Because of you, my life goes all the way

Because of you

Confused do not feel lost

Confused and not tired

With the storm, I don’t feel low

With aura also do not feel confident


Because of you

I am determined to have, even the most dangerous places

And never compromise

Even if there are one thousand reasons for me to rest

Ten thousand people give me Rong Huafugui

I will never stay easy

Be sure to go to meet you


Because of you, my life is calm

Because of you, my life goes all the way


Walking in the Mo people who don’t think

Came to different places, do not think it is a stranger


Because of you, I expect, hardships

Because of you, I endure insults and overcome difficulties


Rainy days, their umbrella to protect themselves

Under the sun, not proud of themselves, has been moving forward


Flying is my way of life

Without flying, I can’t get the chance to meet you

No flying, I can not go out of the Golden Road


Flying all the way, is you

All the way to the sky, is because of you shine

Believe that the future of the road, you have backed

I will be more glorious, more glorious


Because of you, I fly all the way

You are my sign

It’s my life

Follow your path, look at your sign

As always, take advantage of the previous line


Because of you, I fly all the way

You are my friend

Is my life partner

Take your hand, follow your heart

A triumph, a clear road

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