Linen Fabric Worn Out Of The Fashionable Sense Of Seniority, No You Are Out

How can your closet be without a piece of “linen” fabric? Whether it’s for everyday sophistication or for a vacation with a sense of freedom, it’s the best!

Flax is not as rough as you think. It is the cortical fiber of plants, which is similar to human skin. It can not only protect the body but also regulate temperature. Both the affordable and breathable linen, and the comfort and softness of cotton. Linen has its own retro and refined temperament, and if you don’t wear linen in summer, you will be so hot that you won’t be able to laugh!

Linen is cool and breathable. This natural material is a boon in summer. Its super heat dissipation properties are cooler than cotton, satin and other fabrics, and linen clothing is very textured. The white linen fabric naturally has a sense of quality.

Here’s a look at how good linen really wears it!

Linen Dress

This summer I bought too many dresses, even striped shirt dresses, but also because of the characteristics of linen material and become gentle, showing texture, girls who like cool, solid-colored linen skirts are not lost as one of the nice choices. The focus is very senior expensive.

This summer we must have a small white linen dress, giving people the first love of innocence and beauty, linen material of the small white dress on the body and can show the full sense of seniority.

Of course, halter models of linen dresses are also very recommended. Sexy and not lose show femininity! Casually, with a pair of sandals you can go out, refreshing and ageing, street photography sense super enough.

Linen Half Skirt

If you want a more versatile style, not limited by linen, half skirt must be a closet must have! Choose a linen half-body skirt with slit elements, with the top knotted short top, tall and thin!

Shirt + linen mid-length half skirt, pin the shirt into the skirt! Reduce the sense of wearing tired and stacked, sophisticated and atmospheric!

Or just use short knitted suspenders + slit linen half-body skirt to create a goddess dressing style! Sexy and not lose the atmosphere that girls should have! Reflect a sense of confidence in dressing.

Linen Shorts

In summer, you must have shorts that are timeless no matter what you wear. For most girls, there are too few shorts that can show a good figure. For girls with thick legs, big hips, and slightly fat girls! The most popular pleated linen shorts this summer are suitable for showing your figure!

Or choose the Bermuda linen shorts mixed with the same material suspenders, simply a goddess out of the street must.

Or mix and match linen shirts and skirts with culottes to create the illusion of half skirts without being easily exposed. Mix and match cream apricot and khaki grandma shoes to easily wear a sweet and chic feeling!

Linen Wide-Leg Pants

Wearing so many years of wide-legged pants, no linen material, how to count on the real understanding of wide-legged pants? Linen wide-legged pants + white short tee, duck-tongued cap embellished the overall look.

Or just mix and match short suspenders + linen white wide-leg pants, which are casual and sexy without being bloated at all!

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