What are the tips for cleaning silicone straws

In recent years, people’s awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger. When drinking beverages, kitchenaid silicone utensils,people think that the use of plastic straws is a bit wasteful and not environmentally friendly, which also gives silicone straws a certain market. So, what is the cleaning method of silicone straws?


1. Tea deodorization method: Put the tea leaves in a cup, add warm water to the silicone straw, leave it for about 4 hours, and clean it.


2. Orange peel seasoning method: Put fresh orange peel (or lemon slices) in warm water, soak with straw for about 4 hours, and clean.


3. Salt water deodorization method: first clean the straw, then pour the diluted salt water and the straw into the cup, shake well, set aside for 2 hours, and wash.



Silicone products will not harm the health, the environment, and the silicone tube can decompose quickly and naturally without causing any harm to the environment. It is more environmentally friendly. Silicone products can be reused, which really helps the environment.



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