How To Match Men’s Linen Suits In Summer

In the summer weather, as long as you leave the air-conditioned room, everyone can’t escape the fate of sweating, especially those business men who still need suits and shoes in the hot summer. So today, the editor intends to recommend suitable suits for business men to wear in summer, so that you can say goodbye to the smell of sweat in summer and enjoy the joy of choosing the right suit!

Men’s Linen Suit Outfit Ideas

Outfit 1:Light gray cotton and linen suit jacket + white striped linen shirt + beige khaki linen pants. As accessories, choose a printed tie and a sky blue belt. Shoes choose light gray derby shoes.

Outfit 2:Off-white cotton and linen suit jacket + light gray shirt + white trousers. For accessories, choose an off-white belt, a dark green knitted tie and metal-rimmed sunglasses. Shoes choose black leather loafers.

Outfit 3:Beige cotton linen suit jacket + printed shirt + light blue khaki pants. Accessories choose a black belt. For shoes choose colored sneakers.

Men’s Linen Suit With Skills

How To Match Men's Linen Suits In Summer

Wear silver gray, cream suit, suitable to wear big red, vermilion, dark green, aquamarine, brown and black tie, will give people a quiet, beautiful, dashing feeling.

Wearing a red, fuchsia suit, suitable to wear cream, cream yellow, silver gray, lake blue, emerald green tie, in order to show an elegant and noble effect.

Wear dark blue, dark green suit, suitable to wear orange, cream, light blue, rose-colored tie, so wear will give a deep, subtle sense of beauty.

Wear brown, dark green suit, suitable to wear sky blue, cream, orange tie, will show a kind of showy floating style.

Wear black, brown suits, suitable to wear silver gray, cream, blue, white and red stripes or blue and black stripes on the tie, which will look more dignified and generous.

Men’s Suit Color Options

brick red linen suit

Brick red linen suit with a deep sense of linen fabric, looks very high class. You can wear a basic white shirt with a gray tie inside, echoing a pair of brown carved shoes of the same color under your feet, creating a sense of understatement and elegance.

classic black linen suit

Classic black is one of the most classic styles, and is also the least likely to go wrong with a single item. But we can not follow the rules. You can try to wear some bold printed shirts or more bright jump colors, plus a lively bow tie and loafers, can not also show a different feeling?

brown linen suit

Brown linen suits are perfect for men who are light and mature. Due to the special nature of the color, we can choose to go downright vintage route. The white silk shirt and the velvet crimson bow tie are added inside, and the Broadway feeling is instantly reflected. The feet and then stir on a pair of vintage shoes or retro Derby shoes and carved shoes, and the waist of the woven belt in one, very retro model.

gray linen suit

Gray is the color between black and white. You can choose bold letter prints, floral patterns, to create a youthful aesthetic feeling, plus the feet of small white shoes, instantly young.

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