Men Who Wear Linen Shirts In Summer Are Not Simple

The most popular shirt fabric in summer is none other than linen. In recent years, men are no longer bent on the pursuit of gorgeous and complex custom craft, they began to enjoy the simplicity of clothing style. Linen shirts are casual and comfortable just meet the needs of the season. In the summer, if you make good use of linen shirts to match, when others see your first glance,it will leave a deep impression of knowing fashion.

Stereoscopic Slim Linen Shirt

Has always been a linen shirt is to give people a loose and comfortable feeling. In fact, slim-fit models of linen shirts can also do semi-formal effect. Through the custom linen shirt to match the pants, the shirt buttons all buttoned up, the sleeves can be slightly rolled up, the surface of the fabric neat and clear texture, through the neat row of cloth, so that the whole person reveals a comfortable natural feeling. In the office , wear completely better than the old-fashioned dressing.In the summer, wear this way, both cool and fashionable.

Light-Colored Linen Shirt

Of all linen shirts, solid-colored linen shirts should be the most common we see, of which the white linen shirt can be said to be the most photogenic style.

High-waisted wide-legged linen pants with white linen shirt, the waist with a black belt for embellishment, a good distinction between the upper and lower levels, relaxed and with an elegant atmosphere.

Linen clothing, the most fearful point is that it is easy to become wrinkled, which will be particularly obvious in light-colored linen clothing. So in summer wear, you can add a vest outside the shirt to cover up properly, but also to light-colored shirt accents.

Dark-Colored Linen Shirt

If you feel that wearing two pieces is too hot and cumbersome, then choosing a dark-colored linen shirt can also visually improve the problem of wrinkled clothing. I believe this is a better choice for men who are very picky about what they wear.

In addition to pairing with pants, linen shirt with shorts is also a good choice.

If it’s 5 point linen pants, then the hem of the linen shirt can not be bundled at the waist. Oversize style will be more appropriate; if it’s 7 point casual pants, I still suggest the same way to wear them with long pants.

Loose Cotton Linen Shirt

In addition to pure linen shirts, there are cotton linen shirts, cotton linen shirts are more wrinkle-resistant than linen, usually better care, summer time customize this loose and comfortable cotton linen shirt, more simple and comfortable.

The combination of blue loose cotton linen shirt and drawstring wide leg linen casual pants, and a pair of work boots. Although the pants are in a very wrinkled beige color, the workwear style looks more masculine with these wrinkles.

Striped Linen Shirt

Many people think that the linen shirt only solid color, or even only white. In fact, striped linen shirt can create a more casual feeling of summer. At the same time, stripes come with a thin characteristic and are very friendly to obese people.

Blue and white striped linen shirt can be said to be a summer boutique, regardless of casual pants, jeans with a very dynamic.

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Popular To Wear “Linen” This Summer: The Senior Explosion

Minimalist and breathable “linen”, with its unique bumpy texture, cool and skin-friendly comfortable feel and fresh and elegant outstanding temperament, has become the first choice of this summer’s must-fire senior sense of fabric, no one.

Linen clothing has a special refreshing fashion atmosphere in summer. If most of your wardrobe is made of pure cotton fabrics, in summer, you can try some linen fabrics appropriately to make your overall matching effect in a sense of leisure and fashion.

How to wear linen in the summer to be comfortable and literary and look good? What linen items are worth getting in the summer, let’s take a look!

Linen Blazer

These years, the blazer has been very hot. Compared to ordinary fabric blazers, linen blazers are more suitable for summer. Linen casual floating just right to weaken the harshness of the suit, and because the material is soft, will not give a sense of oppression, coupled with a slightly loose fit on the body completely unrestrained sense.

When the weather heats up, you can wear suspenders directly inside the linen suit, cool and stylish. You can also wear it with a linen dress, as sunscreen to wear, casual lazy very vacation atmosphere sense.

The natural material of linen is usually a little gray, so even if you add bright colors, it will not be too high-profile eye-catching, but can present a fresh and elegant premium texture,and look very healing.

Linen Shirt

In addition to suits, linen shirts are also worth getting, light fabric material, flexible and flowing, lazy and elegant can be perfectly interpreted. The basic linen shirt does not pick the occasion, the version of some loose, daily can also be worn as a thin jacket.

Or just casually tie a few buttons to create a V-zone at the neck and hem, both to slim the face and to show the waistline. Laziness and casualness do not pressure a person.

Linen Dress

When you want to be lazy or don’t want to think about matching, choose a linen dress. White linen dresses are too common, want to be more special, you can dare to challenge the color.

Refreshing and healing beans green, soft pink, are good choices, with a pair of Mueller shoes, easy and relaxed, casual vacation steady win.

