Advantages of cell phone signal suppressors

Advantages of cell phone signal jammer

Cell phone jammers prevent and disable any mobile phone communication from entering specific areas of a building or open space to…

  • Prevent industrial espionage using mobile devices as eavesdropping devices or for taking photos (cameras)
  • Counter terrorist threats, such as remotely detonating bombs in high-risk areas
  • Eliminate public nuisance in places such as cinemas, restaurants and churches

How cell phone blockers work

Cell phones are two-way radios that communicate via cell towers. cell phone jammer work by sending a strong signal on the same frequency used by mobile devices to effectively interfere with communication between the device and the cell tower. The result is that the mobile device does not work and “No network” is displayed.


Physical description of cellular jammer

It comes in different sizes and shapes. Some are pocket sized, some are bigger. Some masquerade as plain phones or briefcases.

Precautions before buying a mobile phone jammer:

• What is the effective interference range (10-50 meters above)

Which cellular systems can it block (cdma in North America, gsm, tdma, 4G, 3G amplifiers, pcs, dcs or all?)

• How many cellular systems can it block simultaneously (cdma, etc…) (Low-end models can only block one type at a time, while more complex models block multiple systems at once)

Indoor 3G cell phone signal blocker

As we all know, for a certain purpose, in order to achieve the ideal state, now mobile phone signal blockers are used to help people achieve the purpose, and in the various types of mobile phone signal blockers sold on the market to buy one that can meet your requirements is the best choice. For those who are looking for a signal blocker that can cut off 3G cell phone signals and also has adjustable features, they can take a look at this “4 antenna Adjustable Cell Phone Signal” remote control jammer that will be introduced here soon.

As we all know, in different situations people may need to cut off the signal of different frequency bands, if this is the case, gain one with adjustable function may be a good choice, because it allows you to choose the interference frequency band you want, and since this 3G mobile phone signal blocker design has adjustable buttons, so you can easily reach the target. In addition, since this is a high-power 3G phone jammer and is designed with 4 antennas, it can also easily cut off 2G 3G phone signals at the same time. This adjustable 3G mobile phone signal blocker features a high-power design that interferes up to 40 meters depending on the signal strength in a given area.

More importantly, the 3G mobile phone signal blocker is also designed with a good cooling fan system, so that the 3G mobile phone signal blocker always maintains a good working condition, without producing high temperature harmful to the 3G mobile phone signal blocker itself. Therefore, one aspect that people will also consider is the application field of this high-power 3G mobile phone signal blocker, if so, you do not have to worry about this high-power 3G mobile phone signal blocker, you can easily use it in churches, churches and other places, theaters, concert halls, classrooms, libraries, banks, museums and other places do not allow loud talk, But some people can’t resist talking on their mobile phones, and other places where the use of mobile phones is not allowed, this 3G mobile phone signal blocker can also be used.

4G cell phone signal blocker

The full name of this handheld signal blocker is “6 antenna Handheld 3G 4G full frequency mobile Jammer”, this is a 3G 4G full frequency mobile jammer, with 6 antennas, in addition to cutting off 3G, 4G(LTE) and 4G(Wimax), the jammer can also block normal 2G mobile signal at the same time. Such as CDMA, GSM, DCS and PCS mobile phone signals. And with a portable design, it is lightweight and can use a rechargeable battery as a power source, so this portable 3G 4G signal jammer is easy to remove when needed.

So while this is a handheld 3G 4G phone jammer, it’s also designed with a high-quality cooling system so you can use it without worrying about the temperature. In addition, this handheld 4G signal blocker has also been designed with an on-board charger, so that it can easily be used in the car, so for people who need to use this handheld signal blocker in the car, just choose this one. . Therefore, this handheld 4G mobile phone blocker is also designed with selectable buttons so that you can decide the interference frequency band according to the actual situation you are in.

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