How to protect your family from thirdhand smoke

1. Families with smokers must pay attention to cleanliness. Cloth is the easiest to absorb toxic substances in cigarettes.alternatives to smoking, Therefore, bed sheets, duvet covers, sofa covers, carpets and even curtains should be washed regularly.


2. If you don’t want your family members to be harmed by thirdhand smoke, friends who smoke should change clothes and take a bath in time after smoking to prevent thirdhand smoke from parasitic on hair, skin and clothes. Chance.


3. The ashtrays at home should also be cleaned in time, and the trash cans should also be cleaned in time. It cannot be ignored because it has only a little bit of ash in it, which prevents problems.


4. If a smoking friend has a baby at home, please do not touch the baby after smoking. They are too fragile and have relatively low immune function. So please wash your hair and shower. Interact with your baby afterwards and don’t let your baby touch your smoking clothes.


5. Less contact with smokers: Smokers have “third-hand smoke” on their clothes, skin and hair. Once in close contact with them, it is bound to cause damage to their health.



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