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Mobile phone jammers can interfere with the phone service of people nearby

Some people fear that cell phone jammers could disrupt phone service for law-abiding people close to prisons. However, modern jamming technology can be narrowly targeted to minimize disruption to people outside of prison walls.

It’s time to fix the federal regulations that prohibit jamming device technology and give prisons the tools they need to fight contraband.

Installing jammers in prisons would turn inmates’ cell phones into paperweights, disrupting their criminal networks and drying up a major source of contraband.

Risks of GPS Dependence

Overreliance on GPS signals is rampant in day-to-day life from data networks, financial systems, health networks, rail, road, aviation and marine transport, to shipping and agriculture. Military platforms commonly use GPS to find their position, navigate and execute missions.

3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer

With different systems sharing GPS dependency, a loss of signal could cause the simultaneous failure of many things people rely on daily.

The European Commission estimated that six to seven percent of its countries’ GDP, representing a whopping $1 trillion, is already dependent on satellite radio navigation in Europe alone.

BAE and Lockheed are not alone in their efforts to develop better, more robust systems. Other countries have developed their systems, including Russia’s GLONASS, the European Union’s Galileo system, and China’s COMPASS.

Another related issue is the use of GPS. The FAA has been working to upgrade aging radar-based systems with GPS networks for air traffic control and positioning. It should improve safety and pilot awareness. But GPS signals are notoriously vulnerable to disruption: They’re relatively weak to begin with, using just 25 watts to send signals from satellites that are roughly 12,500 miles above the Earth. It’s so easy to block such signals that GPS jammers are sold online for $30.

Simply allocating specific radio spectrum to particular devices does not entirely solve the problem either. A recent example is LightSquared, a company that wants to build a network of 40,000 towers across the country to deliver broadband Internet access using the 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) wireless data protocols. The company wants to use a frequency spectrum near the existing GPS L1 band. (Consumer GPS devices typically rely on L1 signals, in the 1575.42 MHz wavelength.)

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Signal jammers do no harm

Why use cell phone jammers?

You know why a lot of people use cell phone blockers? In fact, there are many situations that may require a cell phone blocker.

When you hear about cell phone jammers with spy GPS trackers, it’s clear that you have some negative impressions about using such devices.

After all, you want to know if cutting off communication with a cell phone user is malicious.

However, the use of cell phone signal blockers is important for a variety of reasons. This depends on a variety of parameters.


Schools and universities are particularly useful places to use phone jammer. This is because blocking mobile phone signals can prevent students from being distracted by mobile phones.

In addition, students cannot cheat by sending cheating text messages to each other during the exam.

When it comes to facilities and surveillance systems, check out our range of top surveillance cameras. We have all types and models of surveillance cameras, whether for personal homes, schools or even shopping malls.

You can also choose between a hidden spy camera or a standard surveillance camera. Therefore, please make your choice according to your needs, as our primary goal is your safety.

Blocker CDMA GSM 3G 4G

High security site

This is the case in certain specific places such as prisons and detention centres. The use of telephone jammers in these places can prevent illegal communications between prisoners and visitors.

Of course, it’s also useful to use cell phone jammers in places like movie theaters or libraries.

In these venues, customers want to enjoy their activities in peace. These are the only places where using a phone jammer would be useful.

Is it legal to use phone jammers?

In fact, the signal jammers is not meant to cause harm. In fact, even if the mobile phone signal is blocked, the frequency of GSM alarm emergency services will not be interfered with.

So feel free to use this device to give yourself and your customers the peace and quiet they deserve. Interference also allows the people inside your building or site to enjoy peace and security.

What should I consider when choosing the right model?

Admit that sitting on the bus listening to someone talking loudly about a problem on the phone is pretty boring.

It’s even worse if it happens in the middle of an important meeting, or even during a fancy dinner at a restaurant. These are the most common reasons people buy different phone jammers.

There’s only one thing you need to be aware of! If you’re not sure how to choose the right type of signal blocker, then you’d better read the following information.

Your budget

The first thing you need to do is determine your budget. It’s important to set the number and start searching for the devices in it.

Once you find a wifi blocker that suits your needs, you should start looking at reviews about it. Since the Internet is a great place, you can be sure that there are many people who have the same equipment and can share their experiences with you.

On our website, you will be dazzled by the choice between different quality models and the number of antennas (from 1 to 12).

