Riders Jamming Cell Phones on Septa Buses

NBC10 Investigators tracked down a cell phone sniffer who specifically targeted people using their cell phones on SEPTA bus routes. Not only did he admit to doing it, he thought it was a good thing.

The man, who calls himself Jonathan, told NBC10 Investigators, “I guess I’m taking the law personally, and frankly, I’m proud of it.”

Jonathan said he doesn’t want to hear people talking on their phones in public.


“It’s still pretty annoying, and frankly, it’s pretty rude,” Jonathan said. Jonathan

said he was activating a cell phone jammer he bought online to block out conversations he doesn’t want to hear.

“A lot of people are very loud and have no sense of privacy at all. When they feel like they’re bothering me, I just screw in the antenna and turn the switch on,” Jonathan said.

An NBC10 employee, whom NBC10 Investigators calls “Brooklyn,” said she was horrified when she saw the man jamming passengers’ cell phones while she was riding a SEPTA bus to work.

“He was clearly holding this device that looked like a walkie-talkie, with four thick antennas on it. I started watching him, and whenever someone started calling, he would press a button on the side of the device,” Brooklyn said.

Brooklyn tipped off NBC10 Investigators, who went undercover and caught the phone thief with hidden cameras.

Minutes after boarding the No. 44 bus, NBC10 Investigators spotted Eric jamming a cell phone. Weeks later, they caught Eric as he got off the bus and told him cell phone jamming devices were illegal.

“From what I understand, it’s more of a gray area. From what I understand, it’s illegal to stop TV signals, radio signals. From what I understand, it’s not illegal to jam cell phone signals under the FCC,” Jonathan said.

But under federal law, it’s illegal to use, possess, buy or sell a cell phone jammer. The federal government says violating the law could result in jail time and a fine of up to $16,000. Cell phone jammers are illegal for public safety reasons.

Dr. Rob D’Ovidio of Drexel University studies cell phone forensics and e-crime. D’Ovidio said some cell phone jammers can block GPS, two-way radios and even police radios if they are close enough.

“With a cell phone jammer, you can limit all types of communication tools that use radio frequencies. That has the potential to be a public safety disaster. It’s a dangerous thing to cut off not only our government officials from communicating with the dispatch center, but also the public from communicating with 911,” Dr. D’Ovidio said.

NBC10 Investigators asked Jonathan if he was worried about disturbing someone who was seeking emergency help.

“Certainly, if that happened on a bus, I think I would have been in that situation. Of course, I think that would have been a very different situation; I think I would have called 911 myself,” Jonathan said.

SEPTA officials said they have received many complaints from 44 bus route passengers about lost phones. But SEPTA insisted that passengers are safe, adding that they have tested their system and handheld signal jammer alone are not enough.

SEPTA said all buses are equipped with panic buttons. Drivers can also alert police via digital destination signs on the front of buses. The transit authority said it has tested two-way radio communications and insisted cellphone jammers wouldn’t affect it. But that didn’t make Brooklyn feel any better.

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Using Wi-Fi Jammers to Compromise Home Security Systems

Karyn Wall has lived in Lemon Grove for the past 20 years, and to her knowledge, her home has never been targeted by criminals. However, she recently learned how vulnerable her home is to would-be burglars.

“My husband and I feel very secure, but I know we may need to do something about the house, the interior, the lighting, etc.,” Wall said.


Shanah Clevenger is a crime prevention specialist with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department who runs the free Lemon Grove Home Security Consultation Program. She’ll consider anything that can be done to bolster home security, no matter the budget.

“Some of my suggestions are quick and easy and don’t cost a lot,” Clevenger said. “I just suggest: do what you can, or do it incrementally until you feel your home is secure.”

That security measure includes protection against a relatively unknown type of wifi jammer. NBC 7 Responds spoke to cybersecurity expert Jim Stickley about these devices, who said that even though they are illegal in the U.S., there are several websites where you can buy them and have them delivered to your door.

“I mean, you shouldn’t panic,” Stickley said. “It’s real, but the number of criminals who actually use it is relatively small.”

How do Wi-Fi jammers work?

Jammers disable Wi-Fi devices by overloading the Wi-Fi frequency, or any radio frequency, and large jammers have a fairly wide range of interference, Stickley said.

“It could take out a whole house, or even a couple of houses around me, and take out all the Wi-Fi,” Stickley said.

Once the Wi-Fi is down, criminals can break in without the cameras capturing it.

How to disable a WiFi jammer?

