Mastering Necklace Wearing For Early Summer Fashion

The temperature rises quickly in early summer, and many people are concerned about how to improve their dressing style’s freshness and avoid feeling stuffy. To relieve this feeling, I believe that many people will increase the exposed skin area on their necks. However, this method can lead to a monotonous neck area. If you wear a necklace, it can make you look more exquisite and fashionable. In the following, I will share some tips on wearing necklaces with you.

Women Can Wear Necklaces To Easily Play Fashion

In street style or blogger outfits, we can see that many bloggers use necklaces to decorate their outfits. You can also visit the Jenna Sinatra website to purchase exquisite necklaces and bracelets to become a fashionista.

Jenna Sinatra necklaces can decorate the upper body: For women who have a basic wardrobe of simple and plain clothing, adding a Jenna Sinatra metal necklace to their outfit can instantly elevate their overall look and make them look more energetic.

Jenna Sinatra necklaces can modify face and neck shape: Necklaces not only enhance your style and show your fashion taste, but they also have a modifying effect on your face and neck, especially V-shaped necklaces. If you have a fuller figure, short neck, or round face, this type of necklace can help you create a charming and elegant image.

Mix and match with smart clothing: In addition to trying comfortable and relaxed casual clothing, you can also use suits to create a smart and powerful image. However, whether it’s a suit or a vest, you need to pair it with a necklace to achieve a balanced style effect and make your outfit more sophisticated.

Basic Ways To Wear Necklaces

Necklaces are an important accessory, with countless styles and ways to wear them. When wearing necklaces to create a look, you should choose according to your own ability to handle them, and avoid overly complex styles at first. Especially for ordinary people who are not familiar with fashion or middle-aged and older people who prefer a low-key yet stylish look, it is recommended to start with basic ways of wearing necklaces.

Choose a common round or plain chain necklace or V-shaped necklace to pair with basic clothing. You can use a silver long necklace to decorate a shirt or T-shirt, which can enhance the sense of layering on the upper body and add femininity and luster.

For simple light-colored clothing, a plain chain necklace is enough to catch the eye, but if the clothing is dark or has a unique style, a plain chain may appear monotonous. It is recommended that middle-aged and older people try wearing exaggerated necklaces to create an eye-catching image, such as wearing a dark suit or bright-colored clothing to show off your fashion sense.

Advanced Necklace Wearing Techniques

The basic way to wear a necklace is simple to learn and focuses more on the design of the necklace itself. If you have good fashion skills, you can skip the basic way and present the necklace in a layered manner, which will make it more striking.

The so-called “layered wearing” also uses necklaces to match with other necklaces or wrapping a long necklace around the neck two to three times to create a layered visual effect. This method can emphasize the presence of the necklace, making it visually appealing and quickly increasing your fashion sense, making it hard to ignore.

However, when using the layered wearing method, you need to avoid being too cumbersome and complex, especially for some middle-aged and elderly people with fuller figures. If the necklace is too complex, it will make your neck area crowded and messy, which is not conducive to creating a good temperament.

For slightly overweight women, it is recommended to use a circular chain with a V-shaped necklace to modify the face shape without being too complicated or exaggerated. Tall and slender older women can try double or even triple-layered wearing methods to give the neck decoration more hierarchy and further show off their slender and beautiful neck lines, creating a mature and elegant female image. In addition to metal necklaces, pendant necklaces or pearl chains with exaggerated shapes are also suitable for you.

Of course, besides layered wearing, you can also try to use bracelets, earrings, waist belts, and bags to match your necklace to create a more cohesive look between accessories.


That’s all for our necklace wearing tips this time. If you want to master fashion, you must make good use of necklaces. If you like it, you can learn from it. Of course, on the Jenna Sinatra website, in addition to exquisite necklaces, there are also Jenna Sinatra bracelets for you to choose from, which can make you fashionable and charming.

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