Broadcast frequency

Keep in mind that different devices (such as GSM wireless alarms) operate on different frequencies. This is why one of the most important things is to understand the broadcast frequencies of mobile operators.

Support frequency

Once you have found the broadcast frequency, you can go to the next step to see what frequencies your device supports. If the product you search for is supported, then you can buy it.

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Jammers are approved by authorities in some European countries

Cell Phones: Buying a Jammer – You Have to Consider This

Jammers interrupt mobile device wireless connections such as WiFi and GPS. You can read what it’s for and what to consider when buying one here.

What can cell phone jammers be used for?

cell phone jammer, also known as cell phone blockers or jammers, are devices that disrupt radio connections such as cell phone networks, WLAN or GPS by emitting radio waves. The range is between 10 and 40 meters.

The military and government even have models that can jam radio signals for miles.

Retailers can use gps blocker to prevent you from comparing prices in-store. Thus, retailers can increase sales.

Jammers are also useful in certain rooms where silence or distraction is desired. This prevents the phone from ringing while watching a movie or while young people are chatting at school.

But criminals can also use gsm jammer to disrupt wireless alarm systems and other radio communications, and prevent emergency calls from being made over cellphone networks.

8 Bands Jammer Device

Are cell phone jammers allowed?

The use and trade of such mobile phone blockers is prohibited within the European Union. Use may be fined up to 1000 EUR. Penalties could be higher if emergency calls are blocked buy jammers. In some European countries, jammers are approved by the authorities. Such equipment is occasionally used in French cinemas and theaters. But in Germany, this is strictly regulated: whoever wants to use radio frequencies needs to be assigned according to the Telecommunications Act. Even the import of such equipment is prohibited and strictly controlled. The devices are then confiscated and hefty fines imposed.

Use of mobile phone jammers

School cell phone jammer

The questions on the exam are well known. Use of unauthorized assistive devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, wearables, or similar devices during an exam will be considered attempted cheating.

For some time now, auditors have increasingly observed remediation through the use of so-called cell phone jammers.

Products now available range from pure “cell phone indicators” to active jammers to smart IMSI catchers that force replacement of new GSM cells and log personal data in wireless network areas.

The Ministry of Education of Baden-Württemberg has issued a statement in this regard, clearly regulating the use of such devices:

From the Ministry of Culture’s point of view, the use of devices that completely block reception by mobile phones by emitting their own radio waves (“blockers”) is legally unacceptable, regardless of data protection checks. Because in the GSM frequency range only mobile network operators have the right to use the frequencies they auction and therefore also have the right to operate cell phone blockers.

The operation of mobile phone interceptors by third parties is an unallocated frequency use, which is prohibited according to Art. 149 (1) Art. 10 TKG. The use of mobile phone interceptors does not require a frequency assignment only if “the authorities exercise their legal authority in accordance with the conditions of use of the frequencies laid down by the Federal Network Agency”. There is not sufficient legal basis for use in a school setting.

It is also illegal to use equipment that listens to or records messages and is punishable by breach of telecommunications secrecy.

From the perspective of the Ministry of Education, the use of a device that scans a specific frequency range and only shows that there are switched on phones in the room without identifying the exact location is permitted under data protection law, as no personal data has been processed.

The question, however, is whether it is wise or useful to use such a device, and therefore necessary. Carrying a mobile phone is already considered cheating in public school exams in Baden-Württemberg due to the special regulations that apply. Since the effects of such devices are easily circumvented, for example by placing a mobile phone in airplane mode, scanners are of no use in exam situations. In this case, the device would not be detected by the frequency meter; but would still be carried illegally, thus constituting a fraudulent act.

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Radio jammers can also disrupt incoming calls and put the phone into standby mode

Mobile signal jammer and Mobile Network Interceptor

The Invention of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become the most famous invention of the 20th century after penicillin, evolving into cameras, mini computers, etc., making them irreplaceable for every modern person. However, mobile devices have a drawback – they emit sounds and ringtones, so negotiations may not be successful – both parties cannot focus on the topic – they are always distracted.

The solution to this problem is to use mobile signal jammer. For a long time, they have been actively used by special forces, large theaters, concert halls, and multiple companies. Now, these signal scramblers are also sold globally. Our company provides customers with devices that can “protect” their phones: compact phone silencers and fixed jammers with a range of 8-15 meters. With the help of electronic device jammers, you can truly speak calmly without worrying, without being distracted by inappropriate calls, or worrying about being eavesdropped, because even if the phone owner is unaware, the phone can become an excellent listening device. From the perspective of tactical capabilities, mobile phones have acquired the attributes of covert information retrieval tools – namely “legitimate eavesdroppers”. It is worth noting that mobile phones have the most unique tactical capabilities.


