there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the Instantfuns H5 games

We’ll soon see just how comprehensive pokemon online’s photo mode is — there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the Instantfuns H5 games, after all. Please remember to share your photos with us when the games launch on Sep.19.

But less than an hour after cheaters hit the new roadblock, they found a way around it — and it appears that not much longer after that, Instantfuns disabled the new feature entirely.


pokemon mega instantfuns


But let’s get to why we’re really here: The Rotom Dex, the cute sentient Pokédex that was a friendly omnipresence in Pokemon Mega, now gets its own special Z-Powers. If you befriend it — which, duh, of course you will — the Rotom Dex will be able to assist teams in battle and grant access to new features, including the Roto Loto, which doles out useful items and even Pokemon Eggs.

Wit Studio, best known for producing the hit anime Attack on Titan, is on board for the 21st Pokemon game. Attack on Titan’s got a notable style of its own, and maybe that’s to what we can attribute the aesthetic change. Ash has gone from a bright-eyed preteen to a boy with a slight mature, romantic air. It doesn’t help that the only other human figure in the video is similarly drawn as if she’s several years older than Ash’s 11 years.


Pokemon Mega instantfuns Pokemon Mega instantfuns

The biggest mega pokemon gameplay changes come to EX Raid Battles, the special version of the co-op multiplayer system that requires an invite to participate. The following features and updates have been implemented:

Centipede is an arcade game that predates Pokemon by 16 years. That’s at least a response I can understand, in that it’s both a bug and a Pokemon game. Still, Marcus Gresham lost his two-day lead with that answer.

Pokemon Mega Instantfuns game

Only one person, Matt Preston of Alabama, answered correctly, and went on to nearly double their earnings because of it. Shockingly, his two opponents felt confident in their very wrong submissions, with both forfeiting their sizable leads.

Pokemon Mega are out Sep.19.
Visit the Pokemon Mega game:
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