Men Who Wear Linen Shirts In Summer Are Not Simple

The most popular shirt fabric in summer is none other than linen. In recent years, men are no longer bent on the pursuit of gorgeous and complex custom craft, they began to enjoy the simplicity of clothing style. Linen shirts are casual and comfortable just meet the needs of the season. In the summer, if you make good use of linen shirts to match, when others see your first glance,it will leave a deep impression of knowing fashion.

Stereoscopic Slim Linen Shirt

Has always been a linen shirt is to give people a loose and comfortable feeling. In fact, slim-fit models of linen shirts can also do semi-formal effect. Through the custom linen shirt to match the pants, the shirt buttons all buttoned up, the sleeves can be slightly rolled up, the surface of the fabric neat and clear texture, through the neat row of cloth, so that the whole person reveals a comfortable natural feeling. In the office , wear completely better than the old-fashioned dressing.In the summer, wear this way, both cool and fashionable.

Light-Colored Linen Shirt

Of all linen shirts, solid-colored linen shirts should be the most common we see, of which the white linen shirt can be said to be the most photogenic style.

High-waisted wide-legged linen pants with white linen shirt, the waist with a black belt for embellishment, a good distinction between the upper and lower levels, relaxed and with an elegant atmosphere.

Linen clothing, the most fearful point is that it is easy to become wrinkled, which will be particularly obvious in light-colored linen clothing. So in summer wear, you can add a vest outside the shirt to cover up properly, but also to light-colored shirt accents.

Dark-Colored Linen Shirt

If you feel that wearing two pieces is too hot and cumbersome, then choosing a dark-colored linen shirt can also visually improve the problem of wrinkled clothing. I believe this is a better choice for men who are very picky about what they wear.

In addition to pairing with pants, linen shirt with shorts is also a good choice.

If it’s 5 point linen pants, then the hem of the linen shirt can not be bundled at the waist. Oversize style will be more appropriate; if it’s 7 point casual pants, I still suggest the same way to wear them with long pants.

Loose Cotton Linen Shirt

In addition to pure linen shirts, there are cotton linen shirts, cotton linen shirts are more wrinkle-resistant than linen, usually better care, summer time customize this loose and comfortable cotton linen shirt, more simple and comfortable.

The combination of blue loose cotton linen shirt and drawstring wide leg linen casual pants, and a pair of work boots. Although the pants are in a very wrinkled beige color, the workwear style looks more masculine with these wrinkles.

Striped Linen Shirt

Many people think that the linen shirt only solid color, or even only white. In fact, striped linen shirt can create a more casual feeling of summer. At the same time, stripes come with a thin characteristic and are very friendly to obese people.

Blue and white striped linen shirt can be said to be a summer boutique, regardless of casual pants, jeans with a very dynamic.

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