How to choose home lighting decoration

Buy on demand Generally speaking, the living room should choose solemn and bright chandeliers or ceiling lamps. If the room is taller, led home light fixtures ,     you can use incandescent lamps or larger circular chandeliers to make the living room look airy


If the room is low, you can use ceiling lamps and floor lamps to make the living room look bright and generous, with a sense of the times. The shape and color of lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the furniture in the living room.


The lighting of the study should be bright and soft, and the table lamp with incandescent light bulb is suitable. The desk lamp of the writing desk should adapt to the nature of work and learning needs, and it is recommended to use a reflector with a reflector.


A small spotlight can be installed in the bookcase, which can not only help distinguish the title of the book, but also keep the temperature and prevent the book from being damp and rotten.



What are the classifications of modern lamps 

What is the significance of the placement of lamps 

The history of white LED light source 


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