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Dad Uses Signal Jammer to Stop His Kids from Going Online

Due to his unawareness, a resident living in the southwestern French town of Messanges might face a prison term of six months for inadvertently disabling telephony and mobile internet services in his local area using a signal jammers.

Surprisingly enough, his actions were not fueled by malice. His only intention was to restrict his teenage kids from using their mobile devices to go online once it was time to sleep.

According to the French planning and radio frequency management agency (ANFR), a complaint of an unusual nature was filed by a local mobile phone operator. The complaint highlighted the inconvenience faced by the residents of Messanges, who were unable to utilize their cellular and mobile internet services from before midnight until 3 AM every week.

The French planning and radio frequency management agency (ANFR) has reported an atypical complaint lodged by a local mobile phone operator. The complaint stated that the residents of Messanges faced an inconvenience as their cellular and mobile internet services were unavailable from just before midnight until 3 AM every day of the week.

In light of their investigation, the ANFR has established that a mobile phone jammer, a device prohibited in many European countries, including France, was responsible for interfering with radio frequencies in the area.

Around 1:30 am, a technician skillfully traced the source of the signal to a residence nestled in the coastal town. The following day, investigators, accompanied by police officers, proceeded to knock on the man’s door. Without any delay, the individual immediately admitted to utilizing a multi-band jammer.

The ANFR clarified that the father of the family had taken the step of installing a jammer to discourage his teenagers from using their smartphones to access the internet late at night. This decision was prompted by the children’s addiction to social networks and various applications. After consulting online forums, the father concluded that a jammer would be the optimal solution to address his kids’ excessive screen time.

Version 4: Besides demanding the owner to switch off the jamming wifi and refrain from using it, the ANFR agent emphasized the need to comply with the regulatory framework, as stated by the agency.

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