Sinorock rock anchor bars are often successfully used for anchoring in difficult soil

Self drilling rock anchor system is an effective mean of anchoring. It can be used to advanced support and radial support of railways, slope reinforcement, roadbed reinforcement and regulation project of tunnel disaster.Because of
the excellent thickness seamless steel tube, the convenient and rapid thread forming process on surface and the perfect fittings, self-
drilling anchor system can make the unify of drilling grouting and anchoring come true.Selection of the optimal rock bolt for an application involves both in-service and
installation considerations.

While rock bolt applies very well for pebbles and boulders stratum. The disturbance part of surrounding rocks can be effectively reinforced through grouting and then the anchorage area will be enlarged.
Rock anchor bars are successfully used for anchoring in weak soil, coherent and non- coherent soils, and in case of unstable drilling.

Dependent on the construction system used, geology of the surrounding rock and hydrological conditions underground, we offer a variety of rock anchor bars to meet specific project requirements.

Sinorock rock anchor bar in a wide range of sizes and grades. Sinorock’s program of rock anchor bar includes several grades of austenitic stainless steel as well as duplex stainless steel.Sinorock provide many sizes of rock anchor bar for you.

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Precise and accurate self drilling rock bolts from Sinorock makes construction better

Self drilling rock bolts are extensively applied in structure of founadtion pit support,which mainly make use of anchor-hold in the layer of soil in order to maintain the stability of structure.While based on complex geological conditions, the security and supporting effect are more important, so Self drilling rock bolt system is quite necessary.

Sinorock is a China-based rock bolt supplier approved by ISO and CE Certification,and has its own factory since its establishment.We primarily develop and produce self drilling rock bolt system.
Sinorock manufactures a broad range of extremely reliable, precise and accurate self drilling rock bolts, Threaded Bars of different sizes from high quality Graded raw material.The main product is self drilling rock bolt,Based on the design of rock drilling tools, the optimized designs of bit improve drilling efficiency.Apply good quality material, with good ensile stress and elongation, the rod has more reasonable centre hole for well grouting.

Self drilling rock bolt is a new anchoring method, which was introduced from foreign countries and then was improved according to our own characters. It can adapt to different and complex geological and construction conditions. There are several successful examples in railway engineering in China.


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Injection hollow bar can bond itself to surrounding soil and rocks

As for construction of high speed rail, it will probably pass through mountains, so tunnels and viaducts will be built. Through grouting, injection hollow bar can bond itself to surrounding soil and rocks to reinforce integrity and cohesiveness, which plays very important role in supporting engineering’s security.

The purpose of self drilling anchor bar’s tension is to make free section produce elastic deformation through tensioning equipment, which can exert prestress value for anchoring structure. Its general requirements are as following:

1. Tensioning equipment should be chosen according to material and locking force of self drilling anchor bar.

2. Before tensioning, tensioning equipment should be calibrated.

3.Before installing, accessories of self drilling anchor bar should be checked strictly.

4.Before tensioning, concrete strength of anchorage section and bearing plate should be reached to designed strength. At the same time, surface of bearing supporting member should be leveled, pedestal and anchorage device should be installed and vertical with axial direction.

5.Tensioning should be carried out according to certain procedure and designed speed (generally 40kN/min). There are two pretensions before the formal tension and tensioning force should be 10%-20% of designed tension. Load of formal tension should be exerted by different levels, not to lock-in load at a time.

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Rock bolt of Sinorock is an essential part of modern foundation

Rock bolt is the generic term applied to systems which mechanically fix structures to the ground to
resist load. They are an essential part of modern foundation, abutment and excavation designs, as
they can deliver hold-down forces of over 2000 tonnes each within a very compact package.
Sinorock is a world class supplier of high integrity,safety critical rock bolt products to the mining
and tunneling industry. Supplying
products for broken rock and loose soil and Subsea so on complex ground conditions environments.
Sinorock rock bolt system is a reliable and convenient anchoring system which is applied in
complicated geological conditions for rock support work. It is particularly applied in the following
geological conditions, such as weathered rock, gravel layer, backfill, hard conglomerate, etc. It is
widely used in tunneling, mine, slope stabilization and foundation support.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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Anchor rod of Sinorock are the reason that a lot of structures stay stable and secure

