Gold is the red 

(Photo:grey prom dresses)The focus was sharply on gold, glitter, traditional silhouettes and glamour in Rina Dhaka’s collection, “HonorThe Smile”, during the sixth and last day of the India Couture Week 2017. The stage, too, was set in accordance with the theme. The designer and her team of 50 had put in two months of hard work to make the set look gorgeous with strands of gold glitter and flowers, which were hung across the ramp. The collection, on the other hand, had taken three months by the end of which Dhaka successfully created a new bridal colour palette which primarily consisted of gold, beige and ivory.

Said the designer, “The collection is inspired by various forms of jewellery. It took me more than three months to make the collection because of the intricate embroidery as well as ordering and sewing on the pearls. We don’t usually do allout bling but this time we wanted to do this in a distressed sort of way. We have used embellishments like malas, which were embroidered on the pieces. The whole thing is bijou.”

Dhaka, through HonorTheSmile, was promoting the cause of girl child empowerment in collaboration with the NGO Smile. The collection featured voluminous pieces, boldly showing the drama and opulence of royalty. Dripping necklaces, wondrous centre-pieces, oversized gems and entangled motifs presented the awe-spiring, magnanimous and complex persona of the ideal woman. The silhouettes were graceful in their softness and sensuality. Royal kundan jewellery enhanced the glow of the metallic colours and gave a lightness to the clothing.

With soft music playing in the background, Dhaka showcased the taste of the modern woman by emphasising the mix- match with a contemporary attitude. The heavy stone work on a Nehru jacket was paired with plain metallic dhoti pants and complemented with a cool bandana made of gold fabric. “I have developed everything which is bespoke, whether it’s the set which showcased a lavishness or the charity tie-up. The collection has a lot of embossed chiffon,” said Dhaka on the couture statement that her collection was out to make.

Being the head of a craft cluster in Jharkhand, Dhaka commented on how ‘Make in India’ policies are benefitting weavers. She said, “Make in India has many aspects and one of them is handloom. We had some pieces of handloom with intricate mukaish work. My collection was completely made in India. These policies are creating a wave and an awareness. Also, they are helping weavers as people have started wearing them because they are in vogue.”

During the latter half of the show, loud music replaced the softer tunes and the attires ranged from shararas to dhoti pants and from curvilinear kurta to anarkali and straight cut kurta. Dhaka has refocussed on the waist, shoulder and hip. The gold, net work, embroidery, stone, pearls and laser cut gota were some of the highlights of the collection. The sharara was accompanied by a net dupatta draped from the left shoulder and one also got a glimpse of pearl work on the bolero inside. Huma Qureshi sashayed down the ramp as the showstopper. “It’s always good to be on the ramp. When Rina told me it’s about a good cause and how through fashion we are promoting it, I immediately said yes. The collection was all about gold, glitter and glamour. It has the quality of elegance as well as comfort. I can marry now for this jewellery. I just loved it. The dress I’m wearing is best suited for any traditional Indian wedding ceremony,” said Qureshi.

Dhaka considered her collection as not being specific to brides. Her collection had both occasion couture and dressy wear which took time and tried to achieve a newness in the designs. She summarised #HonorTheSmile by saying, “We are lucky to have Huma on the ground. She is an epitome of today’s beautiful woman and fashion is no more about sizing. She is not a skinny girl or size zero. Without any practice, she has walked amazingly. We also have the other heroines of the show, who were the children of Smile Foundation. When you go so far with indulgence, luxury and jewellery, I also wanted to do it for the heart and the conscience. That is the reason why I have collaborated with Smile Foundation.”Read more at:cheap prom dresses

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An Intimate Brunch Wedding in New York City

Breanna Bartley and Austin Arrington’s romance began in New York City when they were introduced by a mutual friend at a bar in October, 2011. And five years later, Austin proposed. “I’m an actress and had just come home from rehearsal,” Breanna remembers. “He told me he wanted to show me something in our bedroom—and when I opened the door, he was down on one knee in his boxers, still wet from his shower!”

