Popular Outdoor Toys to Get Your Kids Enjoying Playing Outside


Throughout the year this is very suitable for children to go out and do something fun. It’s not too hot or too cold and everyone can use a little sun and touch the grass occasionally, right? Forget the trampoline, bicycle, and basketball circle, this outdoor toy might make your children play well together outdoors. This is not a guarantee of waterproof, remember. Only crazy people suggest things like that! But they might play well for one hour or more. That is probably the best crawling octopus shower toys we can expect. Pack them lunch, maybe they will live outside all day! Someone can dream. By the way, here is a pleasant outdoor toy that your children might enjoy playing outside for change.

Laser X Double Player Laser Laser Gaming Set $49.99

The highest high tech game tag, this is like having a real laser arena right in your own backyard! This player set of this player includes everything you need for the experience of playing real life laser games. With colorful lighting effects and blaster that show accuracy of up to 60 meters, it also features stereo and music sounds to create a complete playing game experience.

Wahu Cricket Set $32.99

Every back page Aussie requires a portable cricket set, and this one is very suitable by Wahu! Appears in a comfortable case to keep all parts together and you can take it to a park or beach too. Remember to tell them that if they hit your plants, they come out!

Tabletop Air Hockey $49.99

Change your backyard to your own arcade with a portable air hockey set that is operated with this battery and let your children play according to their hearts. Put it on the outer table or flat surface and tell them first to 100 wins!

Kite stuntmaster 93cm with two handlets of $31.99

They certainly can’t play with kite inside, right? Kite -93cm long size and 84cm wide in bright colors that will stand out beautifully in the blue sky or clouds. There are two handles with a length of 36m to the rope, outdoor toys for kids making it easier to direct and do different maneuvers. It made an extraordinarily pleasant day in the park with children. And if you don’t think they can get used to flying this big kite, why not try the smallest kite in the world with only $5.59? With a wing width that is smaller than your hand, this kite is the smallest in the world and really fit in your pocket. You can take this kite anywhere, and wherever there is a gentle breeze, you can have fun with a kite.

Strongbox 2 Square Sandpit Small with $130 Folding Cover

Perfect playground. This entirely versatile sandpit comes with a comfortable seating area that flying spinner ball can be folded as a strong and durable sand cover. Fill by playing sand and take some buckets and shovels and your children will be ready.

Picassotiles 200 pcs Marble Run Track Competition $189

What can be more fun than preparing a marble racing track and then dolls it!? Better, this marble is on when they pass the racing path. Forget children, I want one!!

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Best Waterproof Phone Cases Recommended To You


From sparks of light to full dunks under water, waterproof phone cash can make your cells protected when life occurs. The best waterproof phone case has an IPX8 water resistance rating, which means they can sink in more than 3 feet of water without damage. Some cases are also dustproof and shock absorption, and there are options below to match the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and other mobile phones up to 7 inches.

When shopping, you have a choice between cases that remain on your mobile 24/7 and special bags or special boxes that are only used during water activities. case everyday allows you to use a mobile touch screen and face recognition features with it. They also give you easy access to the charging port, and some are even compatible with wireless charging. If you plan to use your cellphone for underwater photography, you might want a casing with a shutter button and anti-reflective screen protector that makes it easier to take crispy images while snorkeling and swimming. However, custom cell phone case of photography can be large and less comfortable for daily use. With one of these options, you want to make sure you choose the size that suits your cellphone before buying.

On the other hand, a waterproof belt or bag will usually fit a cellphone up to 7 inches and you can also store credit cards, cash, and other important things in it. Another advantage: unlike ordinary phone boxes, bags and bags generally float in water so that it is easier to take if dropped. But keep in mind that with a few options, you have to delete your cellphone for photos and charging. To keep your cells protected from rain, puddles, swimming pools, and more, continue to read for the best waterproof phone box in various sizes, colors, and styles.

The best iPhone case as a whole

With an IP68 ranking, this iPhone 12 casing can sink into 6.6 feet of water to one hour and dust. This case is made of long -lasting thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is resistant to a decrease of up to 6.6 feet. It is also equipped with a default screen protector that still allows you to use a touch screen and unlock your cellphone with a face ID. This mobile phone repairing parts case has clear support so that your cellphone is visible, and you can choose from three accent colors for the front of case: Black, Blue, and Pink. Plus, the case is compatible with wireless charging.

According to a fan: “I am happy to report that I just took him to the pool with me, deliberately dipped him 2 feet under water for a full minute (jumping faith) and letting him be splashed into my child joyfully. A few minutes later, I opened the case and my cellphone was dry like bone!”