Anchor rod are the reason that a lot of structures stay stable and secure, and they are a safety measure for a lot of structures so that they stay together.Sinorock provides services in the design and production of self drilling anchor systems for mining,tunneling,hydroelectric&civil construction.Design and manufacturing capabilities cover the area of self drilling anchor bolt,stainless steel anchor bolt,corrosion protect system,anchor bolt coupler,button drill bit and various accessories are among the standard productions at the factory.Sinorock is a self drilling anchor system Solutions lead business. Due to our wide range of products, we will always offer the most cost effective and buildable solution to your retaining requirements. Sinorock will be happy to provide you with a free quotation and recommendations as to which solution best fits your project.Sinorock can add value to your project or tender, so please get in touch to see how we can be of assistance.

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Sinorock SDA bolt is widely used in complicated geological conditions

Sinorock is specialized in production and trade of self drilling anchor bolt. We are the
most professional manufacture of self drilling anchor bolt in China which is located in
Changzhou near Shanghai port. It can provide the transportation conveniently and save costs
as well. We have over 5000 square meters and 8 anchor bolt production lines and accessories
processing equipment. You can undoubtedly see that the production is going on in an intense
but orderly manner.
Sinorock SDA bolt is a reliable and convenient anchoring system which is applied in
complicated geological conditions for rock support work. It is particularly applied in the
following geological conditions, such as weathered rock, gravel layer, backfill, hard
conglomerate, etc. It is widely used in tunneling, mine, slope stabilization and foundation

We will continuing make use of the practical experience of our end users to research and
develop more new and even better products for our customers.Sinorock always committed to
supply low cost,high effiency,energy saving amd environment-friendly self drilling anchors
bolt products for global customers,we are confident for new challenges of future development
and we are keeping improve our quality and service as well as management for better serving
our customers and payback to the society.
Sinorock SDA bolt have a wide range of application in civil and tunneling
industries,including tunnel reinforcement/refurbishment,cliff and slope reinforcement,wall
stabilization,rock-netting retention,parapet wall reinforcement and gabion basket
anchors,self drilling anchors bolt system :Anticorrosion Rock Bolt,R Thread Anchor System
(R25 R38 R32 R51),T Thread Anchor System(T30 T40 T52 T73 T76 T103 T111 T127 T130).

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Sinorock anchor bolts are used to fasten in foundation structure

In petrochemical facilities, anchor bolts are used to fasten process vessels or machines to
a foundation structure, thus allowing the loads to be transmitted to the foundation, and
ultimately to the earth. As with concrete infrastructure, all too often anchor bolts are
taken for granted and the thought of providing a maintenance budget for these critical
fasteners is more often an afterthought, or a direct result of a failure. Anchor bolt
failures, in some instances, can generate a process outage or a more serious accident
involving personal injuries, such as when conditions precipitate a ‘failure without notice
The expert one-stop-shop anchor service offered by Sinorock provides reassurance that your
anchor bolts will perform to specification time after time.
The requirements for critical SDA bolts are many and varied. They can range from
holding-down bolts that withstand seismic disturbances through to attaching cladding panels
on modern buildings and the permanent fixings for advertising hoardings. Whatever the
need,Sinorock will work with you to design, install and test a complete solution.
Sinorock is often the culprit in anchor bolt failures, allowing insidious corrosion
processes to accelerate unnoticed when the anchor bolts are hidden from view by insulation
materials. Recognizing telltale signs, such as rust staining though insulation systems,
increases in vibratory movement, and misalignment of equipment; can provide owners/operators
with the risk reduction opportunities when coupled with a thoughtful assessment strategy.


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Use of self drilling anchor bolts upon on Characteristics of Soft Soil Foundation

Characteristics of Soft Soil Foundation

1. Because of many and big interstices in soft soil, and plenty water content in it, soft
soil can be compressed easily. So soft soil has feature of strong compressibility. And quite
bigger uneven settlements appear easily in soft soil foundation.