As for their wedding, the New Yorkers knew exactly where it would be: the Norwood Club, a private club in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. “It’s an arts club that’s funky, charming, sexy, cool,” Breanna says. “And not in a ‘this is hot right now’ but in a whimsical, witty, and luxurious way.” The bride actually worked the front desk there before she joined as a member, which made planning their June 3, 2017 wedding a breeze. Keep scrolling to see Phillip Van Nostrand’s photos of how Breanna and Austin threw a fun brunch wedding for 100 of their closet family and friends—many of whom were musicians and performers like Breanna!

The bride rocked a two-piece jumpsuit by Lucia Rodriguez, which she paired with blue Manolo Blahnik heels (her “something blue”) and a veil also by Lucia Rodriguez.

Breanna and Austin choose an outdoor ceremony site, where they were surrounded by their family and friends. They decorated the indoor-outdoor space with flowers that Austin purchased at New York City’s flower market. “Because Norwood has so much personality, no decorations were needed other than flowers,” Breanna says.

The couple exchanged vows they’d written themselves. “It was extremely hard to read out loud as both of us were super, super emotional,” Breanna says. A close friend officiated the ceremony and actually played double duty as a musician, playing violin for the processional.

After exiting their courtyard ceremony, the newlyweds visited the entryway of the club, where they set up a “family board” of their childhood and family photos. “We put little labels on the pictures to say who everyone was,” Breanna explains. “It the first time most everyone was meeting!”

Since the wedding was a brunch wedding, the couple served their favorite brunch items (obvi!), with the most memorable being mini chicken and waffles. Guests mingled in and out of the Norwood Club as they sipped on the couple’s signature cocktail, named the “Just Two.”

The celebration quickly turned into a dance party when the couple took the floor for their first dance. “Our friends are artists, band mates, and Broadway performers, so for our first dance they came together to perform John Legend’s ‘Stay with You,’” Breanna says. “We had vocals, guitar, trumpet, and a hand drum!”

And that wasn’t the only performance—the couple had a toast and tribute section, during which Breanna surprised Austin by singing his favorite song. The bride’s friends started playing the trumpet and piano before she jumped in to sing vocals to the jazz standard “Lullaby of Birdland.” “Our guests went wild! While they know I make my living as a performer, many of Austin’s family have never had the chance to see me live,” she says. “It was a surprise to Austin and a treat for all of them!”

The couple ended the celebration by cutting into two wedding cakes—one chocolate and one Jamaican Rum cake—on the patio outside.Read more at:red prom dress | quinceanera dresses

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My Evening Depression Beauty Routine

1. Beauty routines, believe it or not, start with what you put in your body. Drink a lot of water during the day in order to keep your skin hydrated and bright. That said, I personally recommend a litre of Coke Zero, preferably flat, that you’ve left next to your bed because making the thirty-second walk from your room to the kitchen is so daunting that you would rather drink warm soda. Hold your pee for outrageous periods of time for added self-inflicted punishment.

2. It’s easy to forget to care for your teeth, but they’re a part of your face, too! Do not brush them, because nothing matters. Eating an old pulled-pork sandwich you found at the back of your fridge is basically like flossing, so you’re probably covered there.

3. Evening skin care is important, but before I get to it I always tie my hair back, to keep it dry and out of the way. My favorite hair tie is a rubber band I took off asparagus that I bought at the farmers’ market three weeks ago, when Scott and I were still together. I haven’t thrown the rubber band away yet. I’m just not ready.

4. Removing your makeup is key, as it keeps pimples at bay. I like Cucumber-Melon Mist Makeup Wipes, but if they aren’t available I like to sleep in the same makeup for three or four nights in a row until my mascara has flaked off and is streaked across my pillow. Sleep on the opposite pillow and stare at your mascara stains to feel like you are still next to a warm body that loves you back.

5. I mean, I’m fine. I’m going to be fine.

6. Toner helps shrink your pores, but will it make you pick up the phone when your mom calls for the tenth time in a row? Hard to say.

7. Even if you’re young, it’s never too early to start an anti-aging skin-care routine. But what I like to do is sit on the toilet from 11:30 p.m. to around one-forty-five in the morning, scrolling through my phone to see what Scott is up to on Instagram. He looks good. When did he start working out? Is he dating someone? Maybe that’s his sister. Did he always have a hot sister? You’ll know you’re done with this step when both of your legs fall asleep.