Wired cameras won’t be affected by signal jammer, of course. Remember: The memory chip will record video whether or not there’s Wi-Fi. Plus, some security systems offer systems that send owners notifications when Wi-Fi is down.

“If you get a notification that the Wi-Fi can’t communicate with the camera, you can say, ‘OK, something might be wrong,’ and then you can call a neighbor and say, ‘Hey, can you go check it out for me?’” Stickley said.

Wall said she couldn’t imagine coming home one day to find her home ransacked by strangers.

“That would be horrible,” Wall said. “That would be horrible because you’d be worried if there was someone else in the house and wouldn’t want to go in. That would be a very scary situation.”

Wall hopes to continue living safely in Lemon Grove for another 20 years.

The sheriff’s department said technology is important to keep your family and home safe, but it’s just as important that you and your neighbors look out for each other. They can also help start a neighborhood watch program.

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Nbc Has Come Across Illegal Online Dealings of Rf Jammers

NBC News reports that online retailers and drone technology companies are marketing RF jammers as drone deterrents or privacy tools, thereby circumventing laws that prohibit the sale of such devices in the United States.

The warning issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states that signal jamming devices can block emergency calls and pose a serious risk to public safety communications, while also interfering with other forms of everyday communications and air navigation systems.

The FCC said: “It is a violation of federal law to use phone blocker, GPS blockers, or other signal jamming devices designed to intentionally block, disrupt, or interfere with authorized radio communications. Use in businesses, classrooms, residences, or vehicles is not exempt. Local law enforcement agencies do not have independent authority to use jamming devices; federal law enforcement agencies may use them under applicable regulations under certain limited exceptions.”


The FCC warning also states that “it is illegal to advertise, sell, distribute, import, or otherwise market jamming devices to consumers in the United States”

But NBC reports that Amazon third-party sellers, independent online stores based in China, and small domestic companies that specialize in drone-related equipment are all ignoring the law. The FCC told NBC that it is investigating the sale of jammers, including on Amazon.

As part of its investigation, NBC spoke with the CEO of a U.S. company that offers portable anti-drone radio frequency jamming devices online. The CEO told NBC that the devices are easily available if consumers have the money, but they mainly see interest from large companies and government agencies as they prepare for domestic drone terrorism.

There are more people selling “jammers.” The devices can block cell phone calls, text messages, Wi-Fi networks and GPS systems and can be used to cause chaos in public places.

The small, battery-powered devices can be used to create “blind spots” in a small area (usually around 30 feet) and have been used by movie theaters, restaurants and schools to prevent people from using their phones. But they can also cut off 911 calls, interfere with navigation near airports, and have been used to disrupt radio communications near police stations. FCC officials said they have noticed an increase in the flow of jammers, which are banned by federal law, into the United States. Many of the cheaper versions, which sell for as little as $25, are imported from Asia, according to the agency.

It is illegal to sell, advertise, use or import jammers under the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits blocking radio communications in public

The FCC said cities including Orlando, Philadelphia, Austin, Mississippi, Charlotte, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati and Corpus Christi, Texas, advertised jammers on the site. Officials said they do not believe the cases are related.

“Simply posting an ad for a signal jammer on a site like Craigslist.org is a violation of federal law. Signal jammers are contraband for a reason,” Michele Ellison, director of the FCC’s enforcement bureau, said in a statement. “One person’s moment of peace or privacy could very well jeopardize the safety and well-being of others.”

Most sellers advertised jammers as a way to take an “undisturbed nap” on a bus, quiet a classroom or keep your area “free of interference,” without mentioning the more nefarious uses the device could be used for, according to the citations.

“We are increasingly concerned that individual consumers operating jammers do not appear to understand the serious consequences of using jammers,” one citation reads. “Instead, these operators mistakenly believe that their illegal operations are personal convenience or should be excused.”

Keith Grabowski allegedly advertised on Philadelphia Craigslist for a “cell phone jammer, WiFi signal jammer” for $300. He stated in the ad that “due to the nature of this item, we are disclosing very few details,” that the jammer was “not a toy,” and that “I just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible.”

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The Controversial Market of Signal Jammers

Searching on Google’s shopping site showed dozens of links to devices that are advertised as signal jammers, including anti-drone devices. Google itself does not sell them, but instead directs shoppers to third-party sellers, such as electronics retailers in China. These retailers typically say they can ship to the United States, and their marketing materials are not specifically for military or law enforcement use. One Chinese seller posted a video on YouTube, which is owned by Google, demonstrating how its product blocks cell phone signals.