Linen Pants

Girls who like casual style, linen casual pants is definitely worth having, because linen has a strong breathability, cooling and antibacterial characteristics, summer can completely replace the shorts, indoor can withstand the chill of the air-conditioned room, and go out to protect the sun and mosquitoes, both fashion and functionality.

The most recommended white and khaki, one comes with a refreshing sense of seniority, a retro intellectual, with T-shirts or shirts, with a simple and generous beauty.

Of course, you can also choose other versions of linen pants. For example, linen wide-legged pants. Wide-legged pants hide meat and thin, modify the leg shape and other advantages that I believe we are already familiar with. When in the hot summer with a fresh and breathable linen fabric, that really does take on the perfect to describe.

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The Simpler The More Temperament! Linen So Wear, Comfortable And Senior

Linen materials tend to have the advantage of light and breathable. Even in hot summer wear,there will not be stuffy sweat, linen single product is very suitable for creating a casual literary style as well as a refreshing mature style with mature women driving up without pressure.

Here are a few collocation templates for you to recommend a few linen items, which can meet the needs of our daily shopping, commuting to work, going on vacation and other occasions. I believe that everyone will fall in love with these linen collocations after wearing them.

Linen Shirt + Wide Leg Pants

Outfit 1:This pure white linen shirt looks very thin. It is very comfortable and breathable to wear in summer. In order to avoid exposure, we can wear a small pure white suspender inside, which is more sexy and feminine. The lower body is matched with gray upper High-waisted wide-leg linen pants and sneakers are generous and neat and show long legs.

Outfit 2:Linen material shirts are generally not so wrinkle-resistant, so it comes with a sense of shabby, used to create a pure literary style look, is very suitable. This set of off-white shirt, with white high-waisted wide-legged pants looks refreshingly simple and very sharp.

Outfit 3:The apricot shirt is made of linen material and chiffon material combination. The version is relatively wide, loose bubble sleeve design, can well cover the arm wrestling flesh, and at the same time particularly girl ageing, the lower body with light blue wide leg jeans, so that the princess style modeling more than a touch of casual sense.

Linen Shirt + Shorts

The use of loose white linen shirt, with small beige knitted suspenders and beige work shorts, so wear can show a large area of the neck skin and collarbone line, casual and feminine, with off-white flat white shoes, age reduction and vitality.

Linen Suit + Skirt

Wear linen suit with fairy white half skirt, very nice. However, if you want to wear linen single product out of a sense of sophistication, of course, without the help of accessories. Take this outfit, you can tie a ribbon or silk scarf in your hair, the sense of elegance multiplied.

Striped Shirt + Linen Half Skirt

The black and white striped style pullover belongs to the simple basic model of the single product, loose version can be very good to cover the upper body of the fat, the lower body with a white linen high-waisted straight skirt, skirt hem side to join the vertical line cut, more conducive to show leg length, the middle of the skirt using a thin belt to waist more waistline, with a round head small leather shoes, sophisticated and ladylike.

Linen Shirts Worn As Outerwear

Linen shirts are no more fashionable than cotton shirts, and it is surprisingly fashionable when you use it as a jacket. This is related to the characteristics of linen, with a rough texture, showing a dash of character. A linen shirt inside a white undershirt, followed by a pair of khaki shorts, revealing the thinnest calf, such a combination of neutral handsome and feminine.

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Why Do More And More People Like Linen Clothes?

Linen is a pure natural fiber, which has obvious advantages such as sweat absorption, good air permeability and harmlessness to human body. Moreover, the flax fiber is tough and soft, and its strength is 1.5 times that of cotton fiber and 1.6 times that of spun silk, and the fabric made from it is smooth and tidy. It is also the earliest natural plant fiber used by humans, with a history of more than 10,000 years.Any linen item of clothing, such as linen shirts, linen dresses, linen shorts, is perfect.

Linen Clothing Has The Role Of Disease Prevention

Linen clothes with high strength, good corrosion resistance, and easy to absorb sweat and disperse moisture, so it is conducive to prevent the occurrence of some skin diseases, such as rashes, itchy skin, etc.. In addition, linen clothes compared with cotton fabrics, linen clothes are wet spinning, no dry spinning of the burr phenomenon, wearing close to the body without prickly feeling. So in the hot summer months, linen clothes are the ideal choice.

Linen Fabric Has A Strong Moisture Absorption And Moisture Dispersion Ability

The rainy season also tide phenomenon is serious, if the house wall cloth, tablecloths, curtains and sheets are replaced with linen fabrics, can effectively reduce the indoor humidity. In the dry autumn and winter season, the use of linen fabrics, indoors will not be too dry. Linen fabrics are effective in maintaining the relative constancy of air humidity.

Linen Clothes Can Effectively Reduce The Harmful Effects Of Magnetic Fields On The Human Body

There have been reports that the body of the staff in the Antarctic expedition is susceptible to the impact of strong magnetic fields, while wearing linen clothes while using linen tents, the health of the team members in good condition, the impact of very little.

