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Sounds like the Thieves Are Jamming Wifi and the Sensors

I read a few of the news articles and it sounds like the thieves are jamming WiFi and the sensors. This prevents the system from even triggering. The thieves are walking around the homes without the glass break, door, and motion sensors going off it seems.

Not commonplace, but getting some exposure in the news recently – gangs of organized thieves in metro Detroit area are targeting upper scale homes for burglaries. They are purportedly using wifi jammer to circumvent alarms (like Ring).

What can millions of Ring (and customers from other wifi-dependent alarm companies) do about this? IS there a viable counter to these signal jammer? Maybe it’s time to explore legacy, analog wired alarm solutions as backup instead of the reverse?

They’re using a wifi jammer, according to this article. No obvious way to prevent this, so hardwired systems would be the only resistant option.

Most Wi-Fi jammers use disassociation flooding to kick the devices off the network. This attack is prevented with WPA3 which can use protected management frames. Unfortunately Ring still hasn’t got around to adding WPA3 support to its devices. It was requested via their feature request process a long time ago, so I’m not overly hopeful they’ll add it.

There are trade offs and risks with each security system. There’s also different types of burglars from opportune amateurs to seasoned pros.

If you’re concerned about this threat, there’s a raft of solutions out there with high definition footage without any reliance on Wi-Fi or internet.

Whatever they’re using for jamming must go beyond the WiFi frequencies to affect z-wave and whatever frequency Honeywell et al uses for their RF communications.

This makes sense because most alarm systems these days (even ADT/Brinx/etc) rely mostly on wireless sensors.

This is a huge vulnerability because it’s pretty rare to find a security system that’s been installed to use all hardwired sensors. To go hardwired you probably had to have it built-in as the house was built or did it while doing some major remodeling.

Cellular jammers are readily available. DSL, cable, or fiber are not jammable, but all devices need to be hardwired.

Zwave can be jammed just as easily as wifi. Cellular is great but if the door/window sensors are blocked and unable to report to the base station, the alarm won’t think anything is wrong.

What I found when doing some simple research over the last couple of days is that different manufacturers use different frequencies for their devices so it might be a guessing game for the burglar, although my guess is that the professional burglars carry jammers for most of the common frequencies used by the big name brands like Ring, Simplisafe, Nest(ADT), etc.

To me it makes sense to have devices from different brands. Ring doorbell, ADT alarm, Wyze cameras, etc…

What’s scary is that there are a bunch of videos on youtube demonstrating how easy it is to bypass these alarms AND with instructions telling you exactly how to do it and how to get the jammers.

Is this pervasive? If you watch the news, it’s pretty evident thieves aren’t concerned with cameras. They mask up and hood up and go. Be on alert, they have no fear.

Burglars can use wide-band jammers to jam all frequency bands : GSM, LTE, Wifi and Z-Wave. Some alarm systems are robust to such attacks (like Ajax Alarm System — https://ajax.systems/blog/what-is-jamming/).

In short, the alarm hub must be hardwired with Ethernet to your router; And hub, router and modem on a battery backup. Then, only communications between sensors and hub can be jammed.

Then, alarm hub communicates frequently with sensors. If communication fails, it signals a jamming attack, notifying the user via hardwired Internet. With a working speaker on the hub, it can sound a siren and send a voice alert to the intruders.

SimpliSafe system is another system that offers some jamming protection, but lacks the Ethernet hardwired connection, so it must rely on a GSM/LTE link, which is still better than Wifi alone.

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Company faces deadline on cellphone jamming fine

A deadline in May looms for the oilfield company to contest a $126,000 fine imposed by the Federal Communications Commission. This fine was assessed against the company for its disruption of cellphone calls.

Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing Inc. of Broussard was accused of utilizing four cellular phone jammers to restrict cellphone use by employees, leading to the FCC adopting a notice of apparent liability on April 9.

The FCC was informed by company officials that the cell jammers, intended to disrupt cellphone signals, were utilized to prevent employees from using their cellphones while at work.