A Google spokespeB020gpsjammingrson said the company has reviewed the cases shared by NBC News and is removing listings that violate its policy prohibiting the sale or promotion of such devices.

Sometimes it’s unclear who is behind the online sellers. One retailer called itself “Professional Global Signal Jammer Manufacturer Online Jammer Store” but did not disclose its location. The company did not respond to a request for comment. The FAQ section of its website includes the following dialogue:

“Will customs confiscate my package?”

“So far, we have not encountered this situation.”

It is unclear how many people may have illegally purchased radio frequency drone jammers from the various websites reviewed by NBC News. At least some of the companies said they sell their products to customers outside the United States, where the FCC’s strict rules don’t apply.

At the other end of the radio signal jammer market are military suppliers, government contractors and other companies that don’t generally target their products at consumers. Many of these companies have websites marketing their products, but they don’t list prices or offer options to buy them immediately. Instead, they list options to “request a consultation” or “contact an expert.”

An FCC spokesman pointed to the commission’s standing advisory on law enforcement and a 2020 federal interagency advisory on drone defense.

On Wednesday, after NBC News published the report, the FCC said it had received several investigations related to jammer marketing, including one involving Amazon.

“We are conducting several investigations into retailers, including Amazon, for possible violations of the commission’s rules by marketing and selling devices without proper FCC authorization,” FCC spokesman Jonathan Uriarte said in a statement.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the investigations on Wednesday.

The FCC has cracked down on radio frequency jammers and their online sales. In 2016, the commission said it had fined a Chinese online retailer, CTS Technology, $34.9 million for selling hundreds of illegal jammers over two years and selling some to undercover FCC agents.

There have been no similar fines in the U.S. since then, though other Chinese retailers still market radio jammers to Americans online, an NBC News review of their websites shows. NBC News could not determine if any of them have shipped products to the U.S.

The FCC has also targeted buyers in past years. In 2018, the FCC said it fined the operator of a Dallas warehouse $22,000 for using a jammer to prevent employees from using their cell phones while working. In 2016, the commission said it fined a Florida man $48,000 for using a jamming device to prevent people in other vehicles from talking on their cell phones during his daily commute. In 2014, Marriott agreed to pay $600,000 to settle allegations that one of its properties in Nashville, Tennessee, interfered with Wi-Fi signals at non-Marriott hotels.

Over the years, the FCC’s focus has shifted to other topics, such as combating robocalls, said Dale Hatfield, a former chief engineer at the commission.

“Their enforcement activity seems to be more targeted at things that are more directly visible to consumers,” he said.

It’s hard to determine how big a problem illegal jammers are because signal interference is often brief and hard to document, said Hatfield, an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. For the same reason, he said, interference cases are difficult for the FCC to handle.

“It can be very intermittent,” he said. “How do you go back and figure out why?”

Former FCC Commissioner McDowell said the commission’s enforcement efforts are largely determined by the types of complaints it receives.

“Typically, the enforcement process comes into play when an outside agency notifies the FCC of a situation,” he said.

Jamming devices have many potential uses, from disrupting unwanted drones to disrupting Wi-Fi networks to disabling doorbell cameras. On a Reddit message board dedicated to Ring doorbell cameras, some posters complained about people using jammers to disrupt the cameras and avoid detection during thefts. One Reddit poster said the irony was that Amazon seemed to be profiting from both sides: Ring is a division of Amazon, and Amazon is also a marketplace for buying devices that can disable Ring cameras.

Amazon did not respond to questions about jamming Ring devices.

Jammers, or radio frequency “blocking,” are also a frequent topic of discussion in online forums dedicated to people who believe that the government or others are conducting deep surveillance on them, a belief or phenomenon sometimes referred to as “gang stalking.”

Potential markets for anti-drone systems such as RF jammers include large businesses and organizations that are concerned about drone terrorism but are not legally allowed to use jammers. Last year, four major sports leagues, including the NFL, urged Congress in a letter to congressional leaders to allow state and local law enforcement to use anti-drone capabilities.

Prison officials in some states have said they want legal authority to use jammers to prevent prisoners from using their phones.

But under current law, the list of government agencies authorized to buy and use radio frequency jammers is short, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the Departments of Energy and Defense.

Companies that specialize in drone countermeasures often focus on foreign buyers.

