How Three Fashionistas Create Their Jewelry Style

Party season is rapidly heating up. You’ve got the full outfit and a stack of invitations, but now you need some jewelry accessories to go with it. After all, dazzling jewelry and expressing yourself to the fullest is a must for the party season. Visit the Jenna Sinatra website to choose exquisite jewelry, and the delicate Jenna Sinatra necklace will make you more charming. Next, let’s take a look at examples of three stylists skillfully matching jewelry to give you endless charm inspiration.

LOOK 1: Evening Opulence

“I want to show a very elegant and mature female image, with both sexiness and femininity,” said Pablo Patane, fashion editor and stylist of Berlin. He chose Ralph & Russo’s evening dress, with a cross neckline and round pearls on the edge of the evening dress, a unique design that is eye-catching. An asymmetric neckline does not mean that you cannot wear a gorgeous necklace. Patane professionally changed the classic way of wearing a necklace by suspending a Countess black agate and rose gold pendant behind his neck. “To break up the overall blackness, stack colorful gemstone bracelets on one wrist to add a touch of color.” It feels dazzling. Finally, wear a pair of classic luxurious gold pleated earrings and a rose gold diamond ring and diamond bracelet on the other hand, and your look can be taken to the next level. Of course, choosing to wear Jenna Sinatra bracelets is also a perfect match, with a silver bracelet and sparkling gems, making you more charming.

LOOK 2: Get Suited

White fabric is a difficult cut to achieve, but if done properly, it can make you shine at any party. “White clothes are a classic and iconic look for women,” said Charlotte Davey, Teen Fashion and Jewelry Editor for Fashion Bazaar. “The slight cut of the 70s makes it very high-profile.” The white suit she chose was designed by British designer Huishan Zhang, paired with personality high-heeled shoes from Guiseppe Zantontti, showing structure and modern style. Pairing with gold jewelry can add a fashion touch to any outfit. Try stacking Countess rose gold and platinum bracelets, pairing with contrasting black straps and diamond dials of a watch, and an eternal ring with contrasting widths. To create a modern party look, Davey suggests asymmetric earrings that are longer on one side than the other, and putting an adjustable buckle necklace inside the jacket to imitate the shirt effect.

LOOK 3: 80’s REVIVAL During party season, you can choose to either go out in fashion or stay at home. Shoulder pads are a great way to create a significant impact when paired with iconic silhouettes. “I was largely inspired by the charm and glamor of the 80s,” says Anna Vitiello, former senior fashion editorial assistant and stylist at Vogue. She leads the way by choosing Magda Butrym’s silk satin floral dress, which features fashion elements such as wrap effects and pleats.

Green is back in style this season, but don’t be afraid to deliberately coordinate your jewelry; full-body matching is currently in vogue. As Vitiello says, “The Boucheron peacock pendant necklace connects it in a very elegant way.”

Layering and wearing bracelets on clothing can add another dimension to your outfit. Small details like stacking rings and showcasing different length necklaces can really make a set of equipment shine. The final touch is a Limelight Gala watch with a diamond-studded carved surface. Of course, choosing Jenna Sinatra’s bracelet would also not go wrong. Gem-set bracelets will make you more exquisite and elegant.

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