How to choose outdoor lighting fixtures

1. Looking at the brand, the production process of various lamps is quite mature. Now mature lamp dealers focus on the research and development of new styles and new materials.architectural lighting design  First-tier brand lamps and lanterns have stricter selection of materials and accessories, and perform better in terms of service life and stability.


2. Look at the market share, because in the process of using lamps, the most likely problem is that lamps or light sources need to be replaced when they reach the service life, while lamps with a high market share are convenient to replace lamps, and their spare parts are more versatile and more Easy to maintain.


3. Look at the quality details, high-quality lamps, in terms of light sources, circuit accessories, protective covers, etc., the production process is mature, there are fewer defects, and the style expression is relatively high-quality. This light will be more stable in use.



What are the advantages of LED light sources?

How to choose outdoor lighting fixtures  

How to Install and Use a Lighting System  

Misunderstandings in installing lighting systems   


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The benefits of installing a home elevator

Installing an elevator can make life more convenient.

If we encounter scrapes or other accidents in our daily life, elevator manufacturer ,installing elevators can help us prepare for these unexpected needs and help us go up and down stairs more easily.


For those of us who are busy at work, with less time in our lives to care for our parents, the journey up and down the stairs can be dangerous. Elevators also allow them to travel between floors more comfortably. Life becomes more convenient and harmonious.


If we can afford it, it is a good act to have a convenient elevator in our home. The installed elevator can make our life more comfortable and provide more convenient services for the elderly in our home.


What is the difference between a home elevator?  

What impact does elevator have on people’s daily life?  

The precautions for the use of elevators are:    



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What is a DC motor and what is its principle

A DC motor is a motor that converts DC electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is widely used in electric drag because of its good speed regulation performance.

When the DC power supply supplies power to the armature winding through the brush, the N-pole lower conductor on the armature surface can flow current in the same direction, dc motor controller  ,and the conductor will bear the counterclockwise torque rule according to the left-hand direction;

The part of the conductor below the S pole of the armature face also flows current in the same direction, and according to the left-hand rule, the conductor will also experience a counterclockwise moment.

In this way, the entire armature winding, that is, the rotor, will rotate counterclockwise, and the input DC electrical energy will be converted into mechanical energy output on the rotor shaft.



What is the rotor of a DC motor composed of? 

What are the characteristics of DC motors 

 What are the classifications of DC motors 



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What to pay attention to when cleaning plush toys

Necessary steps before soft toy cleaning: Carefully inspect the soft toy. Can we look at the plush toy label, ​plush toy supplier.  is it washable? Is it machine washable?


We can check the small accessories such as eyes and nose first, and be sure to check whether they are sticky and will not fall off easily. In addition, the logo and stitches should be carefully checked for firmness.


For plush toys that do not easily fall off small parts, they can be washed in a washing machine. For large plush toys, it can be disassembled for cleaning.



​Plush toys need to be washed more clean. 

​Can the washing machine wash plush toys?

​Do I need to add sanitizer when cleaning plush toys?


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Why is stone paper a new type of environmentally friendly material?

First, stone paper is made from waste ore from mines.

It is not wood pulp paper and does not require deforestation, which is conducive to the protection of forest resources.

Secondly, in the production process of stone paper,.​stone paper manufacturer , almost no water is used, no waste is discharged, and no harmful substances such as bleaching fluorescence are added. Stone paper has passed FDA ROHS REACH and other certifications, so it is safe and secure.

Again, stone paper can be photodegraded without secondary pollution. Stone paper is made of stone powder + PE. After being irradiated by ultraviolet rays, it will turn into stone powder and return to nature.



​The benefits of using stone paper

​What are the production technologies of stone paper 

​Stone paper identification method 


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How to prevent the scorch problem of laser digesting?

Due to the great occurrence power attributes in the laserlight, you can easily shed or yellow when laser light digesting or laserlight reducing components, laser engraver for sale , particularly lighting tinted supplies (like transparent, white-colored, beige, and many others.), or unique components.

To avert this trend, the content area has to be protected during laser processing. The usual method is:

The safety movie should be level and tight, without the need of air bubbles. Including some inert gasoline-nitrogen during laser light processing can prevent the scorching phenomenon into a particular level. Change the laser digesting variables and use the process of several little firepower.



What are the advantages of laser engraving technology 

Precautions for using laser engraving machine

What exactly are the pros and cons of laser light engraving?


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What are the advantages of choosing to use an elevator?

every day life is far more convenient

The lift is a good means to fix the hassle of proceeding up and down stairs, particularly in areas using the aged and kids.passenger elevator, It is easier to travel. The lift starts off and stops smoothly when working, and you will hardly have the working of the auto, which is provided securely.

An easy task to transport and coordinate

The escalator is easy to hold products and better cleanup your house. Simultaneously, elevators can also help move sizeable and heavy products including home furniture and household devices, protecting time and energy.

Secure and trustworthy

All elevators must move the stringent inspection of the special products inspection division before they abandon the manufacturing facility for usage. Whether it is commercial or residential, protection is necessary for elevators.



What are the precautions for using passenger elevators

What are the forms of elevators

Exactly what are the classifications and utilizes of elevators?

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Plush toy manufacturing also depends on the point

The form of your plush toy is also an important item in the toy quality check. The space between the facial highlights of the toy, custom plush toys , the actual size of the seams, the size of the facial features, the pulling force of the toy, and the all-round model of the toy all require strict high-quality management.


In addition to the trouble of the toy itself, the packaging of the toy is also very important once the toy can be discarded after the re-inspection. One piece of information that toy companies need to be aware of is that barcodes in outer packaging must be scanned effectively, and this needs to be taken care of when making cartons.


If you wholesale plush toys online, you may be sent poor quality by bad merchants, and sometimes you can’t see the small details, but there’s a major gap. A legitimate toy maker’s failure to do so would eviscerate his company’s behavior.



What are the benefits of plush toy customization? 



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Which are the benefits of laser light engraving

Wide range: CO2 lasers can engrave and lower just about any no metallic material. And it’s cheap!

Safe and dependable: Low speak to handling fails to cause mechanized extrusion or technical stress to the fabric. laser engraver machine,No ” blade represents”, no harm to the top of the workpiece no deformation in the fabric

Accurate and careful: the machining accuracy can get to .02mm

Constant result: be sure that the handling result of the same batch is utterly regular. Higher pace engraving and reducing can be carried out immediately based on the pattern production from the pc.

Low cost: not limited by the volume of digesting, for small batch digesting solutions, laser digesting cost less



Features of Laser Engraving Technology

Finalizing features of laser engraving

Just what is the principle of engraving

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There are various varieties of elevators

Elevators are split up into three classes, such as traction and forced travel elevators, hydraulic drive elevators, panoramic elevator , escalators and transferring strolls.

Traction and compelled travel elevator: Grip identifies traction, the kind of movements of the elevator. The escalator could be transferred to and fro by traction.

Hydraulic driven lift up: refers to the lift up that presses gas in the tube from the hydraulic source of energy, definitely makes the plunger move in a direct line, and pulls the trolley to move down and up.

Escalators and transferring strolls: The escalators are composed of chain conveyors and belt conveyors in the stepped design and are used for passenger move on different flooring.




What to pay attention to when buying an elevator 

What are the benefits of installing a sightseeing elevator 

What are the installation conditions for home elevators?

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