Drone defense company IXI Electronic Warfare warns on its website that drones pose a potential threat to stadiums, prisons and airports, and says drones can help “eliminate threats in seconds,” including using a radio frequency jammer called a “Dronekiller.” But overall, stadium operators, prisons and airport authorities do not have the legal authority to buy such products in the U.S.

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Thief’s Using Wifi Jammers Bought $40

So now that thief’s are using WiFi jammers that apparently can be bought for $40, what is everyone turning to to protect your property?

8 Bands Jammer Device

News of break-ins these days show quite a few security camera captures, but in many of them the perpetrator is covering their face. So ultimately I’m not so sure how much security cameras (even wired ones that capture clear images) can really protect a property.

It appears even traditional alarm systems would be disabled by a signal blockers since all the sensors’ signal would be blocked as well.

I have NEVER considered a WiFi connected device to be any sort of serious security device. For a serious security device, it needs to be wired (power and data), and the video recorded locally with serious backup power (no, a 15 minute UPS does not qualify). I do have what would likely be considered a Pro-sumer level video camera system, with hours of backup power.

With that said, I have over 40 Wyze cameras, and I do use them regularly as they are quite a bit less expensive than my wired system, and the software is more convenient for a quick look remotely.

Two of the most common attacks are a simple broadband signal generator and a specific WiFi De-Authentication. In the case of the first, the jammer simply broadcasts a strong enough signal that the intended signals are covered in noise. An audio example would be trying to talk back and forth with someone 100 feet away in an empty stadium. That would likely work fine, but now add 50,000 other people and there is so much noise that the person 100 feet away can not be heard. A broadband jammer is a quite simple device.

A De-Authentication attack is an smart device that to keep this simple, impersonates the WiFi client and sends a command to the WiFi access point telling it that the client is disconnecting. Note that WPA-3 prevents that by encrypting the management packets. However although the WPA-3 standard has been out for quite a few years, most IoT devices do not support it.

Both of these attacks happen between the WiFi client and access point, so a firewall or anti-virus never get involved.

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Us Prisons Use New Tech to Dial down Illegal Cellphone

What’s the context?

US prison officials harness new technology to crack down on contraband cellphones but some still want powers to jam signals

  • South Carolina programme shuts off more than 800 phones
  • Federal action on broader signal jamming tech seen as unlikely
  • Activists raise privacy, rights concerns for prisoners

Digital privacy rights advocates and tech experts say even solutions less far-reaching than full-blown signal jamming – like the South Carolina pilot – threaten to trample on the rights of prisoners by, for example, sharing legally protected information with private phone companies or carriers.

Digital rights groups have long raised concerns over the push for cellphone jamming systems in prisons, describing them as overreach.

Under federal law, state and local facilities are not allowed to use jamming technology, which is opposed by the telecommunications industry amid concerns that it could knock out signals in areas surrounding prisons.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which regulates communications technology in the U.S., has been wary of signing off on full-blown signal jamming but cleared the way within the last few years for states like South Carolina to implement so-called “contraband interdiction systems.”

Stirling is convinced signal jamming is a solid option but does not think it will be authorised in state prisons. It is already allowed in federal institutions.

“I would love to get jamming – I don’t see it happening, unfortunately,” he said.

Asked if the FCC was contemplating changes, a spokesperson pointed to the federal law banning jamming devices.

Albert Fox Cahn, founder of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (S.T.O.P.), says both jamming and interdiction systems like the one used in South Carolina are “chilling options” that could have unintended consequences.


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A warning was issued by the Glendale police

Glendale police issue warning about burglars using WiFi signal jammers to disable alarms, security cameras

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) — Glendale police have issued a warning about residential burglars who use WIFI jammers to disable security alarms and surveillance cameras.

As described by police Sgt. Victor Jackson, the devices used by thieves block the signal or scramble the WiFi. “So if you have a Ring camera, a Nest camera — any kind of alarm system that is WiFi-based or a camera that’s WiFi-based — it blocks the signal and knocks it out,” he said.

A disproportionate surge in residential burglaries plagued Glendale and Southern California in the fall, leading investigators to the crime trend.

“As our detectives started going into these cases, that’s when they realized what was happening,” Jackson said. “In some cases, because of the way the device works, it made it look like when you went back and rewound your tape and looked, it wasn’t a black screen — it was seamless. It didn’t exist there, so there was no evidence.”

Police recommend that residents increase security by:

  • hardwiring alarm systems and cameras,
  • using back-up batteries in those security devices,
  • installing sturdy locks on security gates,
  • enhancing exterior lighting,
  • securing windows and balconies,
  • and having a trusted neighbor or housesitter look after your home, when away.

