What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life This Week

The temperatures will be warming up soon, and for many, so will your love life! This week shows both exciting opportunities and new beginnings, as well as time for reflection. Check out what the stars have in store for you with these weekly horoscopes, courtesy of astrologer Krystal Smith.

Aries (March 21st–April 19th)

The sun joined Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in your sign last week giving you a jump-start as we enter into Aries season! Venus remains retrograde until April 15th, so there are still lessons in love to be learned, but with all of this planetary energy in your fiery sign I know you’re up for the challenge! Go deep and be honest with yourself—what have you truly been yearning for when it comes to your love life? Try to put away some time for yourself to write your love goals down because on March 27th you will have extra manifesting power when the moon joins the sun in Aries for the new moon.

Taurus (April 20th–May 20th)

Mars, the planet of motivation and sexual desire, entered your sign on March 9th, giving you an extra dose of ambition and charisma. Use this time to treat yourself while spending quality time with your partner. Make dinner together and splurge on that fancy bottle of wine or go get a couples massage. Venus is still in retrograde until April 15th, so these little romantic adventures will help lighten any trouble in paradise she is likely to bring along during this six-week cycle.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Saturn—the planet of hard work, discipline, and status—is opposite your sun, while Venus remains in retrograde until April 15th. You may be concerned about how your boss or partner is seeing you right now, but only temporarily. If the lessons are learned during major transits such as these, you will always come out the other end much stronger and more ambitious than ever!

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Your sign is ruled by the moon, which starts off in Pisces this week, allowing you to keep dreaming momentarily, but not for long! On March 27th, there is a New Moon in Aries. Whatever you have been dreaming about for the past few days can now manifest into reality if you’re determined enough to do the work. Looking for love? Now is the time for single Cancers to mingle. Already taken? Use this New Moon energy to add some spontaneity into your partnership. Whatever your relationship status is, confidence is key while your ruler is in the hot sign of Aries.

Leo (June 21–July 22)

The go-getter planet, Mars, has entered your 10th house of status and career. What a lovely time for your zodiac sign! Planning a wedding or career change, or looking to get promoted? Time to get to work and take advantage of this motivating planet’s energy, which will help you put your plans into action.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Venus remains retrograde and recently joined the sun, Mercury, and Uranus in your 8th house of intimacy and transformation. Although these transits can be intense, they can also bring much needed change in our relationships, especially in areas of communication and how we give and receive love. Pay special attention to your partner’s needs during this time, but don’t forget your own (as your nurturing sign can often do). Also, don’t skip the one-on-one time with the love in your life. Being together is more beneficial than ever.

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Your planetary ruler, Venus, is still in retrograde in your opposite sign of Aries. Libra represents partnerships, while Aries represents the self. The lesson for you, my love, is to practice self care and independence! Now would be a great time to take a cooking class or start a project you’ve been wanting to complete — and do it solo! Time apart makes the heart grow fonder during this transit.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Your traditional ruler, Mars, is opposite your sun right now, which can make you feel slightly more irritable than usual. Mars is a masculine planet and when it is opposing your sun it can often create conflict with the opposite sex. Has your partner been getting on your last nerve? Consider getting out of the house and burning off some of that extra nervous energy with a new fitness routine such as kickboxing or Soul Cycle. The more challenging the better!

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Your 5th house of creativity and fun is jam-packed right now, adding a lot of playfulness to your relationship. Just remember, Venus remains in retrograde until April 15th, and is also transiting your 5th house. The challenge here is to learn how to play fair when it comes to affairs of the heart. If you’ve been playing too hard and neglecting the work in your relationship, make sure to turn the focus back onto your partner this week. Make them feel extra special by taking them on an adventure with you and don’t be afraid to invite some mutual friends that you both love spending time with!

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Problems at home may arise this week as Venus retrograde transits your 4th house of home and family. Venus isn’t the only planet transiting this house though…it’s joined the sun, Mercury, and Uranus. Mercury is the planet of communication and Uranus is the rebellious planet forcing us to think outside the box. Have you and your partner been feeling stuck in a rut or has your routine been lacking some spontaneity? Now would be a great time to talk to them about mixing things up and taking an unorthodox approach to anything involving your home life. Home is also the bedroom (wink, wink) so don’t be afraid to try something new in this area either!