8. I didn’t throw the asparagus out, either. It’s still in my fridge. I know I should.

9. Wash your face with an unscented cleanser. While you’re hunting for it, find a bottle of beard oil that Scott left in your apartment. Call him eighteen times to see if he wants it back. You know he doesn’t. Send a text with the winking smiley-face emoji for good measure.

10. Pull out ten short, thick black hairs from your upper lip. Inspect them individually.

11. Exfoliate! Get rid of those old, dead skin cells. You could love again. There’s still time for you.

12. Moisturize!!!!

13. Right before bed, apply rosewater-beeswax lip balm to your lips to hydrate them overnight. It’s a good thing you spent twenty-two dollars for this glorified petroleum jelly, because you are definitely, definitely going to leave the house tomorrow. Right after you throw out that asparagus. But, first, maybe check with Scott to see if he wants it.Read more at:unique prom dresses | cocktail dresses uk

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New beginnings

Gaia Cauchi. Photo: Johan Mifsud; clothes by Distorted; hair by Yuva House of Beauty; make-up by Jennifer Dimech.With her new single, Hey, Hello!, out recently, Gaia Cauchi is back. In an interview with Iggy Fenech, she reveals the details behind her new visual-song, discusses her musical career following her win at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and talks growing up in the spotlight.

It’s hard to believe that Gaia Cauchi, who is still just 14 years old, has been in the public eye for over four years. But, with her incredible win at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 at the age of 11, she cemented her name in local pop culture history. Yet, while many of us have seen Gaia in adverts and at local events over the course of the past few years, her musical career seemed to be on hiatus.

That wasn’t the case, of course, and over the past four years, Gaia won the New Wave Music Festival in Crimea, Russia, as well as the Overall Award; was a jury member for Sanremo Junior in Ukraine; won the selection and came second in the final for Next Star in Romania; and made it through the selection process for The Voice in France, although she wasn’t accepted due to her not speaking French… And that’s just naming but a few of her many successes.

“I’ve been quite busy over the past three years, but things have finally calmed down,” Gaia, who came accompanied by her mother and manager Joanne, tells me. “Now I can finally focus more on creating new music and there’s an album in the works, too.

“Growing up in the spotlight has been quite an experience – I would imagine different to most other childhoods, too. My friends tease me quite a bit when someone recognises me on the streets, but they’ve been very supportive and I’ve never regretted growing up in the public eye. In fact, I really appreciate everyone’s comments and support.”

Yet, Gaia has always been mature for her age – she’s had to be. And, in fact, when singer-songwriter Matthew Mercieca, better known as ‘Muxu’, first wrote the lyrics for The Start – the song with which Gaia represented Malta and won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, they were appropriate­­ for a girl her age but felt too immature for Gaia, whose voice and presence were well beyond her age.

“As soon as Muxu heard me sing, he updated the lyrics to make them less childish, which led to the song as we know it today,” she reminisces. “Muxu is incredible and we have a great time working together… We’re constantly Snapchatting and going live on Facebook when we’re together, bu­t we work hard too, and Hey, Hello! is a collaboration between us.”

Unlike Gaia’s usual sound, Hey, Hello! is not a ballad but an upbeat, fun pop anthem that has ‘summer hit’ written all over it. With music by Cyprian Cassar and a video created by Rodney Gauci and Alexia Camilleri from Three Wise Men Media, Hey, Hello!, which was produced by Gaia’s mum, is a visual song.

“We’ve been working on the song for well over a year, but I was considered too young to sing a song with these words and meaning,” she reveals. “It’s completely different to my normal sound… It’s my first pop song, in fact. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure of it at first, but once I heard it produced, I absolutely love it!”

The video sees Gaia fall in love with a boy (played by Andy Shaw) who reciprocates her love but doesn’t tell her. The ending, as Gaia explained, and as some of you may have already seen, is a happy one. The song and the video were created together, and to truly appreciate the story, one must hear the song while watching the video.

Of course, Gaia has also been busy with school. She is currently a student at St Francis in Sliema where she studies accounts, economics and biology – all of which she thoroughly enjoys. Once she finishes Sixth Form, however, Gaia’s plan is to move abroad to study music.