The Glendale Police Department’s residential burglary task force has been working to lower the number of break-ins, officials said.

“Our patrol officers, our motor officers, our special enforcement detail, and detectives — we have them undercover in the area — and we saturated the area,” Jackson said.

Nora Alabi, a Glendale resident, told ABC7: “I feel like there’s no part of the city that you can be in and not run into a cop or not run into a police car.

“If I stand here for five minutes, I might see like three cop cars drive by,” she said. “So, because of that, I feel like it’s a safe city.”


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How Thieves Are Using Wi-Fi Jammers to Break into Home

In a statement by the Los Angeles Police Department, officers warn that a group in Wilshire is using wifi jamming technology to disarm surveillance cameras and alarm systems that rely on Wi-Fi.

(TNS) — A group of thieves have been outsmarting smart devices across the Los Angeles area, authorities said.

8 Bands Jammer Device

In a March 4 statement by the Los Angeles Police Department, officers warn that a group in Wilshire is using Wi-Fi jamming technology to disarm surveillance cameras and alarm systems that rely on Wi-Fi.

This swarm of tech-savvy robberies in California is part of a larger “smart” crime wave happening nationwide. Last year, police in Minnesota and Connecticut issued similar warnings to residents when groups of Wi-Fi jamming thieves made their rounds. And those are just two examples of many.

While the Federal Communications Commission has banned Wi-Fi jamming devices, this doesn’t stop criminals from buying them cheaply, KARE11 reported. Wi-Fi jamming devices don’t necessarily deactivate devices, but work by overloading the network the devices are connected to.

“These (signal jamming) devices create traffic jams for the radio transmitter so that real traffic cannot get through,” cybersecurity expert Mark Lanterman told the outlet.

“If you are going to use a Wi-Fi camera for your front door, perhaps consider using a hardline camera inside your home,” he said. Wired cameras connected via Ethernet cables do not rely on Wi-Fi networks and would not be disrupted by a Wi-Fi jammer.

Los Angeles police also recommends hard wiring burglary alarm systems

While “smart” technology may be part of the problem, it may also have a hand in the solution, according to Tom’s Hardware. Officials recommend using timers or smart home devices to make it look like someone is home while you are away. Some smart home technology also comes with the ability to alert users if the signal or connection has been interrupted.

Tom’s Hardware also recommends connecting surveillance devices that store camera footage directly on your device, and not just to a cloud storage system. By having a camera that records to itself, you’ll have footage saved during a Wi-Fi disruption.

The LAPD also encourages people to stay vigilant by locking their doors, relying on neighbors to check on things when away and reporting any strange activity, including suspicious vehicles with temporary or dealer plates.

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Can Police Detect Laser Jammers?

By producing a “no response” or cosine error, a laser jammer effectively obstructs the accuracy of a laser radar gun aimed at a vehicle by a police officer. As a result, the police officer is left uncertain about whether the vehicle is equipped with a laser jammer or if their aim is flawed.

A laser jammer is a gadget that produces a “no response” or cosine error when a police officer directs a laser radar gun at a vehicle. This error prevents the police officer from knowing whether the vehicle is equipped with a laser jammer or if they are not aiming correctly at the vehicle.

police laser gun

How to jam police lasers?

The effective defense against a laser requires the front laser jammers to provide protection for the headlights, license plate, and the reflective surfaces in their vicinity. Conversely, at the rear, the primary targets are the license plate and tail lights. Moreover, the center high-mounted stop light, backup lights, and vertical reflective surfaces are also vulnerable. It is noteworthy that even a tailgate-mounted spare tire/wheel assembly can be targeted, as evidenced by our successful attempt at hitting a Jeep Wrangler’s aluminum spare wheel from a distance of 2,500 feet.

Can you install a laser signal jammers on your car?

California Vehicle Code Section 28150 (Division 12: Equipment of Vehicles, Chapter 5: Other Equipment, Article 17: Jamming Devices) states the following:

(a) No vehicle shall be equipped with any device that is designed for, or is capable of, jamming, scrambling, neutralizing, disabling, or otherwise interfering with radar, laser, or any other electronic device used by a law enforcement agency to measure the speed of moving objects.

(b) No person shall use, buy, possess, manufacture, sell, or otherwise distribute any device that is designed for jamming, scrambling, neutralizing, disabling, or otherwise interfering with radar, laser, or any other electronic device used by a law enforcement agency to measure the speed of moving objects.