Taylor has been allotted 30 days starting from April 9 to either remit the penalty or present a written argument to the FCC as to why the fine should be annulled or lessened.

GPS WiFi Cell Phone Jammer

Taylor officials chose not to answer phone calls asking for a response.

The case was instigated following a tip received by the FCC, prompting them to send an agent to the company site in Broussard in May 2012. As stated in the FCC notice, company officials confirmed the usage of four cell jammers and the possession of a fifth cell jammer, which was not operational at the time.

Cell jammers are not allowed to be used within the United States, and the FCC has imposed a ban on companies importing these devices from outside the country. The FCC stated that the Broussard company admitted to acquiring its cell jammer from overseas suppliers.

In its notice to the company, the FCC emphasized the tangible danger to public safety posed by the illegal use of signal blockers. This hazard includes the potential blocking of authorized communications, such as emergency calls to 911 and law enforcement communications. Moreover, the use of cell jammers can have adverse effects on global positioning system signals.

According to FCC records, Taylor’s representatives reported that the company endeavored to prohibit employee cellphone use following a near accident that was partly associated with an employee using a cellphone.

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Costly cellphone jamming technology ditched in all prisons

The removal of all cellphone jammers from prisons has been carried out quietly by Corrections.

The introduction of technology in 2008-09 to prevent inmates from accessing smuggled mobile phones has resulted in a total cost of over $17 million.

As of June, jammers have been rendered obsolete after being found to interfere with the effectiveness of the newly introduced safety systems for prison guards.

Minister of Corrections, Phil Goff, highlighted the introduction of cellphone blocking in New Zealand prisons as a pivotal development that will effectively prevent inmates from carrying out additional offenses while incarcerated.

The Official Information Act was utilized to gather recent data on the amount of cellphones taken from the 18 prisons overseen by Corrections during the previous three years.

From January 2020 to November of this year, the Corrections staff discovered 626 cellphones and more than 750 cellphone-related items, like batteries, chargers, and SIM cards.

Neil Beales, the Corrections chief custodial officer, clarified that the absence of cellphone jammer in the prison since June was the cause behind inmates smuggling cellphones.

As per his statement, it was found that the jammers were interfering with the functionality of recently implemented safety systems, specifically affecting alarms utilized for the safety of corrections officers.

Improvements in mobile technology have caused jammers to become increasingly outdated.

According to Beales, the mentioned tool was just one of several tools utilized to prevent the use of cellphones in prisons. He highlighted that there are still numerous other more effective tools that continue to be implemented.

Cellsense devices excel in the detection of metals commonly found in cellphones, offering a comprehensive solution. Alongside their screening and x-ray capabilities, these devices utilize specially trained dogs to enhance their metal detection capabilities.

Beale highlighted that certain individuals in prison resort to extreme and elaborate measures to introduce contraband into prisons, and we are consistently working to anticipate the new methods used for smuggling contraband into our correctional institutions.

As per the spokesperson, Corrections has been exploring new and emerging technology to complement their current systems. They have initiated the use of full body imaging technology at several sites to detect contraband concealed on or within individuals.

It was revealed in 2018 that Corrections had implemented cellphone jamming technology, resulting in a communications blackout near Rimutaka Prison and the subsequent inability to monitor residents of a child sex offender unit outside the prison grounds.

Inmates may exploit cellphones to manipulate individuals outside the prison walls and to organize illegal activities like drug transactions. Nine prison staff members at Rimutaka were suspended in May for alleged misconduct, including the smuggling of cellphones into the facility.

It is unsurprising that Corrections has opted to abandon the use of jammers, as Roger Brooking, a drug and alcohol counsellor and criminologist, has been vocal about his reservations regarding the expenditure on this technology.


It was his assertion that they are ineffective and have never been successful.

From what I have been told by prisoners, they have found certain locations within the prison where the signal blockers is ineffective. This has allowed inmates to continue using cellphones for purposes such as conducting illegal deals or communicating with their families.

