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How is a sex doll produced from raw materials? Male Sex Doll What is the whole process of making a sex doll, how does a sex doll stand, etc., many questions can follow our steps, and take you to reveal the magic of the production of sex dolls. This is the first hurdle that sex dolls must go through when they come to the world. A male employee is doing a full body check on the baby to make sure there is nothing wrong. BBW Sex Doll They will then cover the quilts with plastic wrap, pack them in boxes and send them to various places. Although the factory produces more than 13 types of inflatable dolls, they all look the same on closer inspection. The face is uniformly thin eyebrows, big eyes, high nose bridge, small mouth, all have big breasts, thin waist, long legs. Every day, hundreds of man-made goddesses are born here.Silicone, TPE material, artificial wig and other materials. 160-169cm Sex Doll After more than ten processes such as cutting, spraying and coloring, pressing, and assembly, the embryonic sex dolls are piled high at the end of the assembly line. Last year, more than 50,000 sex dolls were shipped from the factory and sold across the country. 15% of them cross the ocean and are sold to Japan, South Korea and Turkey.

And the positioning of this company is not just in the sex industry. Huge Breasts Sex Doll They have always positioned themselves as a technology company, not just a sex doll company. “What we are doing is a bionic person, and adult products are only one of its functions. Big Butt Sex Doll If you imagine the future of silicone dolls combined with artificial intelligence, you can communicate with people fluently and do everything a person can do.”

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