Apply Steps & resolve HP Printer Offline Issue

‘When I try to print any documents  why does my HP printer keeps going offline  state’.This is the general question the users are facing.Well, this issue is major and can setback your entire printing work.Despite every digital platform faces some or The other technical issue.This is not an issue of development but of a technical fault.However, the company has always kept the customer’s satisfaction at the top.So, this article includes the entire solution to get your issue fixed.Those, go ahead and resolve the issue.

Reasons behind HP Printer Offline Status

Here are the possible reasons that may tend to bring your printer to the Offline state:

The Wi-Fi connectivity is sluggish due to issue in server

The IP address is not configured properly in your system.There, your printer notifies’Printer is offline ‘

To resolve the IP address problem, you can take the following steps:

1. Navigate to HP configuration screen

2. Next, tap on the networking tab

3. Then, select the IP address option from the menu

4. Lastly, tap on the manual setting options and type correct IP address

Lack of connectivity shows Printer to go into offline mode.To rectify this follow these steps:

1. Choose Start Menu> Settings

2. Tap on devices> printers and scanners

3. Lastly, deselect the option ‘Use printer offline’

Steps to fix HP Printer Offline Issue

Here are some general ways to resolve the offline issue.Read it carefully and follow:

1.       Users can reboot the system. This will bring smooth operation, avoid paper jams, voltage fluctuation, etc. And, your data will also be secured

2.      The alternative way a user can use is by using a printer via email address. Users can access HP eprint option through email id

In Windows 10

If you are having Windows 10, you need to go through the following steps:

1.       Tap on the search bar and then jump to Control Panel

2.      Choose the Printer and devices option. Here, you’re the printer will be indicated offline

3.      Then, select your printer by making a right-click on it

4.      Tap on Printer Propertied and de-select SNNP status

5.      Lastly, hit OK

6.      This will help your printer to bring back to normal state.

Tips to Consider for Printer Offline in Windows 10

Here are some solution tips you might consider in Windows 10:

1: Revoke or cancel the previous commands and restart the system

2: Delete the Printing Machine and reinstall it again

3: Verify and deactivate all the automated offline commands

Procedures are explained below:

Revoke or cancel the previous commands and restart the system

User needs to try canceling the ongoing print commands and begin with a fresh start. This will help you to make a new start. At times, there might be a heating issue, etc.

Delete the Printing Machine and reinstall it again

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1.       Switch on Printing system>go to Computer settings

2.      Now, choose ‘Change PC Settings’>then, go to ‘PC and devices’

3.      Thereafter, choose ‘Devices’

4.      Tap on ‘Add a device’ and choose printer option to finish the reinstalling process

Verify and deactivate all the automated offline commands

To do this, following are the steps:

1.       Navigate to Windows> select ‘Devices and Printers’

2.      Jump to next page and then select install printer icon

3.      Then, make right-click and tap ‘See what’s printing’

4.      Thereafter, on the upper left corner tap ‘Printer’ menu

5.      Lastly, deselect if there is a tick mark on ‘Pause printing’/ ‘Use printer Offline’ options

Technical Assistance Team

If you are not able to rectify your concern about ‘ why does my Printer keeps going offline  then immediately contact the technical expert group and share your concern to them. Additionally, you will receive the solution instantly with proper step guidance. By one without skipping any of them.This will instantly fix your issue and give allow you a smooth work function.The service is available all round the clock, 24 * 7.Connect anytime when you require help.

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