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Be careful how you approach your partner this week, as Venus remains retrograde in your 3rd house of communication. Your sign’s element is air, and like all air signs you can come across as somewhat aloof and detached at times. This week would be a great time to reconnect with your partner, and don’t skimp on the cuddle time either! Actions speak louder than words, so if you catch yourself not having much to say, go ahead and show your feelings with affection instead.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Venus retrograde has moved out of your 1st house of self and into your 2nd house of money and security. Mercury is also in your 2nd house, giving you a boost in your communication style. Now you might think about discussing the future with your partner on any area related to security, finances, and monetary goals—but don’t put any plans into action until Venus turns direct on April 15th.Read more at:green prom dress | royal blue prom dresses

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How to apply self-tan like a professional

How to apply self-tan like a professional 

(Photo:short prom dresses)Memories of orange streaks or blotches may have put you off using self-tanning products.

But thanks to major improvements in formulas, getting a faux glow today is just about foolproof!

So whether you’re a St. Tropez, Fake Bake or Bondi Sands fan, when it comes to self-tanning, ModelCo founder Shelley Barrett explains that preparation is the key to mastering a bronzed look.

Firstly, make sure you do any hair removal or waxing a day before applying your product to ensure your skin isn’t sensitive when self-tanning.

“Then a head to toe exfoliation is the next step to ensuring the perfect faux glow application,” she told Cover Media. “Gently slough away dead skin cells with an exfoliator such as ModelCo’s innovative Exfoliate Double Sided Body Wipes or Tan-Tox Coffee Body Scrub for the ultimate pre-tan exfoliation.”

Once the exfoliation step is complete, apply a layer of non-greasy moisturiser and allow to soak in, so that your skin will appear smooth and hydrated.

Now, to the fun part – applying the formula! For beginners, it’s a good idea to apply using a mitt. Simply pump some of the product into the mitt and apply to the skin in sweeping rather than circular motions, to ensure even distribution of the product. Also remember that self-tans take around eight to 10 hours to develop, while express tans merely take one to three hours to work.

When it comes to tricky areas such as elbows or knees, Shelley advises applying a small amount of moisturiser before bronzing. And when it comes to tanning your back, it’s a good idea to invest in an especially designed applicator.

“It is always tough reaching places such as the back, that’s why ModelCo created a Self-Tan Back Applicator which ensures an all over even application of self-tanner, whilst also protecting your hands from unwanted stains,” shared Shelley.

To extend the life of your tan, simply use a gradual self-tanning moisturiser to maintain a golden glow all year round.Read more at:celebrity dresses

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Proof That You Can Do Festival Fashion Without The Fringe

Once upon a time, the idea of “festival season” meant carefree swaying, preferably in a valley of some sort, to live music on a warm spring afternoon. Nowadays, though, the whole concept is more likely to elicit an eye roll — even from the most seasoned of concert-goers. While people still flock by the thousands to see headliners at various large-scale venues across the country, these events have become synonymous with a certain type of oft-mocked dressing: Think fringe, tattered denim, vintage T-shirts featuring bands its wearer probably doesn’t even remember…Oh, and did we mention fringe? However, a weekend pass to a music festival doesn’t necessitate a faux-suede wardrobe — nor should it. Forever21′s latest collection features exactly zero fringe, and a whole lot of pieces you’ll actually want to wear for your springtime and summertime meanderings.

To further convince you that this Festival collection is legitimately stylish, the retailer tapped the unimpeachably cool Justine Skye to front its campaign. “People enjoy going to festivals so much and put a lot of planning into it,” Skye told Refinery29 about the appeal of this particular type of dressing. “Your outfits while there have to match that excitement and energy you put out all year thinking about this moment when it finally arrives.”

If you’re one of the million people following the singer/songwriter on Instagram, you know Skye prefers ’80s-style denim A$ap Rocky for Guess sets, army-green Moschino, and glittery sherbet-hued mini dresses over your typical “festival” wardrobe. “We saw a lot of the flower crown and the knit bralette — it might be time to turn it up a notch and get funky with it,” Skye observed. As such, Forever21′s Festival edit is less boho, more throwback streetwear-infused, with mesh dresses and crochet crop tops, bodysuits and extra-long-sleeved hoodies, metallic bombers, and chainmail bra tops. There’s a lot of the same silhouettes we’ve been spotting in street style shots and runways, too — patent mini skirts, over-the-knee metallic boots, and corset belts. It might not be obvious concert-going wear, but we’ll take any alternatives to all-fringed-everything.

