I really like this song:

“I believe that the dream is the best faith, guide us forward won’t hesitate. People have a dream a dream may be a trend which cannot be halted, with everyone. The dream is not afraid or none such under heaven, stirring action infinite strength, the dream is the best reward. Dreams can make miracle. Drop from the clouds”

Perhaps because of Jane Zhang’s song, I have today’s dream!

As the saying goes: “the dream from the heart.” dream is the soul of the mind, the dream is the mirror of the soul, the dream is the people’s spiritual sustenance

The dream is beautiful, so have a “dream lover”, “dream come true”; the dream is unreal, so only “day dreaming”, “fantasy”, “Nanke dream”; the dream is colorful, so only “dreamy”, “dream flower”, “a dream” dream again. Is the reality of the intended target. The dream is a simple word, and realize the dream is a cruel word!

People are lonely, when want to dream preoccupied by some troubles, often with “tick as cold lamp no dreams”; people in the excitement, instead of melancholy when want to dream, often sing “dream together laugh, the common bed half month”; people in the heart of the homeland, homesick when want to dream, often recite “dream around the border town, heart fly country building”; more because of melancholy drinking, the man who created the drunken dream magic in the magic realm: “the last days I do not know in the water, the boat was full of dream Galaxy pressure.”

Once I thought that dreams are false, false, there is a bias on the “dream”, a contemptuous disregard view. Until then, practice told me: life is not a dream! The world big business man, is the dream. The dream is not hopeless, no hopeless life, there is no interest in life is of no value. We can not indulge in wishful thinking is called hope, not to indulge in wishful thinking. Hope is called dream, sometimes it will become a reality.

Li Jiacheng said: “when you can dream, don’t give up the dream”, “with the most dream to face future.” Mrs. Curie said: “we want the dream life into a science, and then turn the dream into reality. Is the pain of life; but I can go without the road. The dream of the people is happy, if not see the way to go, the most important thing is not to wake him. Life is the most pathetic: we always dream of the distant horizon, there is a wonderful rose garden, not to enjoy in our open window rose; we always dream that one is Tao Yuanming describe the enchanted land of idyllic beauty, not to enjoy it in us Peach blossom

Today, the most glorious people, the most difficult, the most exciting thing is to achieve the Chinese dream!

In order to realize the dream of China, generations of patriotic men and women with high ideals, outstanding figures, have shown great enthusiasm, ambition, courage and dedication to “one country. Lu has died, but to the people no longer willing to” green “; Sima Qian often think of national emergency and regardless of personal danger, sacrifice”; “Mo that Oriental is backward. The rise of Asia yellow”, this is Mr. Wu Yuzhang’s “save the country a heart”; in order to save the dream, Ji Hongchang wrote: “when a hate Japanese dead, for shame today. The country is still so broken, what I cherish this head”; today Chinese people are more confident million people united as one man. Hard work, fighting courageously, in order to progenitor The revival of the country, in order to national prosperity, is chasing, forward, all for the good Chinese dream!

Have a dream, you will be surrounded by opportunities; hope, happiness will come to you. The dream, always waiting for people to cherish, to realize the dream, this is unreal, but once it was put into action, it will become very sacred. To accomplish great things, the dream is the foundation of realization is the goal, is the process of action. The dream of lasting as long as, can become a reality. Every day we do not live in a dream?

Life is as short as a dream, when people wake up wake up. “Children are easy to be old, time is not an inch of light. He did not feel that the dream pond, Wu leaves Yiqiu sound.” learning, work, dreams, everything is not slack, must seize the day.

Yesterday is today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream. General Secretary Xi Jinping said: “empty talk, hard work and prosperous, the sky will not fall, to work hard to make a dream come true”. Without dreams, life will only be mediocre, dream life will be wonderful, towards the dream, dream, roll up your sleeves and go “life will be more wonderful!

May we have a margin can know each other, can meet state can do, our dreams can homosphere.

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