A true inspiration at 14 years old – at her age, all I did was go to school and watch TV – Gaia is definitely going places. But, before our interview comes to an end, I want to know if there is one place in particular she’s hoping to go.

“And are you considering taking part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest?” I ask her.

“There are no plans for the Eurovision at this point!” she giggles. “A lot of people ask me if I will, but I don’t think so… But who knows?” she concludes.Read more at:red prom dress | unique prom dresses

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Fancy hats shine at racetrack in southern California

A new horse racing season kicked off Wednesday at Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego, the U.S. state of California. Those who turned out for the first race of the season showcased a multitude of fancy hats.

Many of the about 40,000 men and women showed off their unique style — large and small, fanciful and beautiful, at the 23rd annual Opening Hats Day.

Many of the headgear were designed and handmade by themselves. The final winners for the hat contest could win up to 5,000 U.S. dollars in prizes.

Using her hands to hold up an outrageous hat handmade by herself, Christina Stutz, a two-time participant of the well-known hat contest, stood out from the crowd with the seven-pound, full-sized mannequin she called Bella on her head.

“For us in San Diego, it really means a lot about tradition and keeping traditions alive here, like hat day forever. It’s an amazing event. Everybody gotta come,” Stutz said.

Stutz took home two titles: the grand prize winner and winner of the “Most Outrageous” category.

The hat contest, which is known as Del Mar’s yearly parade of flowery, feathery and fanciful headpieces, has been a racetrack tradition since 1995, attracting friends and families, new comers and previous winners.

Debra Mauzy-Melitz, a participant who joined the event with her sister, said, “It’s a tradition for us. We’ve done this for 10 to 15 years.”

“My sister and I designed the hats together. So It’s a sisterly event for us. And we tried to pick a theme. Last year we did the San Diego Zoo 100 years and you can see what we do this year,” said Debra, who wore a wide brimmed purple hat, topped with a floral cup and adorned with two horses.

In the early 1900s, horse racing was the sport of the elite and affluent. Wearing an iconic hat became an opportunity to showcase their wealth and status through couture fashion. Hats continue to be a traditional for derbys.Read more at:mermaid prom dresses | backless evening dresses

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Ivy Thomson of Trilogy skincare

Ivy Thomson works for Trilogy as an in-house beauty specialist.


I’m big on skincare – my night routine is removing makeup with a cleansing balm. Toning the skin with a spritz of toner before applying a couple of drops of my Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +. I take a few minutes to let that drink into my skin before applying a night cream all over face, neck and décolletage. Can’t forget the neck and chest! I find those are the areas that often need the most love.

For mornings, I apply a lightweight serum to boost my skin before using an SPF day cream and then makeup.

Having fair skin, I am a big fan of sunscreen. I try to wear natural sunscreen where possible – so products that use a physical mineral block. Using a day cream with SPF is an easy way to get into the routine.

I find facials are a real treat and a great way to give your skin some TLC. It’s a great chance to exfoliate and experience high quality products. I love my facials from Beth at Pour Moi Beauty.

I believe good skin can be achieved through using the appropriate cleanser for skin type, regular gentle exfoliation to keep the skin radiant and glowing and using pure plant oils like Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil to deliver essential fatty acids for nourishment and repair. Keeping hydrated makes a big difference to my skin, I feel it within hours in my dry lips and skin if I have neglected to top up my water bottle.


I have been interested in makeup for a while. Ten years ago I studied to become a makeup artist, and then worked in the makeup industry for five years.

Makeup is a passion for me so it’s hard to pick a favourite product – a great concealer and foundation can really work wonders for evening out skin tone. I love Bare Minerals serum concealer and mineral powder foundation from Mecca. I can achieve any coverage I desire from light to full with these two products.

Blush is my instant pick me up product. I never stray from a perfect neutral pink – I love Jane Iredale Mineral Blush in Barely Rose. And a bit of bronzer to boost my fair complexion – Nars Laguna or Bare Mineral Faux tan are fantastic.

My favourite everyday neutral pink/peach lipsticks are MAC Faux and Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom. I love all the Karen Murrell colours.