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Tips for Buying a Cell Phone Jammer

A cell phone jammer is an electronic device that can obstruct the reception or transmission of cell phone signals by generating interference within the frequency bands used by mobile phones. By transmitting signals on the same radio frequencies as cell phones, the jammer disrupts the communication between the phone and the nearest cell phone tower, effectively rendering the phones within its vicinity unable to receive signals.

When contemplating the purchase of a cell phone jammer, it is advisable to take certain factors into consideration:

  • What is the required range of coverage for the cell phone jammer?
  • Are you seeking a small and inconspicuous cell phone jammer that can be conveniently carried in your pocket?

When it comes to reducing disturbances caused by people nearby in public spaces or silencing the use of cell phones within your business or educational institution, cell phone jammers provide numerous advantages. However, it is vital to conduct thorough research in advance to ensure the purchase of a signal jammer that will effectively meet your specific requirements.

When searching for cell phone jammers for sale, you should take the following into consideration…

  1. What is the length of time the vendor has been in business?
  2. Is the vendor offering a range of products, or are they exclusively selling signal jammers?
  3. What is the desired range of coverage for the cell phone jammer?
  4. Are you searching for a discreet (handheld) cell phone jamming device that can fit easily into your pocket?
  5. Are you seeking a cell phone jammer that suits your application requirements, with options available for portability, fixed installation, or vehicle-based usage?
  6. Are you in the market for an unusual item or a legitimate cell phone signal blocker?
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Why are mobile phone conversations banned at gas stations?

Effective measures should be taken to eliminate potential safety hazards and jammer gps buy ensure the safety of gas stations.On the one hand, the customer does not know the safety management regulations of the gas station, and believes that it is unnecessary for the gas station employees to let them use their mobile phones in the gas station, which is prone to rebellious psychology.

One of the more difficult to manage is the prohibition of customers using mobile phone calls in gas stations mobile signal jammer.The exercise of any right is limited and must not prejudice the rights of others or the public interest.The freedom of communication and speech that citizens enjoy in accordance with the Constitution and the law shall not exceed their due scope.As we all know, gas stations dealing with flammable and explosive materials are high-risk industries, and “safety first” is the most basic requirement for gas stations.Common safety measures at gas stations mainly include turning off motorcycles to refuel, gas station employees must wear anti-static clothing to work, prohibiting open flames and using mobile phone calls in gas stations, and not refueling in plastic buckets, etc.

Because refueling and gas stations are now generally controlled by computers, high-intensity mobile phone signals will cause induction with computer equipment, and the instantaneous electronic friction between the two may ignite fuel vapor and cause an explosion.Therefore, it is recommended to connect the power of the shield to the battery of the car as much as possible to ensure that the device can work continuously.In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile phones, it is not uncommon for students to use mobile phones to affect their life and learning.It is still one or two o’clock, so in order to prevent students from playing mobile phones in the middle of the night and give themselves a better rest, many schools have to choose to install wifi jammer in their dormitories.

The most popular 8 band jammers

On the other hand, the customer knew that he could not use the mobile phone in the gas station, but he was lucky, and one-sidedly believed that the accident would not happen when he was using the mobile phone, so he did not listen to the persuasion of the gas station staff and went his own way.Strictly speaking, vehicle anti-monitoring and anti-tracking is a comprehensive professional discipline.It integrates communication engineering, radio technology, electromagnetic research, information science, network security, psychology and other disciplines.If the car turns off halfway, the jammer gps will definitely be powered off, then the location information of the car will be exposed again.

As long as the RF spark lasts for more than one microsecond and the energy is greater than 6 milliwatts, it will ignite the methane-air mixture.So is it enough to put a high-power mobile signal jammer? Is every room in the school dormitory like a school exam room? Actually, how to select and install it is explained below.The cell phone signal jammer gps in the school dormitory are mainly used at noon and evening when students are resting.The wifi jammer gps can be big or small, and there are many channels in any frequency band of mobile communication.Obviously, the school’s behavior is mild and does not affect students’ freedom of communication and expression.