(c) Except as provided in subdivision (d), a violation of subdivision (a) or (b) is an infraction.

(d) When a person possesses four or more devices in violation of subdivision (b), the person is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(e) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person who has a valid federal license for operating the devices described in this section may transport one or more of those devices if the license is carried in the vehicle transporting the device at all times when the device is being transported.

Can police radar measure speeds or more than one vehicle?

The speed of multiple vehicles can be captured at once by dash-mounted police radars, usually up to two.

Today, radar systems have the ability to target multiple vehicles simultaneously, identifying the fastest vehicle in a group and the vehicle with the emest radar signal reflection at the same time. Nonetheless, visual confirmation by the officer is necessary to determine the fastest vehicle among those targeted.

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National Summit Addresses Signal Jamming in Auto Theft Prevention

Canada held a National Summit on Combatting Auto Theft on February 8, 2024 in Ottawa. The Summit sought to bring together stakeholders to solve this very serious problem.

A major outcome of the Summit is that the government will disrupt the supply chain that makes available devices that are often used in vehicle theft by criminals in the process of stealing vehicles.

Vehicle theft has grown to be a very critical issue in Canada: The country is seeking to mitigate this situation. News reports reveal that car thieves have developed systematic techniques where it is easy to obtain stolen vehicles for sale in other markets. The federal government with the support of advocates is implementing plans to reduce this problem.


Should vehicle manufacturers do more to stop vehicle theft?

This very question of more remedies needed to stop vehicle theft has stimulated the growth of Aftermarket solutions. Antitheft systems and devices are growing in popularity becuase some people feel insecure about simply replying on the vehicle manufactures built-in security systems. The Forbes article below highlights this concern:

“Manufacturers are always working to improve the anti-theft measures in vehicles, but thieves work just as hard to defeat them. According to FBI statistics, in 2020 the U.S. saw an 11.8% increase in car thefts over the prior year, and the trend has continued. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported that over 1 million vehicles were stolen in 2022. That’s a 7% increase over 2021, and the first time there were over 1 million vehicles stolen since 2008.”

When the pickup truck was stolen, the thieves allegedly removed a factory-installed GPS tracker but the owner had his own backup plan: a second GPS tracker which was installed by a trained mechanic. This second telematics device enabled him to locate the Toyota Tundra at a parking lot in Toronto before he called the police.

The strategy of using a second backup tracker is a common strategy used all over the world: The typical weakness of this approach is Management and Maintenance. Management speaks to checking on the proper functioning of the Tracker at regular intervals. Maintenance requires prompt attention at the earliest signs of malfunction.

Information Risk

I believe that Information RISK is the typical reason why some persons chose backup security devices. Vehicle manufacturers adopt strategies to secure information on primary built-in tracking systems and devices so that vehicle security is not compromised. As the age old adage goes “a chain is as strong as its weakness link”.

The vehicle service and maintenance information systems has to be distributed downstream involving more human players which inherently increases the risk that ethical issues may compromise security. How to prevent Information from being leaked to bad actors is always a systemic concern.

Information Risk Mitigation

The Information Risk Management (IRM) plan addresses the risk mitigation strategy using policies, technology and procedures to minimize the probability of information security leaks.

Once it becomes apparent that vehicles are being stolen despite the IRM being in place, data should be collected and analyzed to assess how the IRM can be strengthened. The spectrum of compromises varies from sharing of Master Access Codes, Encryption Algorithms or an individual in the Supply Chain informing criminal elements how to defeat the built-in security.

The tools devices generally used to steal vehicles include GPS and GSM Jammers.

GSM & GPS Jammers

Information on how to temporarily block GSM and GPS Signal jammers are readily available online.

Tech-Savvy criminals can learn and become proficient

The GPS Tracker which is an Internet of Things (IoT) device, detects the attempts to jam GSM and GPS transmissions: This electronic attack interferes with the operation of the tracker in it’s function to protect the vehicle from being stolen. The small electronic circuit board within the device gathers GPS, GSM, Bluetooth data and other information that keeps the vehicle secure. Satellite data determines vehicle location and elevation.

Is the vehicle on a mountain road or driving through a tunnel under a river. The GSM module assists the GPS module by also providing tracking data based on Mobile Cellsite Towers: This information assists the GPS functionality of the tracker. The Mobile (GSM) data connectivity from the wireless telephone operators such as T-Mobile or Bell Mobility (Bell Canada) allows for the sending of Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring data from the Tracker to GPS Tracking platforms (Software) such as Navixy.com.

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