The best Samsung Galaxy case as a whole

This waterproof case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is supported by more than 1,500 five -star ratings and has an IP68 rating, and has been tested to hold 6.6 feet of water to one hour. Plus, this is dustpower. Shock absorbent case has a nonslip bumper made from durable TPU to give you a safe grip on your cellphone. This will also hold drops from up to 6.6 feet. There is a default screen protector that is resistant to scratches, and car usb chargers allows you to unlock your cellphone with your fingerprint. This case has a classic black bumper and clear support and supports wireless filling.

According to a fan: “I like the case to have a clear defender to show off the color of my cellphone. One of my main concerns when buying it is whether I can be heard while talking on the phone (other waterproof cases make it impossible to hear me) but people can hear me so it’s amazing! I have dropped my cellphone several times and exposed it into the water and everything is still good.”

The best Google Pixel case as a whole

Designed to match the Google Pixel 6, this waterproof phone case has an IP68 rating so that the dust dust. This is also designed to protect your cellphone when submerged up to 6.6 feet water to one hour. TPU case which absorbs shock is available in two colors of usb wall chargers accents and blue-and-blue has a default screen protector and transparent support. Plus, it will hold drops from up to 6.6 feet. This is also compatible with wireless phone chargers.

According to a fan: “This case is fantastic. Waterproof claims, shock proof is truly true. I have dropped my cellphone several times, once in water. No, no problem! The phone works well, no cracks. I bought 3 more for friends and family.”

This popular case is made from recycled material

This lifelong waterproof phone case is made from more than 60% recycled polycarbonate and has an IP68 ranking. This dust and are designed to protect your cellphone in 66 feet of water to one hour. This case is also resistant to drops from up to 66 feet. This default screen protector feature that is compatible with a touch screen and face recognition. According to the reviewer, this case works well for underwater photography. Plus, a closed port allows easy access when you want to charge your cell phone and the case is also able to fill in wireless charging. Color choices include purple, teal blue, and classic black.

According to a fan: “Every phone that I have for the past 10 years has a lifetime case! They have kept a lot of cellphones from water damage. Me and my lifetime customers for life!”

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Experience summer fun with Kibtoy


KIBTOY welcomes the summer season with its fun and exciting offerings.

Nothing can beat the heat by going to the beach and going swimming with family and friends. Kibtoy can provide equipment to make your outing more exciting, safe and convenient.

Kibtoy also has a wide array of sports and outdoor toys that kids will surely enjoy.

Kibtoy offers a wide variety of children’s interactive toys, games, dolls, puzzles and other accessories. Kibtoy has almost everything you need when it comes to toys. You could also visit Kibtoy’ official website to explore all the outdoor and sports offerings that your kids will surely love.

Share your awesome summer adventures with Kibtoy by posting and tagging Kibtoy’ official social media accounts across different social media platforms.

Have a memorable, fun and exciting summer at Kibtoy. Bring your kids now and start an awesome summer with the whole family. Go for a swim, do outdoor activities, play outdoor games, and spend time with the family and have more play time with the kids this summer with Kibtoy.

For more information, visit: www.kibtoy.com.

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Check out top custom iPhone 13 phone cases picks


Remember when there is only one type of iPhone? We also. Somehow, we reached the 13th generation of smart phones, and of course, Apple told us that the latest design was better than before. We will not be too far to specific. After all, we are here to tell you about the best and funniest iPhone 13 cases, not the best phone repair parts and most impressive iPhone 13 features. However, the Pro Cellphone Camera System and Sierra Blue’s telephone color certainly attract our attention. Tiktok we will look so fire.

However, back to business.

It has been less than 24 hours since the launch of a large mobile phone, but you bet we have searched high and low for the most adorable iPhone 13 case available. There is a surprising amount that is already out there to be chosen, but we narrowed it to 9 of our favorite – which is mostly under $40. They are included in some very enthusiastic patterns, clear casing that is actually very functional (to show off colorful cellphones new you), and monogram options that can be adjusted for more personal purchases.

Check out our top telephone case of our iPhone 13 below:

Our mission at Stylec aster is to bring style to people, and we only display the products we think you will like as much as we do. Please note that if you buy something by clicking on the link in this story, we can receive a small sales commission.

All smiles of the smiley face sticker case

The 70s called, and they asked the iPhone to be brought back to time so they could buy this far case. Bring a liver vibration that is lively wherever you go and enhance your mood when you do it – you can’t smile at this number. You not only get an adorable design for your case, you will also get free shipping and 15% discount if you use the 15off code during checkout.

Olsenms Clear Case

There are so many beautiful iPhone 13 colors to choose from, and this clear casing gives you the ability to protect your cellphone while also showing off hue. Plus, unlike other clear cases, this one promises to prevent yellowish which naturally occurs over time.

