The Simpler The More Temperament! Linen So Wear, Comfortable And Senior

Linen materials tend to have the advantage of light and breathable. Even in hot summer wear,there will not be stuffy sweat, linen single product is very suitable for creating a casual literary style as well as a refreshing mature style with mature women driving up without pressure.

Here are a few collocation templates for you to recommend a few linen items, which can meet the needs of our daily shopping, commuting to work, going on vacation and other occasions. I believe that everyone will fall in love with these linen collocations after wearing them.

Linen Shirt + Wide Leg Pants

Outfit 1:This pure white linen shirt looks very thin. It is very comfortable and breathable to wear in summer. In order to avoid exposure, we can wear a small pure white suspender inside, which is more sexy and feminine. The lower body is matched with gray upper High-waisted wide-leg linen pants and sneakers are generous and neat and show long legs.

Outfit 2:Linen material shirts are generally not so wrinkle-resistant, so it comes with a sense of shabby, used to create a pure literary style look, is very suitable. This set of off-white shirt, with white high-waisted wide-legged pants looks refreshingly simple and very sharp.

Outfit 3:The apricot shirt is made of linen material and chiffon material combination. The version is relatively wide, loose bubble sleeve design, can well cover the arm wrestling flesh, and at the same time particularly girl ageing, the lower body with light blue wide leg jeans, so that the princess style modeling more than a touch of casual sense.

Linen Shirt + Shorts

The use of loose white linen shirt, with small beige knitted suspenders and beige work shorts, so wear can show a large area of the neck skin and collarbone line, casual and feminine, with off-white flat white shoes, age reduction and vitality.

Linen Suit + Skirt

Wear linen suit with fairy white half skirt, very nice. However, if you want to wear linen single product out of a sense of sophistication, of course, without the help of accessories. Take this outfit, you can tie a ribbon or silk scarf in your hair, the sense of elegance multiplied.

Striped Shirt + Linen Half Skirt

The black and white striped style pullover belongs to the simple basic model of the single product, loose version can be very good to cover the upper body of the fat, the lower body with a white linen high-waisted straight skirt, skirt hem side to join the vertical line cut, more conducive to show leg length, the middle of the skirt using a thin belt to waist more waistline, with a round head small leather shoes, sophisticated and ladylike.

Linen Shirts Worn As Outerwear

Linen shirts are no more fashionable than cotton shirts, and it is surprisingly fashionable when you use it as a jacket. This is related to the characteristics of linen, with a rough texture, showing a dash of character. A linen shirt inside a white undershirt, followed by a pair of khaki shorts, revealing the thinnest calf, such a combination of neutral handsome and feminine.

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