toys and games become completely clean.


02. Washing

A luxurious game that can be cleaned. Add detergent to the drinking basin, rinse with a certain proportion of water, stir the liquid in the basin evenly with a general smooth-bristle brush, mix it with a unique foam, and then remember to scrub the surface of the basin. Luxury toy cleaning Use soft bristles dipped in foam to clean, be careful not to get too much water, remember to brush. After cleaning the top of the luxury toy, wrap the luxury toy with a bathroom towel, then put it in a basin filled with ordinary water for pressure scrubbing, and then dry it with a dry cloth twice or three minutes. You can also use the sun directly In this way, ultraviolet rays can effectively remove some microorganisms and ensure the simple cleaning of toys and games.



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