2. Under external pressure and disturbance, soft soil structures will be damaged, so it has
weak resisting strength. Soft soil foundation will often occur landslide, settlement,
collapse, etc. All these situations are mostly caused by pressure and vibration, which also
proves soft soil’s weak resisting strength.3. Owing to the peculiarity of soft soil sedimentary environment, soil textures’ evenness

is not strong. If soft soil foundation has improper treatment, uneven settlement phenomenon
will be happened.

4. According to experimental analysis, there is plenty water content in soft soil, at the
same time, water permeability is poor. Same water content in different kinds of soil, soft
soil water penetration speed is slower than others. So, it needs cost more time to settle
soft soil when constructing buildings above soft soil foundation, which will also influence
its foundation performance directly.

Self drilling anchor system combines functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring together, which is suitable for loose and soft soil condition. Slurry fills interstices in soil texture from bottom to top, squeezes water and then it can reach the function of reinforcing soil body and supporting engineering.

Sinorock self drilling anchor bolts are made is mostly used in mining, tunneling,under 

ground working environment, these anchor bolts are machine friendly which reduces the time
of installation, our anchor bolts are compatible with resin type grouting or cement grouting
with many optional accessories like dome plate, plain plate, conical washer, spherical
seats, Couplers etc.
Sinorock has the excellent SDA bolt system for foundation treatment,Sinorock SDA bolt system
– your worldwide partner for innovative systems and solutions for the tunneling
Construction,slope foundation and Mining industries.







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Micropiles are made of hollow bars or steel rebars with diameters of 20 to 130 mm

Micropiles are small diameter drilled and grouted friction piles. Each pile includes steel elements that are bonded into the bearing soil or rock – usually with cement grout. The bearing stratum is logged during installation drilling to assure that bearing capacity is adequate. Micropiles do not rely on end-bearing capacity, so there is no need to establish the competency of rock beyond bond-depth. They can be installed quickly in virtually every type of ground using highly adaptable mobile drilling equipment.
Micropiles are rapidly gaining popularity for foundations in urbanized areas or in locations with low headroom and restricted access. They are an ideal choice for underpinning or emergency repairs because they can be installed in virtually any ground condition with minimal vibration and disturbance to existing structures.
Micropiles, also called mini piles, are often used for underpinning. They are also used to create foundations for a variety of project types, including highway, bridge and transmission tower projects. They are especially useful at sites with difficult or restricted access, or with environmental sensitivity. Micropiles are made of hollow bars or steel rebars with diameters of 60 to 200 mm. Installation of micropiles through top soil, sand and cobblestones overburden and into soil rock can be achieved using Air Rotary or Mud Rotary drilling, impact driving, jacking, vibrating or screwing machinery.

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Many different structures incorporate rock bolts into their construction

The rock bolts ,which may also be used as an avalanche protection barrier in addition to its usage in foundation piles and support piles, offers comprehensive solutions to users.Rock bolt is an incredibly versatile product known for its low density, outstanding corrosion resistance, and energy efficiency. Engineering on the rock bolt is usually the General term referring to the tension-compression component’s anchoring system.It contains the anchor solid, tie rod and anchor head three basic parts.Rock bolt support has both bracket and reinforcement function,and has a number of distinctive features,for example,it will provide support after rock and soil excavation, to protect the strength of rock and soil, controlling the further extension of rock and soil mass deformation and improve the security of the entire construction process have a significant role.The rock bolt system has demonstrated that in the majority of medium strength soils ultimate loads in the range of 250 to 400 tonne can repeatedly be achieved. The system also has the advantage of being appropriate for use in environments previously considered unsuitable for traditional rock bolts.For projects facing geo-conditions above,rock bolts should be considered as the main solution cuz it’s designed for optimized installation, tailored to the project’s needs.Sinorock rock bolts are manufactured for underground or ground applications in mines, 

tunnels, slopes, or wherever reliable ground
support is needed. And nowadays,more and more countries are investing in tunneling,
infrastructure construction, hydroelectric projects,
High-speed rail construction, etc.Of course,more and more self drilling rock bolts are applied in the
constructions.With so many different
structures incorporate rock bolts into their construction, it’s not hard to believe that
Sinorock has taken large share of the rock bolts market.

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