In my bag, you’ll find mineral powder for on the go touch ups and a handful of lipsticks and liners – nudes, pinks and a red. Changing lipstick can transform any look quickly. I’m guilty of carrying around too many lipsticks but at least I’m prepared for any occasion.

I keep it minimal (for my standards) on weekends; always using my Trilogy Vital Moisturising SPF 15 Day Cream, some mineral powder, bit of blush and some mascara if I remember. I do enjoy the chance to have a bit of time to do my makeup if going out for dinner or an event – then I will spend the time to apply false lashes, eye shadow and the works.


I use Kevin Murphy Angel Wash shampoo and conditioner for my fine, colour-treated hair. They smell divine and work wonderfully to keep my colour fresh.


Yes, I get regular shellac pedicures but I enjoy painting my own and freshening up the colour every week or two. I love longwear nail polish like OPI Infinite Shine or Vinylux as they really do last seven to 10 days. I couldn’t go back to using normal polish! A recent favourite find is the OPI Plumping top coat – it gives my nails a shellac-like finish, keeps them super shiny and I find it prevents chipping.

I like to keep my hands neutral, so a good soft pink or if I’m feeling adventurous, maybe a pastel lilac.


I love Jo Malone fragrance – Wood Sage & Sea Salt and English Pear & Freesia. Or when I’m wanting a natural fragrance pick me up I enjoy applying Petalhead Moon Flower No.3 Parfum Oil.

I can’t go past Trilogy Botanical Body wash – I adore the natural fragrance as it’s soothing and energising at the same time. It leaves my skin clean and nourished – it’s a habitual repeat product for my house!


I always travel with a hydrating mist spray – they are the perfect pick me up for flights or travel of any length, to give the skin a hydration boost and a delightful essential oil fragrance to freshen up after basking in cabin air. If possible I like to take a travel-size cleanser and moisturiser to wash and refresh for long haul or stop overs – it’s amazing how even just washing and freshening up your face can refresh and revive you.

I absolutely love shopping for beauty! I thoroughly enjoy checking out new products and innovations in skincare and cosmetics. Overseas I enjoy shopping at Sephora and Credo for a great selection of beauty products. Locally I enjoy Mecca, Farmers and pharmacies to see what’s new.

I can’t stand dry, chapped lips so I always have a tin of Trilogy Everything Balm. I use it for everything! Dry lips, dry hands, cuticle treatments, and fluffy fly aways after a hair wash. Perfect travel product for those reasons too.

Tidy, groomed eyebrows are a must – I love Anastasia Dip brow with a fine angle brush, some strategic concealer blended with my Beauty Blender, dusting on some mineral power and a pop of uplifting blush and lipstick. Keeping in mind I am a makeup artist so I understand that’s not everyone’s super quick fix but I do believe with the right products and tools that’s everything you need.

In the past, I’ve been guilty of wearing foundation that was too heavy; I have learnt over the years that when my skin is radiant and healthy I feel more confident to wear less foundation. So I focus on using great skin care to keep my skin healthy and then enjoy makeup where I want.Read more at:mermaid prom dresses | backless evening dresses

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7 Things You Should Be Doing After Every Workout

Just because your workout’s done doesn’t mean your work is over. Half the battle of a results-driven fitness routine takes place after you rack your weights and hang up your running shoes.

You see, your standard 45-minute training regimen isn’t when changes actually take place (at least, not directly). As you exercise, you place stress on your body’s systems — your lungs, heart and muscles all cry out, “Holy moly, what are you doing to me?” as you work to get over that hill or through your final set.

This stress is actually damage (which sounds terrible, I know), but as your body repairs the microtears you’ve incurred in your muscles, it builds itself back better and stronger, more capable of handling the same level of stress the next time you hit the gym. It’s this 24- to 48-hour recovery period post-workout when your body experiences actual changes. Make sure you’re not selling your workouts short by skimping out on (arguably) the most important part — recovery.

1. Stretch

Flexibility is one of the five components of fitness and should therefore be considered every bit as important as your “main” workout. By adding a five- to 10-minute full-body stretching routine to the end of your workout, you’ll take advantage of your already warm, pliable muscles, making it easier to increase flexibility and maintain or improve range of motion.