For Skye, the designated festival wardrobe isn’t too far off from what she wears in real life — nor is it too different from what she wears when she’s on stage. “When performing [as an artist], we’re allowed to be kind of loud and head turning with our outfit choices,” she said. “Festivals allow everyone to feel like an artist.” (She identified the circle link bralette body chain and the satin longline bomber as personal favorites from the edit — and a jacket or sweater as an essential, since “you will freeze in the night [at a festival] if you don’t have one.”) If you’ve got any lingering doubts about Skye’s personal connection to this collection, we refer you to “Flames,” the song she wrote inspired by Forever 21′s festival range, which is set to debut at an in-store event in Glendale, California on March 23.

A preview of the collection is already available on Forever 21′s website, with the rest of the pieces expected to go live on March 24. It’ll cost you much less than a weekend pass to a festival: Prices cap out at $138. Check out the lookbook, which stars Skye and gives us a glimpse of what’s coming down the pipeline to a Forever 21 outpost near you. These looks will definitely make you rethink the idea of “festival dressing.”Read more at:evening dresses | formal dresses

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Valentino and Furla rumored to be likely to list on the Milan Stock Exchange

Valentino was acquired by the Doha royals in the summer of 2012 for €720 million 

(Photo:uk prom dresses)Luxury is getting ready to go public. Two of Italy’s best known fashion and accessory brands – Valentino and Furla – are rumored to be likely to list on the Milan Stock Exchange between late 2017 and early 2018.

In particular, the investment banks interested in being part of the consortium of coordinators are reportedly feeling out Valentino’s stockholder, Mayhoola, the investment fund backed by the royals of Qatar. The latter have not yet reached a final decision: the Persian Gulf shareholder does not lack financial resources, yet Valentino’s Qatari owners might be inclined to have the brand go public, so as to raise capital for the Italian fashion house’s further international growth.

At the moment, Mayhoola has apparently given advisor Rothschild a single mandate to inquire into the possibilities of a listing: the timeframe for going public could be between late 2017 and early 2018. In this case, Milan is likely to be the preferred marketplace over other stock exchanges, like Paris and London.

Valentino was acquired by the Doha royals in the summer of 2012 for €720 million, which at the time, had seemed an excessive price tag, considering the 2011 financial year had closed with a turnover of €322.4 million.

Yet the company closed 2015 with a revenue of €1 billion, while EBITDA were €87.5 million; and 2016 is expected to yield slightly better results, in spite of an economic scenario that’s hardly been favorable for the luxury sector.

Plans are along the same lines for Furla. The banker reportedly working on their dossier is Gianni Tamburi: Tamburi Investment Partners reached an agreement with the famous handbag and accessory group, underwriting a loan that will convert into Furla shares upon listing.

In this case, too, the banks are reportedly feeling out shareholders to set up the consortium. Timing is also between late 2017 and early 2018. Furla closed 2016 with a turnover in excess of €400 million and EBITDA of some sixty million, and might be worth around €700 million on the stock exchange.Read more at:one shoulder prom dresses

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Why Millennial Pink Refuses to Go Away

Even if you haven’t heard of Millennial Pink, or didn’t know that it went by this name (it’s also known as Tumblr Pink and Scandi Pink), you’ve seen it. At first, in 2012, when this color really started showing up everywhere, it appeared as a toned-down version of its foil, Barbie Pink, a softer shade that looks as if all the blue notes have been taken out.

By the time everyone started calling it Millennial Pink in the summer of 2016, the color had mutated and expanded to include a range of shades from beige with just a touch of blush to a peach-salmon hybrid. Colors always come in and out of fashion, and as our fashion editor-at-large, Amy Larocca, points out, often when Pantone declares Marsala Red or Radiant Orchid to be the next color to watch, we shrug knowingly, fully expecting to see that shade on shelves but not expecting it to invade our consciousness.

This pink is different. Even now, just when it seemed like we had hit a peak and it was finally on the wane, there it appeared again in Fenty’s spring look book and on army jackets at Madewell. That’s because the color keeps on selling product: “We’ve upholstered things in this emerald green that we’re excited about, but it sits there for months,” says Fabiana Faria of the boutique Coming Soon. “The second I show a pink thing — anything — it leaves so quickly.”

