Gun type UAV jammer – a weapon for UAV countermeasures

With the development of drone technology, drones have been widely used in military, civilian, commercial and other fields, bringing convenience and fun to people. However, drones also have some safety risks, such as illegally invading no-fly zones, carrying dangerous goods, conducting illegal surveillance or attacks, etc., posing threats to national security, public safety and personal privacy. In order to effectively prevent and respond to these threats, countries are developing and using various drone countermeasures, one of which is the gun-type drone jammer.  signal jammer

The gun-type drone jammer is a gun-shaped electromagnetic interference device that can interfere with and intercept the control signals, navigation signals and image transmission signals of the drone by emitting high-power radio waves, forcing the drone to aircraft to land or return. The working principle of the gun drone jammer is as follows:
1. The gun-type drone jammer has built-in transmitting modules for multiple frequency bands, which can cover the frequency bands commonly used by civilian drones on the market, such as 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 1.2GHz, etc.

2. The gun-type UAV jammer emits a high-power shielding signal in the target direction through the antenna, forming a directional interference magnetic field.

3. When a drone enters an interference magnetic field, its control signal, navigation signal and image transmission signal will be strongly interfered, resulting in losing contact with the remote control or base station, or receiving erroneous data and instructions.

4. Due to the loss of normal communication and navigation functions, the drone will initiate a preset fault handling mode according to its own flight control system, such as automatic landing or return.

Gun drone jammers have the following advantages:
1. Easy to carry: The gun-type drone jammer adopts a lightweight gun-shaped design and is powered by a built-in lithium battery. It can be used in hand or on the shoulder, making it suitable for mobile combat.

2. Simple operation: The gun-type UAV jammer only needs to press the switch button and emit the shielding signal in the target direction to achieve jamming and interception of the UAV without complicated settings and adjustments.

3. Wide coverage: The gun drone jammer can support shielding signals in multiple frequency bands, and can effectively interfere and intercept most civilian drones on the market, regardless of the drone model and standard. limit.

4. Remarkable effect: The gun-type drone jammer uses a high-power transmitting module and a directional antenna to form a strong interference magnetic field, which can cause a fatal blow to the drone and prevent it from flying and operating normally.

Gun-type drone jammers can be used in the following scenarios:
1. Military defense: Gun-type drone jammers can be used in military bases, important facilities, border posts and other places to prevent enemy drones from conducting reconnaissance or attacks and protect national security and military secrets.

2. Public safety: Gun-type drone jammers can be used in government agencies, public places, major events and other places to prevent terrorists or criminals from using drones to conduct illegal activities and maintain public order and social stability.

3. Personal privacy: Gun-type drone jammers can be used in private residences, offices, hotels and other places to prevent criminals from using drones to peep or eavesdrop, and to protect personal privacy and business secrets.

4. Other uses: Gun-type drone jammers can also be used in wild adventures, wildlife protection, forest fire prevention and other scenarios to prevent drones from causing damage or impact on the natural environment and ecosystems.

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