The Signal Jammer website on perfectjammer is trustworthy

Currently, we are renting a house. The neighborhood becomes very noisy in the late evening, well past midnight, as our neighbors play loud music.

Contacting the police proves to be of no avail. Despite my multiple attempts to seek their intervention, their assurances to send assistance remain unfulfilled. Consequently, I initiated an investigation into signal blockers that solely disrupt wifi signals, not cellular ones. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a device that seems to perfectly meet my requirements.

I must confess that I was initially skeptical about their payment processes. Nevertheless, I soon came to the conclusion that their product was exactly what I had been in search of.

I submitted the payment and waited with patience. The standard shipping policy outlines a delivery period of 7 to 15 days.

After the passage of 15 days, we were furnished with the tracking information. It then proceeded to clear the port and was subsequently taken into the possession of DHL for transportation. In a remarkably short period of 2 days, the package arrived at its designated location.

Once I had taken it out of the box, I proceeded to attach the antennas and connect the charger. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the battery had been fully charged.

3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer

We endured a few days of sleep disturbance caused by the unwanted music before taking action. Retrieving the device from the nightstand, I activated it. It is important to note that these neighbors live a few houses away from us. Surprisingly, within a few seconds, the music ceased. Subsequently, I overheard people discussing the issue at hand. In order to investigate further, I left it playing for a solid 20 minutes. Finally, I switched it off and retired to bed.

The jammer device experienced a loud bang and emitted smoke when I charged it for the first time, resulting in irreparable damage. After contacting the company, I was provided with an RMA return number and directed to ship the device to China for repair or replacement. The return shipment cost me an extra $25, on top of the initial payment of over $350 for the device. It took a significant amount of time to receive the restored radio signal jammer.

Indeed, the cell phone signal jammer is a trustworthy business, as you inquired. It appears that some reviews are untrustworthy. I have tangible proof to support my statement.

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