But why? For one thing, with Millennial Pink, gone is the girly-girl baggage; now it’s androgynous. (Interestingly, back in 1918, the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department published an article saying, “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls.”) In these Instagram-filtered times, it doesn’t hurt that the color happens to be both flattering and generally pleasing to the eye, but it also speaks to an era in which trans models walk the runway, gender-neutral clothing lines are the thing, and man-buns abound. It’s been reported that at least 50 percent of millennials believe that gender runs on a spectrum — this pink is their genderless mascot.

At the same time, turn-of-the-century pinks (Paris Hilton Juicy sweat suits, fuzzy Clueless pens) and tacky design tropes of the ’80s (Pepto couches) have made an ironic comeback. Millennial Pink’s desaturated shade is a subtle wink back to those lesser aesthetic times, paired with a sincere confidence that we’re doing it better now. It’s cheeky, sincere, and nostalgic all at once — which is perhaps why the earnest ironist Wes Anderson bathed the entirety of The Grand Budapest Hotel in the color — filling us with a bright, wide-eyed wonder and even, for at least a moment, keeping us calm.Read more at:prom dress shops uk | short prom dresses uk

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Timeless vintage trends that you can reinvent

History repeats itself and so does fashion. Going by global fashion trends, it seems that old Hollywood glamour is back with a bang. The trend popped up on the runway in the recent shows in New York, London and Milan. Closer home, Bollywood’s fashion forwards are also experimenting with vintage looks.

We re-created three vintage looks in a modern context. Inspired by the very glamorous old Hollywood era, these looks are very real and very doable when you want to renew vintage charm with a dash of modernity.

A navy blue lace dress featuring a white bow neck is just right when you want to keep it classic, feminine and elegant. Add a dose of Old Hollywood glam with side-swept curls and grey stone earrings. We completed the look with oxblood lips, winged liner and multiple coats of mascara.

A sheath floral dress worn with a pair of beige pumps spells unadulterated vintage glam, perfect for a day look. We teamed it with subtle makeup — pearl base finish and peach lips. Vintage fashion icon Marilyn Monroe believed in pearl finish base, and used petroleum jelly under her foundation. We used the same trick and got stunning results. Multiple coats of mascara finished the look.

This look re-imagines romanticism in a bold, fearless way. An ink blue corset dress worn with a blazer livened up with metal detailing makes for a romantic, yet grounded and self-assured look. Pop red lips, winged eyes, strong brows and wavy hair work well for an evening look.Read more at:cocktail dresses uk | cheap prom dresses uk

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Glotto fashions for gender neutral

The collection, which was released last week, comprises of different designs of mainly what can be described as shirt-skirts, which are long T-shirts that go down and stop just before they reach the knees.

“We are living in a transforming generation where there is different genders that are glowing, growing and transforming so we decided to introduce a collection that is for the genderless society. We should be able to agree with everyone,” said Mboko Basiami the creative director of Glotto.

However she noted that the collection is not only for the genderless society but also for cross dressers, heterosexuals and metrosexuals.

While explaining, she gave an example of how a recent trend dubbed Boys In Skirts, had young men wearing skirts and was at its peak last year December. This is a first local fashion collection in the country to make it clear that it is dedicated to the genderless society

and individuals who are into cross dressing.

When describing the design for the collection she noted that it carries the hunters and gathers element in the millennial era, which is why the clothes are bleached while some are tie and dyed to produce a brown colour.

“We want to capture that hunter-and-gatherer era and combine with today’s trends. As millennials we want to decolonise what is said is beautiful, design something new with the traditional attires in mind.

T- shirts are timeless and every generation wears them. This is why we decided to put our focus on them but play around with designs,” said the 21-year-old Basiami.

Having released the editorial pictures of the collection online Basiami noted that it has already been released in South Africa where it is already on sale.Read more at:formal dresses uk | marieprom

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LFW Round-Up

The creative energy was far from dull at London Fashion Week. Fashionable favourites included the work of Burberry, Prada and Topshop Unique with a mix of up and coming designers you need to watch out for this Autumn/Winter, including the work of Phoebe English, Mimi Wade and Halpern. Here’s our pick of the hottest trends for AW17, straight from the runway!

The Polo Neck

You may be bored to death with the classic jumper you’ve been surgically attached to all winter, but the polo neck will be returning in just a few months. Sported by collections such as Emilia Wickstead and Topshop, the polo neck will be hot once again this Autumn.

Socks and Sandals

The sock and sandal combo has been given a serious style upgrade on the catwalk this week, by the likes of Mulberry and Prada. It shouldn’t work, but it really does!