In turn, when you’re able to move your joints through their full range of motion, you’ll be less likely to experience an injury or chronic pain, two vital factors for maintaining a consistent workout regimen.

2. Foam roll

Everyone should want to foam roll, just because it feels so stinkin’ good, but it’s especially important after a workout because it’s like a low-cost sports massage. By rolling across a foam roller, you can target the muscles you’ve just worked, increasing blood flow and decreasing the likelihood of developing myofascial adhesions — potentially painful areas where connective tissue becomes “glued” together and limits or alters a muscle’s ability to contract. As Sarah Jane Parker, an ACSM-certified personal trainer explains, “Foam rolling keeps your fascia and tendons flexible and elastic.” Like stretching, this helps keep you healthy and capable of continuing to see results.

3. Shower off

Or if you can’t make time for a full shower, at least take a couple of seconds to towel off with a wet wipe. If you skip the wash-down and allow your sweat to dry on your skin, you’re basically turning your body into a petri dish for bacterial growth (more than it already is). This is especially concerning if you experienced any chafing during your workout (around your sports bra and between your thighs are the primary culprits), because even microtears of the skin can leave you open to staph infections and other bacterial illnesses.

4. Rehydrate

If your workout involved heavy breathing and buckets of sweat (or even if it didn’t), you need to grab a bottle of H2O to rehydrate after your sweat sesh. Water is the medium in which all your body’s processes take place. If you don’t drink water post-workout, your metabolism won’t work at full capacity, and you’re bound to feel sluggish and fog-brained.

Most college and pro athletes aren’t even allowed to participate in their next practice if they fail to rehydrate properly after a workout. If you return to exercise while still dehydrated, it can leave you open to heat-related illness and potential injury, not to mention poor performance.

5. Eat a snack

Ladies, if you forget everything else I’m telling you now, remember this: A post-workout snack is beyond important when it comes to exercise recovery and muscular development. (And no, I’m not talking about developing big, bulky muscles — just getting those svelte, strong arms you’ve been craving.)

Consuming a post-workout snack within 60 minutes of your fitness routine helps restore muscle glycogen — the source of energy your body taps into when exercising — essentially helping you to recover for your next workout. At the same time, a well-planned snack can put you into a state of positive nitrogen balance, which is the optimal state to grow muscle.

The key here is to make sure you’re consuming a snack that delivers a balance of carbohydrates and complete proteins to ensure you’re getting the right allotment of amino acids for muscle repair and growth. A few possible snacks include:

A big glass of chocolate milk

A bowl of cereal with milk or soy milk

Celery sticks or an apple with peanut butter

Yogurt mixed with berries and nuts (or you could grab a Yoplait Plentí Greek Yogurt — it comes with whole grain oats, flax and pumpkin seeds already mixed in)

Half a whole-wheat pita filled with tuna salad

More: What to eat before and after a workout

6. Compress

Go ahead and throw on those compression leggings after a tough workout. While they may not be the most effective way to recover from exercise, studies have shown that they’re a more effective recovery method than passive rest, not to mention that wearing compression garments post-exercise can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, which in my book makes them pretty cool.

7. Get some rest

Between the sheets is where the magic happens. Rest and recovery literally take place while you’re resting. During sleep, your body is able to reset itself, engage in muscular repair and assimilate new experiences to enhance neural pathways for future bouts of exercise. Skimping on sleep after a workout is like paying for a full burrito and being OK with the restaurant serving you half. No one should ever be OK with half a burrito.Read more at:sexy evening dresses |

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Veere Di Wedding

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Veere Di Wedding, Veere Di Wedding kareena role, Kareena Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor latest news, Veere Di Wedding kareena, Veere Di Wedding news 

(Photo:white prom dresses)Kareena Kapoor Khan has been working really hard for months now to get fit to start shooting of for her next film Veere Di Wedding. New mom Kareena is really looking forward for this one, and her fans too are simply waiting to see her back on the silver screen.

