Linen Suits Always Do Not Fit? That’s Because You Ignore These 4 Important Details

For men in the workplace, how to choose a suit that fits linen, should be a matter of concern to everyone. Here we will tell you, as long as you pay attention to these four key points, then every person can easily become a workplace man, wearing a flawless linen suit, is a very simple thing.

But in reality, each of our body is different, may be tall, short, fat, thin, maybe there is a hunchback, maybe some people have long legs, or a long neck, etc., then as long as you pay attention to these five aspects, you will have mastered the trick to wear a set of well-fitting linen suit.


Whether you are still stationary or reasonably active, the top collar of your suit should be close to the back of your neck and the back of your suit should be smooth and clean when standing naturally.

If it is worn with a shirt, the distance between the collar of the shirt and the top of the suit should be controlled to be able to tuck in a finger to ensure the suit and shirt collar fit.

In general, the linen blazer will easily cover part of the shirt collar piece, and how much to cover depends on the height of your suit collar.

If you really don’t know if it fits, then stand up and lift your arms, take two steps and look closely at the seam between your shirt and the collar of your blouse. If there is a significant gap, then it means that there is more fabric on the back of the top of the suit.


The shoulder width of a suit plays a very big role in a person’s image, and the criterion for judging it is the gap between the outer point of the shoulder of the suit and the shoulder point of one’s arm between 0.5 and 0.8 cm.

Beyond this value, it is easy to have a shoulder too wide or too tight. The reduction of shoulder width to image is the most obvious, giving the impression of sloppy, not spiritual. And the opposite shoulder is too tight, at the arm sleeves, giving a person an uncoordinated, unattractive feeling, both uncomfortable, but also affecting the image.


Perfect waist is the second most important part. In addition to the shoulder width of the suit, the overall image of the person playing a role at the top and bottom. Must be strictly controlled in the waist size of 7 ~ 10 cm, but the specific takes the upper size or lower size, but also according to the specific physical conditions of each person to determine, such as the practice of bodybuilding shoulder width waist thin, such as some waist circumference than the chest, some hip circumference than the waist, according to different circumstances to determine different waist size and so on.


The sleeves must be left open for your daily activities. Normally, you should not spoil the line of your shoulders by swinging your arms upwards to get your suit collar position off the back of your neck.

As for the length of the sleeves, generally when the arms naturally hang down,they can slightly reveal about 1 ~ 2 cm of the linen shirt. In this case,it is the ideal length.

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