Many European countries prohibit sales within the EU. Before continuing with the information request, please check the current regulations in your region. For law enforcement use only – as needed.

If you want to purchase a jammer, then you have come to the right place. On our portal, you can purchase various interceptor samples for mobile phones, Wi Fi, and GPS/GLONASS. We will supply goods to other countries around the world. Purchasing a signal silencer from the perfectjammer store is both simple and suitable.

Perfectjammer offers a wide range of product combinations, including various models of signal jammers and electronic devices with specific interference functions: preventing mobile phones, radio receivers, eavesdroppers, or other similar devices from receiving or sending signals in specific areas.

According to its performance and the signal specifications to be interfered with, different jammers can be used: eavesdroppers and mobile phone jammers, GPS device jammers, camera jammers, radio and wifi blocker, microphones and small recorder jammers. Going further down, you will find the types of interference devices and the main intervention areas to be checked.

Jammer Device

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The working principle of a telephone jammer

There are various ways in which telephone jammers work. The simplest is the Faraday cage, which does not require special costs for production. A unique panel is installed on the wall to passively block signals. There is another device – a mobile phone jammer, which can detect the presence of available phones within a certain radius. Once a call attempt is detected, the phone signal will be blocked. Therefore, radio jammers can also interfere with incoming calls. In this case, the phone will enter standby mode.

You can purchase portable phones and effective fixed silencers from our online store. The frequency jammer operates using radio signals; If the detector records a signal

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Jammers can attack anywhere, not just public parking lots

Service station thieves use car key jammer

Police have warned that thieves are using radio signal jammers to steal from cars parked at motorway service stations.

Thames Valley Police said the transmitters could be used to “interrupt” the signal for the remote key, thereby preventing the vehicle from being locked properly.

Police said 14 truck, van and car thefts had been reported recently, but there were “no obvious signs of burglary.”

It advised motorists to check their vehicles before leaving them unattended.

Burglaries were reported in the Chieveley, Reading and Membury service areas on the M4 in Berkshire in the last two weeks of November.


How does a radio jammer work?

The remote key has a unique signal that is transmitted from the remote key to the car via radio waves. Portable jammer suppress the signal from the owner’s key and interfere with this communication.

These devices can be used on a large scale, theoretically allowing thieves to cover an entire parking lot.

Potential thieves rely on drivers to press the lock button on the keychain but forget to double-check that the vehicle is secure, thereby leaving it open for easy access.

More modern vehicles that use keyless entry may also be vulnerable.

Car key Jammer: What you need to know

With tech-savvy thieves reportedly using electronic devices (” key jammers “) to prevent car locks, what do you need to know about this growing crime?

The transmitters, which are easy to buy online, can be used to interrupt the keychain’s signal, meaning careless motorists will think their car is safe when in fact it is not.

This gives thieves an easy way to steal your belongings or even the car itself.

A relatively low-power gps blocker has a range of about 75m, which means that a considerable area (such as an entire parking lot) could be affected at the same time.

But wifi blocker wielding scammers can strike anywhere, not just public parking lots.

Deputy Chief Constable Matt Jukes, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said although he believed the problem was minor at the moment, it was “a growing feature of vehicle crime”.

“The Vehicle Crime Intelligence Unit is working closely and extensively with a number of partners, including the Home Office and car manufacturers, to develop solutions to prevent this crime now and in the future.”

Loran Dover contacted the BBC to say the incident had happened to her on a residential street in Leeds.

“When I got up to get ready for work, I went outside and found all the car doors closed.

“When I knew I’d locked the car, I was mortified to think I’d just left it behind – I was staying at my boyfriend’s house and had to leave Christmas presents in the car. But when we actually looked inside, the whole car was ransacked and everything of value had been taken.

“The police initially said they would not take any action. No one was even sent to check for fingerprints, because there were no obvious signs of a break-in. But when I called the bank to cancel my card, the thieves kept using it.” Non-contact type. That’s when the police really got involved and took the matter more seriously.

“They are currently watching CCTV and hopefully they will catch them.”


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