Popular To Wear “Linen” This Summer: The Senior Explosion

Minimalist and breathable “linen”, with its unique bumpy texture, cool and skin-friendly comfortable feel and fresh and elegant outstanding temperament, has become the first choice of this summer’s must-fire senior sense of fabric, no one.

Linen clothing has a special refreshing fashion atmosphere in summer. If most of your wardrobe is made of pure cotton fabrics, in summer, you can try some linen fabrics appropriately to make your overall matching effect in a sense of leisure and fashion.

How to wear linen in the summer to be comfortable and literary and look good? What linen items are worth getting in the summer, let’s take a look!

Linen Blazer

These years, the blazer has been very hot. Compared to ordinary fabric blazers, linen blazers are more suitable for summer. Linen casual floating just right to weaken the harshness of the suit, and because the material is soft, will not give a sense of oppression, coupled with a slightly loose fit on the body completely unrestrained sense.

When the weather heats up, you can wear suspenders directly inside the linen suit, cool and stylish. You can also wear it with a linen dress, as sunscreen to wear, casual lazy very vacation atmosphere sense.

The natural material of linen is usually a little gray, so even if you add bright colors, it will not be too high-profile eye-catching, but can present a fresh and elegant premium texture,and look very healing.

Linen Shirt

In addition to suits, linen shirts are also worth getting, light fabric material, flexible and flowing, lazy and elegant can be perfectly interpreted. The basic linen shirt does not pick the occasion, the version of some loose, daily can also be worn as a thin jacket.

Or just casually tie a few buttons to create a V-zone at the neck and hem, both to slim the face and to show the waistline. Laziness and casualness do not pressure a person.

Linen Dress

When you want to be lazy or don’t want to think about matching, choose a linen dress. White linen dresses are too common, want to be more special, you can dare to challenge the color.

Refreshing and healing beans green, soft pink, are good choices, with a pair of Mueller shoes, easy and relaxed, casual vacation steady win.

Linen Pants

Girls who like casual style, linen casual pants is definitely worth having, because linen has a strong breathability, cooling and antibacterial characteristics, summer can completely replace the shorts, indoor can withstand the chill of the air-conditioned room, and go out to protect the sun and mosquitoes, both fashion and functionality.

The most recommended white and khaki, one comes with a refreshing sense of seniority, a retro intellectual, with T-shirts or shirts, with a simple and generous beauty.

Of course, you can also choose other versions of linen pants. For example, linen wide-legged pants. Wide-legged pants hide meat and thin, modify the leg shape and other advantages that I believe we are already familiar with. When in the hot summer with a fresh and breathable linen fabric, that really does take on the perfect to describe.

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