Linen Clothes Are Not Easy To Start Static Electricity, Not Easy To Absorb Dust

Linen clothing is not easy to bring static electricity and absorb dust. Some hospitals and nursing homes bed mattresses and surgical gowns use linen material.

Linen Has A Good Effect Of Inhibiting Bacteria And Fungi,And Can Effectively Prevent Some Diseases

Linen has a very good effect of inhibiting bacteria and fungi,and can effectively prevent some diseases. According to Japanese researchers, linen sheets can have to prevent long-term bedridden patients breeding bedsores, linen clothing to help combat certain skin, such as common rashes and chronic eczema, etc..

The Benefits Of Wearing Linen Clothing

Hygiene: for the human body (especially patients with skin diseases) to wear any fabric other than linen fabrics.

Comfort: compared with cotton sheets, the use of linen mats make it easier to fall asleep, sleep well, wake up in a happy mood.

Coolness: wearing linen clothing rather than wearing cotton, silk clothing, the surface temperature is 2 to 2.5 degrees Celsius lower, while the temperature between the skin and clothing, wearing linen fabric than other fabrics 3 to 4 degrees Celsius lower, linen fabric on the skin of the sticker absorption only cotton fabric 70%.

Antibacterial: compared with cotton, fiber control, linen mat has a significant antibacterial effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa, white bead-containing bacteria and other international standards of antibacterial rate of 65% or more, the antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus up to 90% or more.

Linen fabric with temperature regulation, anti-allergy, anti-static, antibacterial function, due to the good moisture absorption of linen, can absorb moisture equal to 20 times its own weight, so linen fabrics feel dry.

Cool and comfortable, no damage to the skin, helps the skin to breathe and metabolism.

Linen and cotton class, only the fiber is coarser. Can make the skin without static electricity; facilitate skin respiration; reduce the retention of skin excretions, reduce the incidence of skin cancer, etc..

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Women In Middle Age, It Is Really Recommended To Have A “Linen Shirt”, Advanced And Aristocratic

In the hot summer, choosing the fabric in a more comfortable fashion will make the collocation become more refreshing and comfortable, linen fabric is comfortable and durable, the main thing is very breathable, will not let wear feel very stuffy.

Linen fabric has a variety of fashion. For women in middle age, summer should try linen shirt. It can help us to create a high taste, and even enhance the temperament. The following kinds of fashion are not to be missed, to see what fashion is worth trying!

What Are The Advantages Of Linen Shirts

T-shirts, shirts in the spring and summer season are very common, linen shirts in the style and they are consistent, also belong to the strong sense of casual style, comfortable to wear and also very thin. Compared to T-shirts, linen shirts are actually more versatile, with a variety of styles and fashionable designs. This is particularly in line with the temperament of middle-aged women,and can express middle-aged women dressing in a calm and sharp rhythm.

As a classic top, the shirt is also very popular with middle-aged women, but the linen shirt is a little more breathable, and the linen version is more relaxed, more for middle-aged women to achieve the role of dressing to trim the body.

What Type Of Woman Is A Linen Shirt Suitable For

Many middle-aged women with the growth of age, the body will inevitably be somewhat blessed, especially the upper body figure. It is easy to gain weight, so it is important to choose thin tops. Linen shirt is not only natural and delicate fabrics, while it is mainly casual style, very suitable for the upper body and waist full of middle-aged women to choose, for us to cover up the upper body flaws, to avoid shortcomings.

In addition, for some middle-aged women with thick arms and thick shoulders, linen shirts are also our best choice. Choose a linen shirt with a wide silhouette, which can naturally modify the curves of the arms and shoulders, without worrying about the imperfect figure.

How To Wear Linen Shirt

The half-body skirt is the first choice for linen shirt dressing, it can strengthen the middle-aged woman dressing feminine, showing elegance and gentle playfulness. Light brown linen shirt with white polka dot half-body skirt looks fresh and elegant, white polka dot half-body skirt slightly higher brightness, has a good visual brightening effect, weakening the real age of middle-aged women wearing clothes.

For middle-aged women in the workplace, we can also choose high-waisted wide-legged linen pants with linen shirt look. The green linen shirt with gray high-waisted wide-legged pants has a dry and generous look. The green linen shirt has a soft neckline, which has the effect of modifying the neck and facial contour of middle-aged women, showing white and more lined with color, making middle-aged women look bright.

