How To Wash Linen Clothes Without Shrinking

When washing linen clothes, it is not easy to shrink by mastering the following key points: cold water, neutral detergent, no drying, no drying, etc., do not wash linen clothes with hot water, otherwise it will be extremely easy to shrink and change. wrinkle. The detergent must try to choose a pH value close to 7, neutral is the best, and the formula should be milder. Avoid wringing and shaking, or it may wrinkle. Then it cannot be dried, because it is more afraid of high temperatures, which will cause it to shrink and change its shape.

Will Linen Clothes Shrink?

If it is a pure linen fabric, for example, linen shirts, linen pants, etc,the general shrinkage rate will be about 10%, so you must pay attention when washing it. If the water temperature is too high, it will shrink severely. It is recommended not to use too hot water. After washing, if the washing method is correct, it will not shrink. The soaking time of flax should not be too long. Hemp fiber is generally stiff and has poor cohesion. It should be lightly rubbed. It is not advisable to rub it forcefully on the washboard. Avoid using a hard brush to avoid itching and discomfort when the fluff is fluffed. Do not wring or dehydrate hard after rinsing to prevent the hemp fiber from slipping and affecting the appearance and durability.

How To Wash Linen Clothes Do Not Shrink And Do Not Lose Color

1, prepare an appropriate amount of cold water, generally within 30 degrees of the water can be, the normal temperature of the water temperature to prevent shrinkage, add a small amount of neutral detergent inside the cold water, pay attention to trying to use neutral, do not use alkaline laundry detergent, because it is easy to cause it to lose color.

2. The cotton and linen clothes in wet water. It is generally not recommended to soak for too long, usually no more than 5 minutes on it. It is best to soak with the wash. The longer the soak, the greater the probability of deformation and shrinkage, so trying to reduce the time of dipping can prevent shrinkage.

3, after bubbling, gently scrub linen clothes clean.The scrubbing action can be a little softer, and does not need too much force. After washing, rinse with water in a timely manner, and then take a towel to wrap or squeeze out the moisture, and then you can go dry in the sun to prevent high temperature exposure.

What To Do If Linen Clothes Shrink After Washing

If linen clothes shrink after washing, they can only be slightly relieved or recovered, but not completely recovered. The way to alleviate it is to add children’s shampoo or conditioner to the water, soak the linen clothes for 5 minutes, wash them, stretch them, and then fix the shape until they are dry.

How Much Does Linen Clothes Shrink?

There is no fixed value, but the shrinkage rate may be within 5%, and it will change due to factors such as quality and washing. Generally speaking, its shrinkage is higher than other materials, so when wearing this kind of clothes, you must wash them Take extra care to wash properly to prevent the linen from shrinking too much.

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