How To Choose A Necklace?

How to choose a necklace? A necklace pairing guide that anyone can learn! In the scorching summer, it’s the perfect time for girls to wear their favorite jewelry and show off their personal charm when going out. As an essential element of accessories, a suitable necklace can not only modify the face shape and elongate the neck but also demonstrate the girl’s dressing style. So, how can you choose a necklace that suits you? This article will comprehensively interpret different styles of necklaces suitable for different people from four aspects: “necklace length,” “necklace thickness,” “necklace material,” and “pendant size.” After reading this article, you can easily find a suitable style on the Jenna Sinatra website.

Necklace Length

Different lengths of necklaces are suitable for different styles of wear, and the exposed temperament will also vary greatly. Although each length has its own advantages, necklaces can be roughly divided into three categories: choker, collarbone chain, and long necklace.

A choker is the shortest type of daily necklace, with a length generally not exceeding 33cm. It gives people a natural and concise feeling and has a strong style. It is suitable for sexy and cool girls, and when paired with a low-necked T-shirt, it can highlight their presence.

The collarbone chain is the second-shortest in length and the most common because it is very versatile and suitable for various face shapes! The length of the collarbone chain can well modify the lines of the neck and collarbone, making it look more elegant. Generally, the collarbone chain will be paired with a pendant, which can guide the style, but it should not be too large. The best option is small and exquisite. This way, the visual focus can be highlighted.

A long necklace, also known as a sweater chain, generally has a length between the neck and chest, and the pendant is larger and more conspicuous. When paired with a high-necked garment, it can distinguish the layers well and has a gorgeous and elegant feeling. However, it is not suitable for V-necked clothes.

Necklace Thickness

For girls, when choosing the thickness of a necklace, they mainly consider the thickness of their neck. Generally, girls with thicker necks should not choose very thin necklaces, which will create a significant contrast with their necks and make them look thicker. The best option for these girls is to choose a necklace without extra pendants, with the chain itself as the design highlight. The recently popular Cuban chain or snake chain is a good choice. However, this type of thick necklace may look rough and is not suitable for delicate and gentle girls.

Necklace Materials

Different materials have their own advantages when it comes to necklace pairing. However, safety should be considered first. Unlike earrings and rings, necklaces have a larger surface area in contact with the skin, and the skin on the neck is also more sensitive. Therefore, when choosing a necklace, it is best to choose stable and less allergenic materials such as gold, silver, and platinum.

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Pendant Size

Choosing the right pendant size is relatively simple. We can choose a pendant that corresponds to the thickness of the necklace: if the necklace itself is thin/short, it is best to choose a small and delicate pendant, which will look more refined and elegant. On the other hand, if the necklace is thick or the style is luxurious, a larger pendant should be chosen. In any case, the pendant is the most eye-catching “main character,” and we should avoid the necklace stealing the limelight.

Also, when choosing a pendant, we should consider the actual wearing situation. Do not choose extremely large or small pendants. For daily wear, a small pendant is more convenient for work and travel, while a large and heavy pendant will only add burden. However, if you want to increase your aura on important occasions, a large pendant is definitely a more direct “attention-grabbing tool.”

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