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另外,鞋的舌頭的尺寸有4個尺寸,4個尺寸應該是相互對應的。另外,NIKE的女性鞋沒有37個尺寸,ADIDAS沒有37.5個尺寸。請注意鞋盒的條形碼是否與鞋內的條形碼一致(NIKE的情況下為US UK EUR CM中的日代碼,ADIDAS的情況下為UK US FR JP中的日碼)。









  • 一個是自己找到同樣的設計,認真比較,相信自己的眼睛;
  • 第二,不要說是網購,不要透露價格,以免破壞店員的積極性;
  • 第三,看清真偽的判斷根據,自行判斷正確性。




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  • 正品:”對鉤”大,皮革厚,表面平坦,鉤頭靠近鞋帶,約半厘米。
  • 仿品:”對鉤”小,皮革薄,表面隆起,鉤子尖端遠離鞋帶,約1厘米。




    • 正品:logo顏色淺,不反射光,貼上了標有檢查員號碼和尺寸的標誌。
  • 仿製品:logo的顏色被濃烈的反射光偏移,鞋底上沒有任何標籤。








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華夫鞋底強調的是外底的抓地力、耐磨性。有Nike Zoom Air氣墊的鞋底是強調高速反應、快速啟動、卓越的力量回饋。Nike Air Max氣墊則強調大容積的緩震效果。Nike Free鞋底則是強調前掌足夠的靈活,與有碳板支撐的球鞋有著完全對立的效果。



這是—種外底技術,由Nike的創始人比爾鮑爾曼設計的。有很強的抓地力。華夫鞋的誕生還是很有意義,當年Bill Bowerman在吃華夫餅的時候,覺得相似的結構能有效地提升抓地力,於是他用了他妻子的華夫鐵棒創造了新款的華夫底跑鞋,後來經過加工改造Waffle也就這麼誕生了。



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這雙 New Balance,白天和晚上是「兩個樣」

New Balance 2002R Gallery 的一眾聯名鞋款是今年 New Balance 毫無爭議的「明星」,在 thisisneverthat、INVINCIBLE x N.HOOLYWOOD 和 Salehe Bembury 後,我們即將迎來新一輯聯名系列,今天要給大傢展示的便是 New Balance 與本土潮流代表 RANDOMEVENT、球鞋名所絕版空間 UNIK 合作的三方聯名 2002R。

RANDOMEVENT x UNIK x New Balance 2002R 這次選擇玩轉夜光材質,「TWINKLE 熒光」的靈感與之前你所見到的任何「夜光鞋款」不同,黑色款代表單隻螢火蟲,散發微弱光芒;白色則象征群體,瞬間點亮夜空。兩個對應的故事選擇給你不同搭配靈感。


其中「群星」白色款可以說是所有 New Balance 2002R 聯名中最特別的存在,因為不像其他 2002R 可見的網面、皮質等材質的變化,以統一材質打造出的鞋面層次感更為純粹,給人以「高級定制」般的質感;在鞋頭與鞋舌部分,2002R logo 以 RANDOMEVENT 風格字體呈現,細節上的小心思亦是對身份的辨別。

當黑暗降臨,「TWINKLE 熒光」將顛覆你對夜光元素的認知。它的「亮」並非不自然的紮眼,更像真正螢火蟲的光芒——些許柔光但足以點亮暗夜。再加上外底的夜光橡膠部分,每一步都有螢火蟲在縈繞的夢幻感盡顯

黑灰配色回歸 2002R 的經典視覺,它的夜光材質運用在 logo,鞋身、鞋頭等結構處,框架似圍繞令夜光效果更為特別,在暗夜中雖不及白色款明亮,但卻多瞭些許未來般視覺。

結語:New Balance在美國及許多國傢被譽為“總統慢跑鞋”,“慢跑鞋之王”。该品牌New Balance 327New Balance 237NB530CT302…等又潮又好看的 NB 鞋系列很受年輕人的喜歡!

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今夏必入款 +1!NB 新聯名細節多到數不清


其中 New Balance 最近就為超火的 2002R 鞋型打造瞭去後跟的 Mule 版本,滿足瞭小夥伴夏日穿搭需要。

近日,New Balance 攜手藝術傢 Bryant Giles 帶來聯名款 New Balance 2002R Mule。


整體以米色帆佈材質打造,鞋側可拆卸的「N」字 Logo,為經典造型註入一絲新鮮感。


鞋墊同樣印有藝術傢 Bryant Giles 抽象的藝術繪畫,彰顯鞋款身份。

很多朋友穿球鞋為追求方便而 “踩鞋跟”,那 Mule 鞋型直接穿行瞭,而且是超人氣復古跑鞋的造型加持,會是你的夏季必入款嗎?

據悉,全新 Bryant Giles x New Balance 2002R Mule 將在今年發售,具體發售日期和價格尚未釋出,喜歡的朋友不妨持續關註我們的後續報道。

Bryant Giles x New Balance 2002R Mule

發售日期:2022 年

結語:New Balance在美國及許多國傢被譽為“總統慢跑鞋”,“慢跑鞋之王”。该品牌New Balance 327New Balance 237NB530CT302…等又潮又好看的 NB 鞋系列很受年輕人的喜歡!

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