Roam around the plant pots of plants

Plant Daddies and Plant Mommies, this custom phone case for you. Bring your serotonin levels with this cropped crop of this plant, at the same time, reminds you of watering your baby when you go home.

Special compost casing with carvings

Listen, if you buy something, you must also have the ability to put your name on it. This Kasing Chic gives you all the power of customization you want. Choose fonts, words, and colors. Try to maintain PG things with words, people. There are children around.

We are all cases of minimal human facial art

If you think the case is cheap, you haven’t seen this artistic design. Looks like he can have his own corner on Met. Plus, fine coloring will never clash with whatever clothes you get.

Custom Monogram Telephone Kasing

Your initial post on your entire phone, or select your three favorite three -letter acronyms to make a cashing that gives Major Andy Warhol Energy.

The mood atmosphere is now printed

Cow hide print that is actually not a hide cow is our jam. Funky design is unique but chic. Everything you want from the telephone kasing.

Presidio Perfect-Clear iPhone 13 Mini Case

People who are clumsy, this case is not to embarrass you, but to help you. Multi-layer cover can survive a drop of 13 feet like that is nothing. Plus, this is antimicrobial – a very convincing feature for 2021.

Modern skin folio

Functionality Case Phone Wallet runs unmatched, and this skin option is a high -class accessory needed by your iPhone 13. It has a slot for your cards and IDs, cash, and more. And even though it is made with thick skin, you can still charge with your favorite wireless charger.

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Best Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case 2022


The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a smartphone that really maximizes the features that we all want, including a large OLED screen and three times the threat of a quality rear camera. So, keeping Apple’s best iPhone in mint conditions should be your top priority – especially because you want to trade in that model to save cash on the replacement when the time comes.

For now, your cellphone currently requires protection. Fortunately, the cost is very little to invest in one of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases around and save your expensive purchases from damage. Your iPhone 13 Pro Max may have been designed with scratch -resistant ceramic glass, but if it falls bad, it is better to be safe than regret.

As you might know, there are too many phone repair parts to choose from. Starting from a smooth and smooth shell to all military class defenders, you have many choices in your hands. You most likely want something that is seen too, or has other features such as a holder or space to store your credit card. To help you, we have collected our favorite list so you can find the perfect option for you.

Apple Silicone Kasing with Magsafe: The Best Official Case

Entrusting the security of your new smartphone to any old case can be a little scary. To avoid doubts, getting your iPhone kasing from Apple itself is the safest choice.

This is sleek and strong, coming in a variety of stylish matte colors on a minimalist silicone frame that offers luxurious hands. On the inside, the microfibres lines silicon to avoid unnecessary scratches while still allowing the wireless charging of the magsafe that you pay. As you will know customize your phone case from the purchase of your iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple prices can be a little expensive. However, getting a custom cell phone case made by your mobile manufacturer can only be a good thing – especially when it is very easy in the eye.

Main details – Materials: silicone, microfibre; Color: five; Compatible wireless filling: yes

Humixx Case: Best Value for Money Cash

This is a good balance between adequate expenses to protect your investment and keep the cost low, but this Humixx case seems to get the right balance. First, he has military class protection on the body that is easily cheated, but if it escapes your clutch, this case has been tested from drops up to 10 feet-more than enough for most people. It also looks good, with a sleek design that still protects the screen and camera through the lips and bezel raised.

Matte’s black back is slightly translucent so you will see the Apple logo that looks blurred and the iPhone Colorway buy customize your phone case, without a bad fingerprint sign thanks to the anti-spinach layer. Plus, this supports wireless charging – what else can you ask for?

Main details – Materials: silicon, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), oleofobic nano layer; Color: one (black); Compatible wireless filling: yes

Bellroy Mod Phone Case and Wallet: Best Wallet Case

If you are aware of a slim wallet, discrete, or just want uniform clothes for your cardst cards and the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, then this Bellroy casing can be the perfect solution. This 2-in-1 nifty works magnetically attaching a suitable wallet to your cellphone for safe detention. Wallets can load three or four cards and have magnetic gaps to keep their own cards safe and healthy. Both of these items are made of long -lasting polymers mixed with beautiful and tanned skin available in six different colors, while the inside is coated with microfibres to avoid scratches. Plus, if a wallet or kasing gets a material defect within three years after purchase, you will be borne – unlike many custom phone cases iphone out there.

Now, this is a little expensive. But considering that most of us carry debit and credit cards, SIMs and a number of other important cards in addition to our cellphones, it makes sense to buy high-quality all-in-one solutions that reduce large amounts in your pocket.

Main details – Materials: Flex Polymer, Leather; Color: Six; Compatible wireless filling: yes

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