The Deconstructed Shirt

Designers such as Alexander Wang put their take on the deconstructed shirt trend by adding extra sleeves, collars and cuffs. The flared sleeve is set to be big this season, as VW Anderson knows all too well.

Chunky Jumpers layered over flowy skirts

A look which was sported by the likes of Topshop and Peter Pilotto, this look is perfect for Autumn weather where Winter is very much on its’ way but you’re not quite ready to bid farewell to Summer yet either. For extra style points, invest in a pair of strappy heels to match!


Chainmail will take over this season’s hottest party wear trend, metallic. My personal favourite look was JW Anderson’s floral dress, fit with a feather skirt and a seriously eclectic chainmail cloak. Oh so 90s!

Layering Jumpers over Shirt Tails

Burberry mastered this look, by featuring longer shirts worn underneath cropped knitwear. An effortless but seriously cool look which is set to be of the defining looks for AW17.


Layering bralettes was hot on the runway this fashion week, with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Prada and Alexander McQueen quick to latch onto the trend.Read more at:purple prom dresses | yellow prom dresses

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This wedding ceremony will steal your heart

Close your eyes and imagine what your fairytale wedding ceremony looks like. Most of us would imagine a certain amount of pageantry ceremonial riches that tug at the hearts of all in attendance, and of course from the bride and groom. Not everyone envisions the same kind of wedding, ceremony, though. But it would take some convincing to believe that not every person who marries wishes for the kind of love shared between these two amazing people, Mara & Elo.


pics;celebrity dresses

The uniqueness of the depth of their love is not masked. Sure, there’s the visible difference in their physical appearance, but that is not an issue for them. Elo is a little person with a big heart. Mara embodies a soul that is so beautiful and nurturing you can almost see it. Truly, however, it’s their tenderness and selfless caring for each other that shines above all else. When you watch this video, you will feel that as the two recite their vows.

During the wedding ceremony, Mara spoke to Elo, “I will love you, forever as the day more. Nothing is more important to me than our love for each other. And I feel so blessed and grateful, that you loved me despite my imperfections, always seeing the gold in me even if I reflect silver. I believe I’m the helpmate God’s design especially for you. And I promise to be the arms that you need to reach your star and the legs that you need to take too big steps. My arms and legs are made to be the extension of yours.”

True love is real, my friends. And so are endings that begin with “happy ever afters.”

Read more:red carpet dresses

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Paris Fashion Week Day 2

Day two of Paris Fashion Week kicked off with an intimate presentation at Courrèges, followed by John Galliano’s twisted takes on Americana at Maison Margiela, several hours after came a beautiful anniversary show from Dries Van Noten. The sincerity and love in each collection resonated not only with those there in person, but also through pixels to all of us following along worlds away. If that’s not a recipe for feel-good fashion, what is? Here, today’s big takeaways from Paris Fashion Week.

Photo: Courtesy of CourrègesAfter presenting a full-look runway show for Spring, the Courregès designers went back to basics for Fall 2017, revisiting the system of designing for specific categories they began with at the brand. This time, Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant focused on outerwear, prom dresses 2016, knits, and minis, allowing their cool friends and muses to style the pieces themselves for the lookbook.

Photo: Indigital.tvFrom the Statue of Liberty cut-out on the back of a trench to the hollowed-out varsity jackets, the American spirit of Maison Margiela’s Fall 2017 collection was hard not to miss.

Photo: Indigital.tvDries Van Noten is not one for big celebrations—that’s why his 30th anniversary came and went without a peep. For his 100th fashion show, the designer found a new way to celebrate, casting models he’s worked with over the years and resurrecting some archival prints. Cheers!

Photo: Indigital.tvFur and feather gilets and smart suiting were the calling cards of Bouchra Jarrar’s couture business. While her first Lanvin show edged away from those signatures, at her sophomore show today, she embraced them, adding a flirty, pale pink romance into the mix.

Photo: Indigital.tvRochas’s Alessandro Dell’Acqua and the duo at Lemaire landed on a sort of unfussy prettiness for Fall, with the former honing in on a retro elegance, and the latter continuing their arty streak via draped 2017 prom dresses uk and high-rise pleated pants.

Photographed by Kevin TachmanIf our detail shots aren’t enough for you, find even more photos of Paris’s best accessories in our backstage slideshow, photographed by Kevin Tachman and Corey Tenold.

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