Some students often use their mobile phones to surf the Internet in bed, and some even use their mobile phones to surf the Internet in the middle of the night.At the same time, in order to make the communication signal clearer, the frequency of mobile phone use is very high, and the transmission power is relatively strong.Since gasoline is a volatile substance, in the combustible danger area formed by the leakage of oil and gas tanks and natural gas pipelines, the radio frequency sparks generated by mobile phones can easily cause explosions and lead to disasters.When RF current circulates between metal conductors, RF sparks will be generated in case of corrosion or poor contact.

Blocker CDMA GSM 3G 4G

This type of jammer gps can basically be powered by the cigarette lighter, so after being installed in the car, it must be ensured that the jammer GSM is always in working state.At present, the main way for gas stations to prohibit customers from using mobile phone calls at gas stations is to persuade, but sometimes the effect of persuasion is not ideal.The current required to ignite the fuel gas is very small, and the static current generated by the mobile phone in the working state can completely reach this limit.Although it meets the national standard, it still poses a serious threat to refueling and gas stations.

That is to say, there is no need to shield the mobile phone signal 24 hours a day, so the shielding device of the ordinary power supply such as the external adapter is also optional.As a radio communication tool, the mobile phone emits radio waves, which can induce radio frequency currents in the antenna that receives the radio.Why can’t you make phone calls in the gas station? Some people think that it is alarmist that a mobile phone can cause an explosion at a gas station, and they have never heard of an explosion caused by a mobile phone.First of all, people have misunderstandings about the safety hazards caused by using mobile phones in gas stations.

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Doing nothing shouldn’t be an option

Teacher suspended for blocking students’ cellphones

LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. –The act of a science teacher in Florida using a signal jammers to prevent his students from using their cellphones during class has resulted in his suspension.

WTSP-TV, the CBS Tampa affiliate, highlighted Dean Liptak’s efforts to engage students in their lessons by diverting their attention away from their phones.

Liptak’s five-day, unpaid suspension was officially sanctioned by the school board members in Pasco County on Tuesday. Liptak did not raise any objections to the decision.

According to officials, Liptak utilized the phone jammer in his Fivay High School classroom, commencing on March 31 and concluding on April 2.

In his conversation with the school district investigator, he made it clear that he had no intention of causing any disruptions. He explained that he believed the jammers were permissible as long as they were not intended for any malicious purposes.

According to WTSP, the district has acknowledged that Verizon made the choice not to pursue charges against him.

Superintendent Kurt Browning conveyed his concerns in a reprimand letter, pointing out that Liptak’s actions of signal jamming had the potential to violate federal law and create interference for individuals attempting to contact 911 during emergencies.

“Verizon had come to the school saying someone had a jamming device, because the cell phone service was being interrupted in the area,” WTSP quotew Pasco County School District spokesperson Linda Cobbe as saying.

It has been stated by Cobbe that Liptak’s jamming device effectively hindered communication to the cell tower situated on the Fivay High campus.

It is high time that steering wheels were equipped with cellphone signal jammers.

In California and a minimum of twelve other states, it is considered unlawful to operate a vehicle while holding a cellphone. Despite the clear prohibition, many individuals still choose to disregard this law.

Without fail, we encounter thoughtless and self-entitled individuals on a daily basis, who pose a danger to themselves and others by engaging in conversations or texting while driving.

In motor vehicle accidents last year, a staggering 37,133 fatalities were recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, with distracted drivers accounting for more than 3,000 of these deaths. Moreover, each year, a significant number of individuals sustain injuries due to drivers being distracted and not paying attention to the road.

In order to gauge the perspective of car manufacturers, I reached out to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, an industry association. According to Bryan Goodman, a representative of the organization, automakers approach this issue with great seriousness.

“We can all agree that hands on the wheel and eyes on the road continue to be critical to safe driving,” he said, adding that cellphones “were never designed to be used while driving.”

The statistics speak for themselves: distracted driving fatalities exceed the number of lives lost in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, underscoring the urgent need to address this grave public-safety concern.

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