How to choose LED line light power supply?

LED lighting line lights are more energy-saving and power-saving than traditional wall washers, and large-scale long-term application can save objective electricity consumption in cities.​led point light  , And the led engineering line light will not release harmful substances, low carbon and environmental protection, and will not cause damage to the environment.


The external LED lighting power supply adopts a special shell, and the external power supply is separated from the lamp bead heating body. The external lamp beads and the driving heat will not overlap, which reduces the light loss of the lamp beads and obtains a good lighting effect.


The lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy, with unique lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance and easy installation. The surface of the lamp is electrostatically sprayed, which has good heat resistance and weather resistance.


The reflector adopts imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high output of light energy. 3mm thick high-strength tempered glass with high light transmittance and impact resistance. Built-in to ensure that the protection level reaches ip65.



What are the advantages of LED point light sources in lighting?

Why doesn’t the LED wall washer light up?

Classification and function of LED lighting fixtures. 



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