But reportedly, Kareena actually asked film’s producer Rhea Kapoor to cast another actor in her place, nearly 10 years younger to her for the film. This was post she got to know that she is expecting and didn’t wanted the film to suffer all because of her. Not only this, Kareena also throws light on the Veere Di Wedding’s plot and the role she is playing in the film.

In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Kareena actually revealed a lot about her next film Veere Di Wedding. About her role in the film she informed, “I’m possessive about my friends and this film reflects that side of me. It’s the story of four girls who attend my wedding and all the dhamaal that it involves. It showcases women and their emotions. It’s the right time to do this kind of film.”

Well, while this story line made us excited, in the very interview, Kareena also said that she wanted to opt out of Veere Di Wedding, at a point of time. Kareena had asked Rhea Kapoor, who is producing the film, to cast another actress for her role in the film.

Kareena Kapoor reveals in the interview that when she was pregnant, she asked Rhea to cast an actress who is nearly 10 years younger to her for the film. She said, “She (Rhea) stood by the film through thick and thin. Picture this, you have money, a script, time and your heroine calls you up to tell you that she is pregnant. Rhea reworked her script to add the pregnancy angle (which was eventually dropped), even though I told her to go ahead with an actress 10 years younger. At a time when producers drop an older actress for no particular reason, Rhea, who is a woman of gumption, courage and conviction, told me that the film was all about women and there was no way she was going ahead without me.”

Veere Di Wedding also stars Sonam Kapoor,Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania in key roles. As per reports, the first schedule of the film will start in Delhi and a major portion of the film will be shot there. The leading daily had initially quoted a source saying, “Shashanka Ghosh (director) and his team have done extensive recce in Delhi where the major portion of the film is set. the first schedule will be a smaller one of a few days, after which they will mostly head to Bangkok for the second schedule.”

For now, Bebo is focusing primarily on shedding all the weight she gained during her pregnancy. Every day we spot Kareena outside the gym with her bestie Amrita Arora.

Well, all this has got us more excited about the upcoming film of Taimur Ali Khan’s mom Kareena Kapoor Khan! Bebo will wrap up shooting for the film by December and after that she will make herself busy planning her baby boy Taimur Ali Khan’s first birthday. Kareena is truly inspirational the way she is managing her reel and real life roles.Read more at:royal blue prom dresses

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Borbonese returns to profits, investing in new markets and product lines

Borbonese’s CEO Giuseppe Di Nuccio isn’t a fan of the phrase “accessible luxury”. But, for the lack of a better term, he explains that this segment is where the historical brand is positioned. «One of the most useful things that a manager can do is visit their stores or otherwise find out about their clients’ behaviors from their employees — explains Di Nuccio –. My greatest satisfaction came from finding out that people often enter, look around, and ask about a price—and they’re pleasantly surprised by the response. The perceived quality of our products is very high, and this causes them to expect a very high price.»

Di Nuccio joined Borbonese in 2012 in order to relaunch the historic brand, which began in Turin in 1910. Due to several difficult years, the company had lost turnover and market shares, and accumulated losses. In his many years at Prada, the CEO created a turnaround by emphasizing the brand’s heritage and working on a book that divulges Borbonese’s essence. The result of this was the Inspirations photo book, edited by Ginevra Elkann, which was presented at Milan’s Fashion Week in September 2015. «There are some brands that capitalize on certain decades. Borbonese has nearly 110 years of history: this should be memorialized by telling this history in new ways,» Di Nuccio explains.

From storytelling to numbers: «In 2016 we got returned to net profits and our Ebitda was €4 million, with €31.5 million in turnover. For 2017 we predict €40 million in revenue, a €6 million Ebitda, and €2 million in net profits. In 2018, we should reach €50 million: the critical threshold for competing on a global level,» he adds.

Their quality-to-price ratio is due to the company’s artisanal and stylistic know-how. Their prototypes and some of their production is made in Bologna. In 2016, they opened a monobrand store in Milan just a stone’s throw away from the fashion district, where they also displayed their Borbonese Global Living home line (which has been licensed to Zanaboni since 2014).

«We’re very happy with this segment, which is perhaps the most important one for presenting Borbonese as a lifestyle brand—not just a fashion or purse brand», states Di Nuccio.

