The FCC is probing Amazon for potential involvement in the marketing of wireless signal jammers

The marketing and sale of wireless signal jammer by Amazon and other retailers are currently under investigation by the Federal Communications Commission, as stated on Wednesday.

The utilization, sale, or promotion of wireless devices that are purposely designed to obstruct or interfere with signals from legitimate electronic products, such as cell phones and GPS devices, to consumers in the U.S. is unlawful.

In an unusual move, FCC representative Will Wiquist disclosed that the agency is in the process of conducting several investigations on retailers, including Amazon, for potential infringements of Commission regulations related to the marketing and sale of devices without the required FCC authorization.

As per NBC News, it has come to light that several online retailers and drone technology companies are engaging in the sale of RF signal jammers for sale as a way to deter drones or ensure privacy. This practice allows them to bypass the federal laws that prohibit the sale of such devices within the country.


Amazon did not respond right away to a comment request from Reuters.

In a report conducted by NBC, it was revealed that nine Chinese sellers on Amazon, along with three on eBay, were offering devices referred to as “jammers.” These devices have the ability to block drones, disable security cameras, and disrupt Wi-Fi networks.

Online retailers and drone technology companies are marketing RF jammers as tools for deterring drones or ensuring privacy, bypassing federal laws that prohibit the sale of these devices in the United States.

The FCC warned on its website that these obstructing devices pose a significant hazard to public safety and could disrupt other radio communication services.

Various potential uses of jamming devices include creating interference for unwanted drones, disrupting Wi-Fi networks, and disabling doorbell cameras. In a Reddit group specifically discussing Ring doorbell cameras, certain individuals expressed grievances regarding the utilization of jammers to disrupt the cameras while engaging in theft to evade detection. Interestingly, a Reddit user pointed out the irony that Amazon appears to benefit from both scenarios: Ring is a division of Amazon, and Amazon also sells devices that could potentially disable Ring’s cameras.

When asked about potential interference with Ring devices, Amazon chose not to address the questions.

The use of RF blockers, also known as jammers, is a popular topic of discussion in online forums where individuals share their experiences of feeling targeted for surveillance by the government or other entities, a phenomenon known as “gang stalking.”

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