The Mambrini family, Borbonese’s owners, share this medium-to-long term point of view, as well as their plans for turning the company around. The licenses have been on Giuseppe Di Nuccio’s to-do list ever since he joined the company, but it’s taken time to find the right partner for their eyeglasses line. «We were looking for the right-sized company for Borbonese, one which had ‘Made in Italy’ quality in their hearts», Di Nuccio concludes. «We made a deal with the Marche-based Jet Set, who also produce lines for Laura Biagiotti and Byblos. The first sunglasses and eyeglasses lines will be presented at SILMO in Paris, and then at MIDO in Milan, in 2018.»

E-commerce has proven quite strategic, as it could account for 15% of the company’s sales by the end of 2017.Read more at:red carpet dresses | mermaid prom dresses

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Saying yes to the perfect dress

Many brides who’ve shopped at Rina’s Bridal and Quinceañera Boutique would argue that the best part about getting married, besides the groom of course, is the wedding dress.

The dress ties everything together, but choosing the perfect one can be a lengthy process.

“I’m one of those people who never believed the process was that long,” newlywed Melaine Smith said. “I picked out all my prom dresses the first try … I didn’t think alterations would be the huge process.”

She was wrong. Smith married the man of her dreams in late April but started shopping for dresses around June of last year.

Say yes to the dress

The first time Smith visited Rina’s Boutique, she came alone and tried on a couple dresses. Just like her prom experiences, she thought she’d found “the one” right away.

About a week later, she came back with her entourage. Thinking she had grabbed the dress from before, she grabbed a different one by mistake but ended up falling in love with it.

“That day, immediately when I tried it on, I was like, this is it,” she said, adding that it even sparked tears from her mom.

The fitted, lacy dress features a long train and intricate back, which was one of Smith’s favorite parts, fit perfectly with her “rustic-bohemian” themed wedding, and her bridesmaids accompanied with rose gold and navy blue dresses.

Let’s Cut it Up

The industry standard for ordering wedding dresses is 4-5 months, boutique owner Rina Cerdeira said. So shopping early is crucial, especially when alterations or customizations are needed.

Luckily Smith had plenty of time because she accidentally ordered a size too small. When she started to freak out, Cerdeira assured her that it was an easy fix and that she wouldn’t have to make herself uncomfortable and try to lose weight just to fit it.

“We alter the dress to the person instead of the person trying to alter theirselves to the dress,” Cerdeira said.

Cerdeira and her alterations team cut the sides of the dress, added some fabric and re-did the back lace design.

“It was completely symmetric and hand-sewn,” Smith noted.

As an artist, coming from a background in graphic design, Cerdeira just switched to a different medium of art when she opened her boutique in 2010.

“Dresses are a mixed-media,” she said. “(Dresses) are all beautiful in their own way … you get to play with them and you get to do so much stuff and you get to be creative with them.”

The endless possibilities makes her job exciting. She has the opportunity to make the bride’s vision come to life.

Customizations and alterations make the dress even more special, Smith said. So even if someone buys the same dress as her, it will never be identical.

“I don’t like doing the same thing twice,” Cerdeira said.

For the love of weddings

To stay current on the trends, boutique owners have to go to bridal market two times a year — in fall and spring. This is when they pick their lines, meet the designers, ask questions and see how the dresses look on actual people, in real life.

Finding a gorgeous dress is not the problem, it’s about finding the one that fits the person best, Cerdeira and Smith agreed.

This is why it is important for Cerdeira to get to know the brides and figure out what kind of wedding they are planning, to help find the perfect dress.

“It’s actually fun to get to know people,” she said. “You get to meet new people every day and it feels like you’re part of someone’s event.”

Cerdeira credits her love of weddings to the fact she is still very much in love with her husband. So she is happy to help others experience a dream wedding with the partner of their dreams.

“You can really tell that she cares about every single dress and every single person that comes in and walks out,” Smith said.


For Smith, the whole wedding-planning process went by way too fast and she wishes she could do it all over again — with the same man.

“I miss it so much; I literally take out my dress once a week still,” Smith said, adding that it was all just a fun experience.

If the bride isn’t totally in love with her dress then the experience won’t be as fun.

“Love your dress and love your man,” she said.Read more at: |

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